100 thoughts on “We Built A 1-Star Amazon Gaming Computer

  1. If you test the 1050Ti vs other real cards. You'll see it's not a 1050Ti. It has been spoofed to make the computer believe it's a 1050Ti

  2. for those who don't know, the 1050ti is actually a gpu from 2010 ish just with the software hacked so that the computer reads it as a gtx 1050ti. for example the gtx1050ti does not have VGA plug if the gpu that you have has a VGA plug it is 900 generation or older.

  3. That GTX 1050 is a fake. It is modified to show that it is 1050 but really you could make it show 1080 if you wanted. Only way to test would be benchmarking and checking the actual specs such as cuda core number and mwmory frequency. A lot of those floating around.

  4. Sorry to tell ya but it’s not a 1050. It’s a 550. They can cheat the system by making it seem like a 1050, it’s really not tho.

  5. I build computers all the time , Everything started smoking because you didn’t have the cooling mount LOL you had freaking twisty things to hold the cooler , if it wasn’t for that I think everything would’ve been fine

  6. The prices on here are downright scary. $45 for a 128GB 2.5" SSD is outrageous. You can get a decent name brand for half that, easy. $45 for 4GB of DDR3? I can find DDR4 for the same price and capacity. And the 1050ti is so fake. It's flashed to be read as a 1050ti, it's really not. GPU-Z and other programs will read it as a "FAKE GTX 1050ti". This is not a new development. They're generally Fermi based GPUs. 550ti, GTS 450, etc etc.

  7. You put ECC ram in a processor that doesn't support it. Of course it didn't boot into the bios. You didn't even buy compatible parts.

  8. ECC ram is only compatible with a couple types of high end workstation or server motherboard, thats probably why it didn't work…

  9. Uh I play FFXIV and other games on my computer with an I3 AND a geforce gtx 950. I should say, the GPU is EVGA and the 950 is still a solid card. It has multiple video outputs available, and I use DVI and HDMI from my card.

  10. No on every level. GPU is flashed to make the computer think that it's a 1050Ti. If you were to properly test it, the computer will not be able to play any games that a 1050Ti should play. I'm sure that you figured this out later but you can't just grab any motherboard and a processor and think they are just compatible. Plus, your boss shouldn't have let you take the 6700K and possibly fry it with the 1-star setup. At least it isn't as bad as the Verge video and this is decent!

  11. I mean… I have to pause the video… I built my own gamer PC and I knew about chipsets and sockets… Are you real gamers? "It fits!" OMG… A true gamer knows how the computer is made and if that will run the games wanted or not… 😩😕😔
    I think they paid too much for the things… or it's just me…

  12. I like you, but I bet you would get laid a lot more if you made your stash and beard in to a goatee or just shave it all off.

  13. Check bios and see if it is 1050ti. Use a any gpu software to confirm if it is 1050ti. The computer might say it is 1050ti but the person can flash it to fake it as 1050ti.

  14. I found the real price for the 550 GTX is under $20. The guy didn’t fact check the price. $250 is overprice for the 550. Those guys didn’t check the spec for the 1050ti to be a true 1050ti. Bios can be flash to fake it. If many claim the gpu to be fake/scam, that mean they check the spec and see a huge difference. To truly see the gpu if it is a 550 or 1050ti, you have to open it. You might see old parts in the gpu.

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