Want A Prebuilt Gaming PC That Doesn’t Suck?

what’s up tech fan so we’ve been talking
an awful lot lately about crazy things going on in the PC industry especially
the fact that trying to buy any video card worth its salt for gaming is just
an outrageous amount and the only way really to beat this is to catch them
we’re on sale at a directly the company or to buy a pre-built system now we’ve
all heard the pros and cons of pre-built systems a lot of people just like to be
hands-on and do everything now the system that we’re gonna talk to you guys
about is the MEK 1 from the people over at so Tech now if you guys want to check
out the unboxing and see all the parts and stuff that came in it we’ll have a
link down below where you guys can check that out but this is a complete total
package and the thing that really sets it apart in my opinion is the case that
they use in the design of how the system is is different than anything else on
the market so even if you call a VA direct or main gear or any of these
companies most of these guys are going to just have the standard cases that you
can buy on the market which means know if your course there you can get a
Corsair 900 d if you want something from NZXT you can do that but it’s usually a
limitation to those cases now the MEK 1 uses its own case its own design and
what’s really cool about this system is it comes with everything except for
headphones and a monitor that’s right you get the system pre-loaded with
Windows 10 on it you get the mouse you get the keyboard you get all the stuff
that you need to get up and going and it all matches you even get a mechanical
keyboard all for $1,500 but the thing that I really want to stress the most
that’s really different about the system like I said is the actual design of the
PC one of the things you guys really asked for before is us to open this bad
boy up and take a look inside so check it out here is the inside of the mech
one now the standard components that come with it you get a 1070 TI video
card you get an i7 t700 non cave version CPU you get 16 gigabytes of memory you
also get and you get yourself a nice PCIe
m2 this is 240 gigabytes and a one terabyte hard drive all
installed in the system and what’s better yet is yes you can’t upgrade the
system now getting inside there and stuff is a little bit difficult because
let’s just face it everything’s really compacted in there and because this fact
the design is different than your most open air systems that you see now there
are a lot of fans cooling the system no liquid cooling was used whatsoever I was
kind of surprised at that but then again it kind of makes sense because where
would you really put the radiator it would have to be some kind of external
thing so for the way that the design is it’s actually really nice and you guys
will see when we get into testing and stuff that the CPU does run a little bit
warm it’s running at about 82 Celsius that it’s under its full load we’re
gaming that’s a little bit hot but it’s not like an ink that’s going to break
the bank or make your CPU not run whatsoever so internally you can easily
change out the hard drive you can change out the video card you can definitely
change out the SSD so if you guys want to change different parts and upgrade in
the future you can put in a newer CPU and one thing that also is kind of
unique is that a lot of people when you see their pre-built you’ll see Moore’s
by their people you’ll see like an MSI board you’ll see a gigabyte motherboard
will you see a motherboard from Asus or asrock but inside of this particular
system they actually use their own motherboard as well so the parts and
everything inside of the system are all based on ZOTAC products so that’s
something really unique just taking a quick look at the mech one from the
front there’s a sliding door you have your power button on both sides of the
system you have some ribs the design matches on
each side there’s also a cooling grill on both sides to let out that hot air
there’s a light that goes completely around the system it lights up blue and
it looks really really quite a bit like the colors they used in Tron and I have
a like some Tron keyboards and mice that I’ve been holding on to and I may
actually mix those up with the system and do a mod and make this system a Tron
mod on the back it’s pretty much just your standard stuff you got your rear
i/o there’s a power supply also inside I forgot to mention that earlier it is a
450 watt power supply 80 plus gold certified so it should last quite a long
time and there’s some pretty cool feet on the bottom because if you didn’t know
those feet on the thing would like just follow
like humpty-dumpty but overall it is a really good-looking system one thing
you’ll notice is even when this PC is on and you’re gaming on it it still is
rather quiet there are no like super loud fans blowing where your sight going
okay sounds like a lawnmower coming from my PC holy mackerel there’s nothing like
that going on whatsoever now we tested at a lot of different resolutions we
tested at 1080 we tested at 1440 and we tested at 4k so everything here that you
guys want is representative excuse me represented excuse me a tongue twister
there also we kept going and doing the things that you guys like so first we
filmed all of our gameplay then we did the test again the same exact spot we
did the overlay so that way you guys get the absolute best representation instead
of a bunch of graphs that you guys claims you didn’t like but with that
said let’s jump in and let’s check out these scores to the benchmark song time
to rock so like you guys would expect the 1070
TI at 1080p and at 1440 did absolutely great perfect frame rates across the
board and like I’ve said before and I think you guys agree 4k just isn’t truly
here yet I mean yeah there are a few games that are play at 60 frames per
second but not really all that many especially with all the bells and
whistles turned up but you guys can see the system itself ran really well
also the 1070 Ti inside the system got as hot as 83 Celsius under full load and
the CPU itself was 81 C under full load I think I got that wrong girl early in
the video when I was talking but you guys since he does it here at 81 C which
is relatively hot but still the system ran fine we had no glitches no shuts
downs anything like that whatsoever it ran like a charm all right sold there
you guys have it the mech one from zou tech and all of its glory all of this
performance and you guys can see that it’s a very nice system now everything
in here is $1,500 it’s completely upgradable so if you want to change out
the parts in it you can do so you can obvious change the motherboard or
anything like that but you can change out the video card you can change the
hard drive the CPU and you can even change the m2 memory if you want to so
there’s a lot of options there plus this thing just looks great the mechanical
keyboard is very nice the mouse it’s just really a standard Mouse there’s
nothing like you know SuperDuper outrageous about it but it’s not one of
those things that you’re going oh this is like the weak link in the chain
either it’s not like that the mouse pads very smooth so everything that you get
inside the box I feel at this point in time is pretty much worth the money
because I looked online this morning and a 10-7 ATI these cards are going for
like nine hundred to a thousand dollars just for the video card so why pay
someone a thousand dollars for a 10-7 TT I went for five hundred dollars more you
can get a complete system that all you need to do is have a monitor and you’re
up and totally gaming with this system by the way I was paid no money for this
review they just gave me this system and asked me to give my honest opinions and
my honest opinion is it’s nice I keep looking at over the side it’s it’s nice
the design is elegant the case is unique the build itself is different than most
of the things out there so if you not only want something that’s a
portable looks nice is upgradable than hey you guys might want to check out the
mech one for yourself like usual I’ll have a link down below like button
hopefully you guys liked this product in this video and then you guys can check
one out for yourself and hey if you’re not subscribed hey do so we’d love to
see you guys back here on Tycho tomorrow

