What is The Internet of Things?

Your next refrigerator may know more about
diet than your doctor. How many objects do you have that are connected
to the Internet? About a decade ago you probably would have said one or maybe two if you were
an early adopter of smartphone technology. But today, oh, well I’ve got a work computer,
I’ve got a personal computer, I’ve got a tablet, I’ve got a smartphone, I’ve got a video game
console, I’ve got a media player, I’ve got a smart TV, I even have a smart refrigerator.
Now extend this trend outward and what do we get? Well it’s estimated by 2020 there
will be 50 billion objects connected to the Internet. Now that’s billion with a “B.” It’s
also estimated by the US Census Bureau that there will be 7.6 billion people alive at
that time. So that means that for every person there will be 6.6 objects connected to the
Internet. We’re talking about a world blanketed with billions of sensors. These sensors are
taking information from real physical objects that are in the world, and uploading it to
the Internet. It’s a world where your environment transforms as you walk through it, because
technology that you may not even be aware of is monitoring your every move. It’s a world
that’s constantly changing all around us due to these sensors and the Internet and we call
it the Internet of Things. Lets stroll into the living room of the future.
Now immediately this room identifies you and taps into a cloud based profile of preferences
like climate control, music, lighting and decor. Had a long day at work? The room knows
based on the calendar app on your phone and biosensors that detect the stress via blood
pressure and heart rate. So it turns off the rockabilly surf guitar you usually listen
to, and switches to a more soothing classical music. From environmental sensors outside and maybe
even worn within your clothing itself, it knows it was snowing earlier, so the climate
control begins to crank up the heat in anticipation as your walk through the door. Now on the
software side we’re talking about algorithms that are so sophisticated, they may be able
to predict what you want before you know you even wanted it. So when you walk to the refrigerator,
it tells you not only what’s in there, it tells you what you can make with the stuff
you already have. And it’s already telling you what’s inside and what’s the perfect meal
based upon your mood, your activity level, and maybe even, well, your weight loss plan
for some of us. As for how many objects could be connected to the Internet? Well, consider
this. The latest version of Internet protocol, IPV6, creates more potential address than
there are atoms on the surface of the Earth. So we’re going to live in a world completely
filled with sensors with data reacting to us, changing every moment depended on our
needs. I’m no longer going to be asking you “Hey, what’s your favorite color? What’s your
favorite music?” I’m going to ask you, “What’s your reality like?” I know what mine is when
I walk into my house, how the world reacts to me. But how does it react to you? This
is more than philosophy. It’s more than technology. It’s altering reality as we know it. And it’s
all regulated by the Internet of Things.

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  2. All this technology, and people still haven't figured out how to use their brains… besides the ones coming up with the technology, they've got big ole brain, just limited foresight!

  3. Wow,This is amazing video. I am happy that animals are going to regain their space from us in future.thanks

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  6. My things connected to the internet:
    This PC
    Xbox one
    I have around 5 things in total that are connected to the internet!

  7. Hmm, the way you explained it makes it seem like the internet of things is trying to replace the ability to think and make decisions on our own. How is that a good thing?

  8. 0:59 is exactly why IoT sucks! Wake up people, you are becoming Tamagotchis in your own world. Humanoids who will eventually seize up to think for themselves, because Big Brother sitting on the cloud with all those IoTs around it will do it for you. Full scale monitoring just like in the Minority Report. Unfortunately in the end, it's going to be you who pay for the consequences, not the IoT or cloud. Elite above us always wields power through controlling cognitive map of the masses, and now they will know the stuff you are just going to think about, that is power beyond anything known before. Now they say that you can finally relax, and let computers take care of your every need… most importantly of thinking, how crazy is that! They are setup to listen to you 24/7, just tell them what's on your mind, so they can help or kill you. What a perfect world… Trends like these which masses widely accept can always be easily turned against them. Getting dependent on them will make you believe there is something you don't have, and what you actually really need. Accepting something just because everybody thinks it's cool, doesn't mean it is actually good for you. And last but definitely not least, just look on the most liked comment: "Hackers dreamland". Imagine your perfect IoT world hacked when you don't even know about it. Think what you can achieve with that level of control and information access if you would be a hacker… thats truly a dreamland for hackers.

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  20. I don't like any of this idea. The human race is already incredibly reliant on technology. Even cutting activities like turning up the thermostat or choosing what to eat from the fridge from everyday life will lower exercise and creativity levels just that much. This means that when someone gets lost in the forest ( which probably won't happen, because of GPS, cell phones, and the fact that people will get used to not doing anything and become disconnected from nature! The word that comes to my mind is dormant) WITHOUT technology, they won't know the first thing about what to do. Their energy and stamina would be extremely low because of sitting around all day. Developments such as these would cause millions of people around the world to lose jobs like plumbers, janitors, and house cleaners. On the other hand, computer programmers will be in high demand. This will cause college majors to be changed from other sciences and arts. In other words, it's a downward spiral that will end with the end of the human race, or the earth. Now, I'm not trying to be some creepy guy telling you the world is going to end, but I believe that if we slow down we will realize that the best way is not to continue up, but go sideways. If we learn to connect with nature as our ancestors did it will cut down global warming and climate change levels. If we save and protect nature, and if we spend more time outdoors and run or bike instead of drive to wherever we need to be, It would help the world tremendously. So raise the cry! Save our Earth! It's the only one we have!

