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Did you know that you can watch and record your favourite TV shows on your computer. To do this you will need three components: A TV tuner, TV signal and Windows Media Center. How do the TV tuner, TV signal and Windows Media Center work together? A TV tuner is a device that enables you to connect a TV signal to your computer. An external USB tuner is easy to install and can be used on any PC that has an open USB port. Alternatively an internal PCI TV tuner card can be installed into a desktop PC with an open PCI slot on the motherboard. A TV signal source is the device that delivers a TV signal to the tuner. The TV signal can come from a variety of sources, for example it could be a:TV antenna, a cable TV box or a satellite TV receiver. Windows Media Center uses the TV tuner to play back and record TV shows from a TV signal. You use the Windows Media Center to initially set up your computer and after setup you use it to select the programs you want to watch or to record for later viewing. Windows Media Center, an application developed by Microsoft is already installed on most computers with Windows 7. Before you can watch or record TV you need to connect a TV signal to the TV tuner and then setup the TV signal in Windows Media Center. In most cases you need to connect one end of a coaxial cable to your tuner and the other end to your TV signal source. Before you begin setting up the TV signal in Windows Media Center, ensure you are connected to the internet. Media Center must download information necessary for the setup to complete. Press the green Media Centre Start button on the remote control. Select TV and then arrow to the right and select Live TV setup. Windows Media Center uses the region specified in this screen to identify your local TV services. Click Yes, use this region to configure TV services and then click Next. Windows Media Center downloads the TV options for your region. NOTE: Your region may be different. Read and agree to the program guide terms of service and then click Next. If the Play Ready license appears click I Agree and then click next. Windows Media Center will now download the TV setup data and the TV program guide, the speed of the download will vary based on the speed of your internet connection. Some TV tuners will have more than one TV signal source, so Windows Media Center examines the TV tuner on your PC to identify the TV signal source that you would like to set up. Windows Media Center lists the TV signals available to your computer, if your signal listing is correct select Yes, configure TV with these results, and then click Next. If your signal listing is not correct check your signal input connection and select Let Windows Media Centre try to detect again or Let me configure my TV signal manually then click Next. Click Next to confirm the TV signals to be configured. The TV signal setup is now complete. Click finish, you can now configure your TV signal and channel options. If you are using a digital TV antenna you can adjust the strength of this. Click Digital TV Antenna Signal Strength click Yes to continue and then click Next. Media Center scans each channel and displays the available signal strength. Adjust the position of your antenna to improve the signal strength for some channels. A channel showing low signal strength, in red, will likely have reception issues, resulting in audio and visual problems, while a channel with full strength is least likely to encounter viewing problems. You can also remove any channels you don’t want to view by clearing the check box next to the channel. When you are finished, click Next to continue. Click Finish to exit setup. After the TV setup in Windows Media Center is complete, press the Live TV button on the remote control, or click Live TV within the Media Center window. After a moment, the TV program displays full-screen. Change channels by pressing the plus or minus, or the CH plus or CH minus button on the remote control, or by pressing the channel number on the remote control keypad. Use other controls to pause live TV, change the sound volume, etc.. To quickly change channels, open the electronic program guide in the Media Center window, and click the name of a TV program that appears in the current time slot. If a station is not broadcasting, or if your antenna is not receiving a strong signal for a particular channel, you will receive a message indicating that there is no TV signal. The easiest way to record TV is to record a live TV program. Simply press the record button on the remote to start recording the program you are watching. To record program at a later time, you can use the Program Guide to select the program you want to record, and then decide if you want to record just that episode, or the entire series. To access the TV program guide, press the Guide button on the remote control. Select a program in the guide and press the Record button on the remote control. The TV program name is marked with a red circle. If multiple TV programs are scheduled to record at the same time, the red circle is overlayed with an exclamation mark to show that a scheduling conflict has occurred If this happens, you must decide which program you want to record at that time. Note: you can not record more than one program at a time, unless you install and set up multiple TV tuners. Media Center allows you to change some recording options, such as the start and stop times and the quality of the recordings. To access the recording options, press the green Media Center start button on the remote control. Scroll to Tasks, Settings, TV, Recorder, and then select Recording Defaults. Here you can select the recording options that will be applied to all programs you record. In addition to start and stop times, you can specify how long to keep programs, the audio language, and the recording defaults for TV series. You can also record an audio channel for a specific amount of time, which is useful for programs like sports, that tend to run longer than their listed program time in the Guide. To record a channel for a set length of time, press the green Media Center start button on the remote control. Select TV, Recorded TV, and then select Add Recording, select Channel and Time, select the channel number box and then enter the channel number using the numeric keypad on the remote control. Select the plus or minus buttons, and then press OK on the remote control to scroll through choices. Enter the recording frequency, date, start and stop times, and storage quality options. To set the recording and return to the Recorded TV window, select Record, and then press OK on the remote control. Note: If you turn off your computer, Windows Media Center can not record a scheduled program. The computer must be turned on, or be in Sleep mode, to record a TV programme. Thank you for viewing this video. For more help, go to

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  1. What remote are we talking about? And what if you use a Cable Box? It won't be able to scan for channels so now what? Like an idiot this tutorial uses a antenna source fine. but makes no mention of cable box.

  2. The steps are essentially the same for cable as it is for antenna. When you select what your source is, you are selecting the guide as well. For example, on my home PC, I use DirecTV. When the box is connected, you select the DirecTV location for where you live, and it then downloads a guide that matches your service. The remote is one that generally comes with the computer, but you can probably get one from Microsoft. You may even have a universal remote that can be programmed to work.

  3. I recently brought HP Pavilion TouchSmart 23-f200in All-in-One Desktop PC and I have hath way cable set top box, can I use my computer monitor to view TV. And if yes how to connect and what is needed?? Thanks

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    2. Is it possible to record Movies on it and if so, can i transfer the recording to the Movies folder?

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  9. you only need a tv tunner and the usb drive you dont need a tv or the remote just a laptop tv tunner and the flash drive that comes with it because i seen some one els do that 🙂

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