Windows 10 random freezes Fix (2019)

hi everyone this is gonna be a video on
an old windows problem that seems to follow all versions of Windows that I
ever used. its the random freezing of the of the computer on specific games on it
could be on websites it could be just randomly. it just freezes up, and then your mouse pointer suddenly shows up in another location so there is a way a I’ve found to fix that. let’s go through it now. write power in
Windows 10 search. you don’t need to have these settings the same as I have. you just need
to go to “Additional Power Settings” change the basic plan, click the “Advanced Power Settings”… within advanced power settings whatever is displayed here will
depend on your personal computer but what you’re searching for is either the
PCI Express or the CPU integrated graphic card (graphic processing unit)
search through that list to the end of it settings and you’ll probably have
something like “Maximum Power Saving” turned on turn this off, and click apply, the
problem will disappear it has to do with Windows poorly managing the power consumption, it manages it in a way that causes these random freezes and in my
opinion that’s a poor management but when you turn it off it will stop freezing up hope it helped you, take care

47 thoughts on “Windows 10 random freezes Fix (2019)

  1. Thanks a lot this method actually worked for me, I was very annoyed with this issue and I couldn't quite pin point what was causing it to happen. Great job!

  2. It didn't work to me, I don't know what do. I'm getting really stressed because of this and I'm about to kick my CPU because on how annoyed I am

  3. Mmh, that didn't work for me. My problem has to do with Audit Errors (5061). Anytime an application freezes I have one of these occuring at that time…

  4. yeah, still freeze.. i try several videos like this… problem is that freezing started when i install new win 10 few days ago…. its al fresh and new…. i dont understand…

  5. If you are running Windows 10 Version Build 1903, you will have this problem…
    Also if you are Installing Windows 10 in UEFI (GPT) Instead of Legacy (MBR) installation on a hard drive or SSD less than 2TB.

  6. Hi I really hope you see and reply to this. I have an Asus G752VY. I got in 2016, after a lot saving. So it’s almost three years old now. I never typically had any problems that couldn’t be solved with it, and since it’s a pretty high spec computer I figured it’d give me at least a 5-7 year life of gaming and usage. The warranty is well past expired at this point. Literally, TODAY, it began having problems. It all started when my Ethernet cable got disconnected, I plugged it back in then all of a sudden it immediately began freezing up and not responding whatsoever. I waited, then shut it off pressing the button and turned it back on. It began working like normal for a couple seconds.. then it did it again. And again. And again. I unplugged the Ethernet cable, nothing. I unplugged the charger, same thing. I looked at every video I could see and comprehend (with my kindergarten level of computer literacy).. NOTHING. I did the same guidelines in this video.. also nothing. It just freezes after a couple of seconds and turns to a black screen, or sometimes white. One time it gave me a horrible sound from the speakers, not the fans, and went black. I’m scared. Idk what to do at this point. I can’t reset it because I keep getting a message halfway through that there was an error. Can’t back it up because it also says there was an error. At this point it won’t even go past the Asus logo screen. It immediately goes to a Recovery page that says “it looks like windows didn’t load correctly” , and all the options under there don’t help. I left it off for a couple of hours and I managed to get it to load correctly one time. Everything worked perfect for a couple of seconds and still the same issue. The computer isn’t slow, it’s very fast. There are no viruses as I made sure to keep it as healthy as possible even run an antivirus on it. The computer is up to date in everything. The last update I remember the computer having wasn’t a software update but rather an update I had just made on my league of legends client about an hour before all this happened. That was all. I love this computer, I can’t get another one anytime soon and I need it for work, college, and just being a gamer. If you have any ideas or any tips on what else I can try I would appreciate it :’(

  7. My screen freezes and gets completely pixelated with thick white pixels and inverted colours. Lmao pls help.

  8. You sir get a big kiss. Mwah….

    I've never had this as an issue in all the years I've been using Windows 10, UNTIL the May 2019 update. All the Microsoft fixes were NOT fixes.

    Your suggestion worked the first time out of the box. THANKS>

  9. Thanks for the info, I hope it works for me. I dont do games but I use my Dell for Djaying and my virtual DJ program will freeze on the right side and I have to reboot it so it can work for another hour or so…I really hope this work , not good when sound starts distorting and then it freezes with people on the dance floor.

  10. Well information vdo… Whoever say negative don't know shit… This really made my pc better than before… Fuckin power options make pc freeze… Lol i didn't even knew that.. Thank you for making this

  11. It must have something to do with the recent update. Freezes every time I use chrome esp if I haven't moved the cursor for a while. The Ctrl+alt+del doesn't even work have to force shutdown.

  12. Hello, my pc freezes for about 5-15 seconds and so does the sound. I am also losing my internet connection in the same time. After the freeze my internet connection comes back, screen is unfreezing, but the in game sound is not always coming back. Can this be the same problem ? If anyone can help i would appreciate it.

  13. My computer freezes randomly for like half a second, sometimes in a game, sometimes watching a movie or just listening to the music. It makes a robotic sound as the sound is also affected by the stuttering. In game, it stutters for much less than a second. It happens randomly, some day I don't have the issue, some others and the stutter will happen every 30min to hours.
    Do you guys have any idea ? Windows 10, Ryzen 7 2700X, GTX 1070 Ti, 16 gb DDR4 3200MHz.

  14. This seems to have worked for me so far!
    My specs:
    Intel i9-9900K 3,6 GHz
    AMD Radeon Vega 64
    32 gb DDR4 3200 MHz
    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro

  15. This is best operating system or crazy piece of shit malware . I install windows 10 removing windows 7 and getting system freezd every few minutes of restart.😈

  16. Hello. Great vid. I was able to turn my pci express to off before my computer froze, but what is the exact name of the place to turn it off for the integrated graphics? I recently removed my GPU from my motherboard because I thought my GPU was going, but now I am using the integrated graphics, so I need to turn that power thing off for that. Thank you.

  17. Mine freeze too but mush complicated
    when the freeze happen :

    – sound : music/games/YouTube freeze too like repeating words in a very annoying way
    – mouse goes like 14fps you can't even click on the right place '' Intermittent''
    – freeze keep happening '' unstoppable '' not only few minutes until i shutdown the laptop
    if you have the same problem and you did fix it please share the fix with us and thank you <3

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