What is subscription based open source?

Subscription-based open source is
built around the mutual interests of open source developers
and the software companies using their code. Developers want the time the resources and
the freedom to write better software. But if no one is paying them for their work,
it’s hard for developers to keep up with the torrent of messages, bugs and new feature
requests coming from their users. That’s especially true when developers have
a pesky day job taking up most of their time. Software companies on the other hand. Want to up to date,
well maintained, well documented code, with a license they can use, and for that
they are willing to pay. With xscode developers offer paid subscriptions
for accessing their projects. When companies subscribe that ensures that
the developers have a stable ongoing revenue stream. That revenue stream enables them to spend
more time on their projects. They can pay technical writers for keeping
a current documentation, hire more developers to improve their project, and if their code
is popular enough, even quit their day jobs and work on their
projects. Full-time. For real!
monetizing with xscode does not mean you need to close your code. You keep working on GitHub as usual and keep
your code free and open source for community use. Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube channel or visit xscode.com

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