What is Computer Science?

[ Music ]>>Computer science is problem
solving, and our tools are computers and computer
programming languages.>>Computer science is the field
that deals with solving real world problems with current
computer technology.>>Computer science is all about
finding systematic solutions to problems that are computable.>>I think computer science is a
field about logic and reasoning. You’re trying to solve problems
using computers, but a lot of the times the computer plays in
mainly as a restriction.>>We’re actually
studying processes. We’re studying how to go from 1
step to another to arrive at a solution.>>It’s the science of
computation.>>Computer science is not only
about just writing computer programs.>>It’s a lot more than
programming. It’s a lot more than sitting at
desk in front of a computer screen all day and typing,
typing, typing.>>A lot of computer science is
about problem solving, and trying to figure out solutions
to problems using computers more efficiently, and seeing what
computers are really capable of.>>In computer science you are
trying to understand what is possible, and often that
involves very, very creative answers.>>It gives you the tools you
need in both conceptual ways as well as very detailed applied
ways, for taking any kind of a problem, whether it’s a
mathematics problem, or a problem with how to work out a
better process. Computer science gives you the
tools you need in order to solve problems.>>But if you really get down to
it, it’s about what are the rules and what are the tools,
and what are the technologies that you can use to take
anything that you imagine, or almost anything that won’t deny
the laws of physics. Take what you imagine and build
something that’s real out of it.

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