Why Music Used To Be Better ? ♬ An Open Source Theory

Today we will try to answer the question: Why people think that music released
during the 60s, 70s and 80s is better than the music released nowadays ? BECAUSE IT WAS. The first thing you might say. Perhaps. I hear about this topic, statement, argument,
called it whatever you like, frequently and I decided to share my own theory about
it. My humble opinion is that music being released nowadays IS NOT
worse than before. Music did NOT used to be better than today. I understand that the situation looks like
this, but that is only a way of seeing things. A false impression created unavoidably by
our modern society. If you work in the music industry you might agree with what I am about to say: Great music is being released every day. But for reasons that i will expound shortly,
we get the impression that the music released today is worse than the music released in
previous decades. In order to justify my opinion, allow me to
make a hypothetical time travel and go back into the past a few decades. Let’s say we are in the 70s. You have an old piano at your home but your
father is keep telling you to become reasonable to come to your senses, to live in the real world, to forget about the utopia of becoming a rock
star, and to find a real job. But let’s also assume that you are a stubborn man, and you can’t stop composing your own melodies and writing you own lyrics and you are also capable of signing your own songs over the piano. You also managed to make some friends with similar interests and they all play a different instrument and you all together formed a band
called “The Nowheres”. Now that you have a few ready-made songs,
it’s time for you & your friends to make your dreams come true. Here comes a question: How hard was for someone
to release a song back in the 70s compared to how hard it is today ? Answer: Hard enough. Question: How hard was for someone to enter a studio with his band and rehearse or record a song back in the 70s or in the 80s ? Answer: Hard enough. You either needed to have a ton of money to
spear or your band needed to be extremely talented
in order to be discovered by a record label and get a record deal that will allow you
to have studio sessions. How rare was for a manager or for a record
label to take over your band ? Very very rare. What does all these mean about the quantity
of the records been put out back then ? It means one simple thing: The music that was coming out was much less
in quantity that the music coming out nowadays. Not everyone could record an album. Not everyone could release his music. Not everyone could have a chance in the dream. The incident of finding a manager or a record
label to believe in you and invest in you and record your music was rare. Very very rare. On the contrary, nowdays everyone is free
and capable of putting out his own music in front of the whole world with just a few clicks. But of course since anyone can do that, the
competition is larger and your music most probably won’t cut through the noise. So the number 1 issue we think that music nowadays is not as good as it used to be is because nowadays the good music is being lost in an ocean of releases while back then only the BEST music was released! Let’s think a bit deeper. What was the effect of that situation ? What
was the impact of less music going out ? The answer is pretty simple: STRONGER BONDS between the product and its consumers. The people were attached tighter to music. They loved it much more than nowdays. And they did not get bored of it that easily. The tracks could be on the charts for weeks,
or even months. Those people are still here, alive. They are at their 40s 50s or 60s and they
still feel this way. The bonds they have with the music that they
loved as teenagers are insurmountable. As we get older, you must have noticed that nothing excites us in the way that excited us as when we were kids. Because back then everything was new. We experienced everything for the first time. We were empty boards. Tabula rasa. It’s not that easy to fall in love with a song
in your 50s as it was in your 20s. That pretty much means that the generation
born in 2000, when the year 2050 comes, they will claim that the music released in 2020 (when they were 20 years old) was much better than the following decades. And they will have a point, from their persective. Let’s examine the situation from a different
scope. Till the early 90s almost all songs were recorded
in a studio by using live instruments. In the early 90s we started making music with our personal computers and today in more than 90% of the cases the music that goes out, comes from a home studio without even been tested in a professional recording studio! In almost all cases the real instruments have been replaced by virtual instruments. It takes a lot of practise and a lot of experience to make a computer sound as good as real instruments no matter if you used sampled
instruments or synth generated. So what I am trying to say is this: The quality of the overal music being released today is worse that the quality of the overal music that was released in previous decades. Simply because everyone is using home computers
instead of live instruments. Now a young kid might object and say something
like: “Have you heard the insane quality of Marshmello ?” “This sound quality has never been achieved before.” I am not talking about the tracks that chart. The tracks that make it to the radio or to
the television have indeed insane quality. I am tallking about the OVERALL music being released out there. You cant’ possibly imagine what huge quantity of thrash is being released every day. As you know or should know, someone’s music career nowdays is totally conjucted with his internet presence and his social media. If you want to be a producer you have to be
a youtuber, a mastering engineer, a graphics designer, a promoter, a marketing expert and many others things. And If you check around, all music coaches
on youtube suggest that you should NOT pay attention to the details & that you should go ahead & upload your content. “Don’t spend too much time finding the appropriate
kick” they say. “Don’t spend so much time EQing or tweeking the knobs.”, they say. “Just go ahead and upload your content.” “Quantity over quality” they say. That is being said by both coaches and producers, and.. They are right. For reasons that I can’t describe in this
video they are right, for the moment. So how can an individual spend time in producing quality content under those circumstances ? How can someone spend time working on quality which after all is subjective and does not really exist as a sense ? And yet.. There are some crazy Dudes out there
with insane quality that don’t care about the mainstream strategy. And they pay maximum attention to the details
and they release 1 song every 6 months. But in general, nowadays, people weight quantity
over quality. A hypothesis that pleads in favor of the theory
that music was indeed better in the past is the following: There are 12 musical notes in total and at
least for the organ, 132 basic chords. Now, the combination of those chords and notes
might be a huge number but it’s still a round number ! And each time a cool melody or a cool chord
progression is invented, this number is being reduced. Each time a cool melody or a cool chord progression is discovered the chances of discovering a new melody or chord progression is getting smaller and smaller. 1000 years later, it will be much more difficult to discover a new melody than what it is today. Because during those 1000 years many melodies and chord progressions will be discovered. As you can see there are ways to contradict
both arguments. But I will go with those saying that the market is more complex today and so are the products. So let me summarize. Eventhough IT IS possible to achieve greater
sound with a home computer than recorded instruments, in vast majority the songs produced with a
home computer sound poorer than those recorded with live instruments. And that as a fact along with the fast food
culture of our time lead to the lower sound productions. “Fast Food Culture” I mean that everything
is accessible and thus has less value than before. You can walk 100 meters away from your home and buy strawberries with icecream, peanutbutter, or get a massage or a blowjob. Before 50 years not everything was accessible. You couldn’t have everything right on the plate. So everything had greater value. Do all these mean that the music released
today has less value than the music released before a few decades ? No. It means that the AVERAGE/overall music released
today is worse than the AVERAGE music released before a few decades. There are still incredible singular productions
being released today. So, to put it in simple words and end this
tutorial: Music, at least according to me opinion, is not worse than before. We might have lost some musical geniouses
like Freddie Mercury or Tchaikovsky. But we currently have musical geniouses alive
like John Williams, Alan Silvestri or Clint Mansell. There is amazing music being put out every day. The inevitable problem and the difference
is that today you have to look for it.