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  22. What if I don't want nearly every aspect of my entire physical existence connected to a (hackable) internet? The thing is…
    I bet some of this stuff will become mandatory as well. Insurance companies will want to know what you eat, when you sleep, and your every heart beat.

  23. The internet of things is a nightmare!! I would rather live in a world with unrestricted AI than live in the internet of things!

    The internet of things is the death of all freedom and all privacy!
    The internet of things is the ULTIMATE dream of the leaders of an Orwellian society!
    The internet of things will make everyone a sheep and a slave!
    The internet of things will make everyone (even) dumber!
    The internet of things is the end of being human!
    The internet of things will make everything you own the property of the state and corporations!

  24. And people thought that they would have been forced to wear a tracking chip. Who thought of that when we are more than willing to do it ourselves?

  25. I'm hoping the Internet dies so the world goes back to sanity or something replaces it to make humanity more productive than surfing web or watching shitty YouTube!

  26. Bullshit. I swear I won't use this – I am not buying smart TVs either, I am using adblocks and noscript, running GNU/Linux. And I don't believe in widespreading of these ideas, it's overrated. People don't know how to set up a router. They won't need to remotely control a refrigerator. Caffee machine won't make you a cup of joe automatically, someone needs to pour water and coffee beans. It's a stupid idea no one needs. Good for remote controlling lamps if you are lazy and fat….

  27. Very nice video. I think that connected objects can be very useful for medicine, when you need to check your heart rate or other. But I think we should not have connected objects everywhere because privacy does not concern everyone. We must keep a freedom without being constantly monitored.

  28. That's a nice video. Connected objects are our future. There are many fields where they can help us in our life like medecine, everyday life at home in the kitchen or for the temperature for example. But these objects can have a negative effect about our privacy and we could be addict of these objects.

  29. The use of these objects can only be positive and inevitably very useful in different fields such as for example in medicine where these different sensors could help to help people suffering, aged … But this use is probably more negative than positive because with the creation of these connected objects "intelligent". There may be a violation of privacy (realized by hackers)
    I personally find that these technological advances will make us crazy and we will be completely addict to these objects !

  30. I think Connected objects are our future.
    There are many domains where they can help us in our society, sectors like medecine, everyday life at our home (in the kitchen,living room,…) or for the control of temperature and light for example.
    But these objects can have a negative side if some people use this objects to the wrong way (hacking,private informations stolen,…).

  31. For me, it's a good idea, it can really improve our comfort, or even medicine. With the number of connected devices in constant evolution, sensors, develop its functionality becomes simple and modulable as desired. With the number of devices in constant evolution, it is an interesting idea.

  32. New technologies like connected objets are realy importante to improve the way of life, but when i see actual connected objects, i can see a weakness. IoT are an open door to say goobye to your privacy, i think. But with the speed evolution of new technologies, we going to a way of life like sci-fi movies and it's great !!

  33. It is true that these objects can be seen negatively: screw – in screw of the hackings, different "profits" that could make companies, dependence in the what we could fall, the loss of the "real" moments to enjoy life by either even, by the future we could even possibly no longer know ourselves without these objects.
    But do not forget all the positives that these could provide:
    at the level of medicine, hard work / complicated (they could be facilitated), could they not to limit accidents also? (for example, road accidents but not only !).
    Do not all see the side negative, there are, for example, always them "wars" business, and uses of our personal data, (…). But it is also through these innovations that part of the world advance, evolves. The world has never advanced alone. Innovations lead to other innovations, and so on.
    More each will still be free to buy where no, everyone is not obligate to be dependent, and on the other can be very fond of its new technologies. In short everyone has their own opinion on the subject 🙂

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  35. This is some scary s**t. We aren't strolling into a Brave New World, we are running toward it at break neck speed.

  36. I'm opting out of the IOT. I'll connect a few things, but I don't want my whole life any everything I do connected. It sounds awful.

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  39. U said there would be 7 billion people at 2050 today when i am commenting this its 12 june 2018 and population of the world is 8 billion…. With the B

  40. This is actually creeping me out…it's like being trapped with a robot that wants to force you to do things! Maybe you had a long tiresome day at work, AND maybe you WANT to listen to your freaking loud music….the bare fact that something would WANT ME to do something, would make me feel enslaved and want to do the exact contrary!!!

  41. Great videos like this come from great Content-Creators like Fw:Thinking.
    Wishing a more detailed version of this video…(about this IoT)

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