Watly: The biggest solar-powered computer in the world

We have dedicated three years of our lives to this project and today we made it, till here Ghana, West Africa, in order to help our first community one of the many thousands of communities around the world, that will need Watly so much. If we reach our goal with this campaign, we
will build our ultimate version of Watly, a machine that can provide clean water, electricity and connectivity to communities of up to 3000 people. Right now, we have everything in place to
make this happen, a consistent know-how, a solid team and even a factory ready to head start production of these machines. All we need is the right support and the right
funding. And that is your call. Because we know, we are going to change the world, and if you decide to join us, we’re going to make it together. Because Watly is Life Energy and Future.

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