What is Programming? | Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation | Computer programming | Khan Academy

Hi, welcome to programming! If you’ve never learned
to program before, you might be wondering
what programming actually is. Well, when we write a program, we’re giving the computer
a series of commands that kind of look like
a weird form of English. You can think of a computer
as a very obedient dog, listening to your every command,
and doing whatever you tell it to do. So what’s so cool about programming? Well, it really depends on
what you think is cool. Because as it turns out, you can
use programming for almost everything. Programs control robots
that can take care of patients, and my favorite,
robots that can roam around Mars and look for water on the surface. Programs help self-driving cars
know which way to turn– which is pretty important! Programs help doctors cure diseases by
processing huge amounts of medical data. Programs can be really fun games,
like Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Minecraft. Programs make it possible for Pixar to put out their awesome
3-D animated movies, and for movies like Harry Potter
to have such cool special effects. What’s your favorite movie? I bet that a computer
helped make it somehow. Programs are behind
the websites and the apps that you use every day, all the time, like Google Maps, and
Wikipedia, and YouTube, and of course, where you are now,
Khan Academy. Here, on Khan Academy, you’ll learn
how to write JavaScript programs to make drawings, animations, and games. And that will be a great start towards creating whatever
you’re imagining in your head. I know, it might be hard to see
how a drawing program relates to programs for robots,
or curing diseases. But believe it or not,
the same basic concepts are used by pretty much
every programmer in every program. Once you learn to program JavaScript, you’ll be able to learn other
programming languages much more easily. Now you just gotta keep going!

28 thoughts on “What is Programming? | Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation | Computer programming | Khan Academy

  1. Which Text editor are you using..? Basically I write code in notepad++. To write JavaScript code I use "<script></script>" HTML tag, but what about you. Please Explain.

  2. i was fascinated by DOS i n my school days back in 1990 and that time we used learn BASIC language with flowcharts n algortihms.. i remembered a book "Chipping In Chipping Out" .. so guys Subscribe Us

  3. i dont get it….programms are commands?
    is that it? then what you just…command the pc to make minecraft or something and its like: "oh ok here we go, done!"
    im none the smarter! whats programming, put it into one sentence, man!

    what, you think im smart or something??!

  4. Where are the commands entered when you code? In Word or similar? Yeah, I know that sounds like a stupid question but let's start at the Very beginning.

  5. do you have a video to help explain the building blocks: abstraction, loops, logic, data types, modularity? thank you!

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  7. why can I execute this codes only in the compiler on khan academy but I can't do it in other compiler?

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