What to Expect on Your First Day as a Software Engineer

One of the things that helps me a lot when starting something brand new, is to learn what to expect! So, let’s do that, for what your first day is likely going to be at your new Software Engineering job. So, your first day is gonna be easy. I know it’s nerve-wracking, given that you’re stepping into a brand new world, but your first day is going to be planned out for you already. Your day will likely consist of: 1. Filling out employment paperwork, so don’t forget to bring your two forms of identification. 2. Meeting your manager and teammates for the first time. 3. Learning about your benefits. 4. Setting up your development environment. And, 5. Maybe some overviews and discussions about the business and/or the codebase. There isn’t much preparation needed for these things, except for maybe coming with a learning mindset. Everything is going to be brand new to you, and it could take a few weeks to feel settled in. And that’s totally okay. You’re going to be abosrbing a lot of information on your first day, so make sure that you come well rested. And I hope that you can rest easy, that your first day is already set and done for you, and that you’re set up for success.

40 thoughts on “What to Expect on Your First Day as a Software Engineer

  1. Can I assume that every company is going to be like that? I mean, a big company and a startup are probably really different in their workflows

  2. really nice work on your video. i had to go back to your channel page to make sure it was you because i didnt recognize you. i guess this is full make-up and light kit? looks good both ways. and again, this video is really slick with the text and graphics. nice work

  3. I don’t know if anyone will answer but I have a question that’s been lurking in the back of my head for a while…
    Is a software engineer the same as a software developer? If not, how are they different? I’m a senior in high school and I recently fell in love with coding after trying out a comp sci class at my school, so now I’m interested in focusing my college studies on that rather than chemical engineering (pretty big change, I know). I ask this question just because I want to get an idea of how much “engineering” is actually involved and how it is involved, so that I know if the school of engineering or the school of computer sciences offered at my future college (Georgia Tech) would be more appropriate for what I want to do. I searched this online but couldn’t find any helpful info (they sound basically the same, but I get the impression that software engineering involves less coding and more design) Any response is greatly appreciated 🙂

  4. Mayuko, you are an inspiration for many women like me who are just starting their tech career. We need more women in tech like you.

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