4 thoughts on “Why Music Used To Be Better ? ♬ An Open Source Theory

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  2. I don't agree that music yesterday is better than today for very different reasons.

    The biggest being that the industry is formula-driven more than ever.

    What sells is a formula, and for the sake of profits, the market is flooded with what sells, and not necessarily what's good.

    Plus, with the advent of the Internet, there is more music now than ever before, so we have that as a factor as well.

    What I think people mean when they say better is more meaningful.

    The 60's 70's and 80's was a time of change in America. Civil rights was moving forward and people like Martin Luther King Jr was center stage, then was assassinated in the late 60's.

    The civil rights act was passed. We were at the height of the cold war. The country was still feeling the after effects of JFKs assassination in 63.

    There were civil protests against war. The children of the 60s who were protesting racism during the era of the black panthers, now adults, were activists protesting the G-Men and leaders in politics.

    Watergate was big. Nixon politics was devastating in a lot of ways. Leading up to his resignation is 74. Challenger exploded. The Berlin wall came down.

    There was SO MUCH happening. Culture itself was waking up in a way that affected the whole world. I could write a book on the events of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

    Music was never more in touch with the way the culture was feeling. It touched us. Moved us. Consoled us. Energized us. Rallied us. Brought peace. It awakened us and helped lay the foundation for change.

    I "better than" should be left for a case by case basis. Music wasn't "better" then and now, nor was it better now than then.

    Back then though, music meant a lot more and was an integral part of our culture and the shaping of our society. That's why feelings were so strong.

    That's why artists and groups became so iconic. It wasn't because the music was better. It was because it represented us and who we were and what we stood for and believed and felt.

    Often times in a way we couldn't express ourselves. It gave license to people to express themselves in a way that was not allowed before.

    It's not that the music was better. It's that we were becoming better people and music was a part of that.

    PS: That's coming from someone who does work in the music industry. I am an exec, but I'm also a musician.

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