Why I chose my major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Growing up I always thought computer
science was really cool. It’s this high-level abstract problem-solving that
is so important to the world we’re living in right now, but I always wanted
to know a bit more about how it worked. So, how does this code we’re writing on a
computer get turned into actual, you know, real-world activity. Computer engineering
gave me the opportunity to understand computer science on a high level and a
very low level and bringing that understanding together. One of the things
we do most often in computer engineering is build black boxes. We take something
really complex and abstract it so it’s a little easier to see. Over the
course of my major we’ve slowly been stripping away those black boxes getting
more and more in depth and understanding more and more of what’s happening. In
electrical engineering one thing that really stands out to me is just that all
the different places that you can have an impact. For me, I really want to have
an impact in, you know, renewables and I can do that through electrical
engineering, but a lot of my friends want to do something with medical devices and
they can do that through electrical engineering. Some want to do with
robotics or computing or any kind of field that you think you could be
interested in it’s easy to find a connection to that through electrical
engineering. You’re taking this force that no one can see really and you’re
using it to do kind of just crazy things, like giving everyone power that they
need to like run their daily life looking at an MRI scan like you’re
looking at someone’s brain like all this stuff that just seems so impossible
because it’s like intangible and you’re just like making the world run off it.
From my experience taking EE classes, there’s a lot of focus on the theory but
also implementing different things in labs. So, there are a lot of circuits labs
that we have to take. You definitely get a feel for how would I like troubleshoot
this problem if I were to experience it in a real life situation, which i think
is a really important skill to build. And being in my
EE classes has definitely helped develop that for me. you

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