What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?

What if your reality was nothing more
than a complex computer simulation? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if you were living in a simulation. This is what the very first
computer games looked like. And this is what they’ve come to look like after some fifty years of
technological progress. Today, it only takes a virtual reality headset to jump into a computer-simulated realm. Our future computers may be able
to generate entire simulated universes. And if we humans were able
to simulate complex realities, how could we ever be sure that our own world wasn’t
just a computer simulation designed by another, more
advanced civilization? Everything in the world we live in seems to be based on mathematical laws. Even our genetic code has
a mathematical model. Just like if someone had programmed
our reality with a computer code. See where I’m going with this? We may be living in a giant
video game without realizing it. But who designed this matrix? An advanced alien civilization? Maybe not aliens, but a future iteration of humanity
simulating the lives of their ancestors. Which would make you a living memory of someone else’s
great-great-great-grandmother. This future humanity would require
extremely powerful supercomputers to run the simulation
down to the subatomic level. Much more powerful than the most advanced
supercomputer we could imagine. If we ever got to this level
of technological advancement, and started running computer
simulations of our own, that would be very strong evidence that our reality was also simulated. A simulation creating their own simulation. Chances are, our creators would turn
out to be someone else’s simulation. In the many, many simulations,
from the original reality on down, each subsequent simulation would
turn out less and less advanced. They just wouldn’t be able
to match their creators in advancing their technologies. If your life was a simulation, you wouldn’t know. Just like there’s no proof that
you’re not living a simulation. But you could try looking for the glitches. If our world was some computer code, it could have software bugs. Every now and then, when our
simulators decided to roll an update, something could slip sideways. It could be a glitch like
meeting your doppelgänger – someone who looks like
you, but isn’t related to you. It might just be a mix up in
character appearance preferences. If we ever found out that we were a
program on someone’s hard drive, it could be because that
someone wanted us to. In that case, escaping the
simulation would be… well, simulated. We’d just end up on
another level of the matrix. Maybe, discovering the
identity of our creators would make them reboot the system. A big Ctrl-Alt-Del for the entire Universe. Reality might not be a
quantum computer simulation. But if it is, would it change
anything in your day-to-day life? Maybe one day we’ll discover
that we live in the multiverse. But that’s a story for another WHAT IF.

39 thoughts on “What If We’re Living in a Computer Simulation?

  1. I just watched nuke's top 5 what if we were just simulated with some evidences with people around the world and now this? Im overwhelmed, mind blown and don't know what to think.

  2. Notice how humans have shadows? Sims have green diamonds on top of their heads. Coincidence? I think not.

    Just kidding of course

  3. Not possible, there’s too much inefficiency amongst us and problems that can’t be fixed automatically (climate) and so many useless people (work wise). 🤦🏽‍♀️ no glitches yet.

  4. If we live In a simulation the aliens clearly have good internet because I don’t lag out that much

  5. Basically the video is saying that I’m commenting on a video about how we might be a simulation that is made by people that are in a simulation and the people that made our simulation is in there own simulation being controlled by another life source.

  6. Didn’t Rick & Morty cover this subject?

    “Take a shower with me Morty!”


    “I said get your clothes off Morty!”

  7. The first comes to my mind is it is like Sword Art Online: Alicization where…
    We are only a artificial human fluctlight in a system where someone in the outside operates it.
    Advance sorry haha

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