100 thoughts on “Want A Prebuilt Gaming PC That Doesn’t Suck?

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  2. I really like the way you present your videos. Youve got a really quirky style which doesnt come off as being like a behind the line salesman. I think thats refreshing. Kudos bud!

  3. My good friend just spent wayyy too much money on a PC and I'm not even sure it's going to be all that (SHOULD be here in a couple days) =( I'm sad he didn't heed my advice. First off, I could have built him the system. Not only did he buy a pre-built, he got it on Amazon. His goal is to "never need another pc" so he spent over $4500 on a 7980xe, 1080ti, 64gb ram, etc. From the pics I saw it looked very plain jane. If I was going to spend crazy money like that I would have gone with digital storm or something along those lines.. thoughts? end rant

  4. Look at micro-centers web site. They have their power spec brand pc for a great price. The G315 is $1100 and has a i5 8600k and a gtx 1070. They also have a amd build with the RX 580 and Ryzen 7 for around $1200. All the parts are over the counter too so completely rebuildable

  5. 8 people 👎 this video because they're miners.

    This complete system is fine AF!
    $1,500 for all that? Zotac is almost literally giving it all away with this one. Great review as always my good friend. Keep them coming. We appreciate it greatly! 🤘😎

  6. Feels like i get fucked over everything i say, guess i should shut up then, doing it without saying i, maybe ill have better luck. Cuz my plans always get fucked.

  7. I can only spend $300-400 right now, and I really don't want a console.. should I get a prebuilt without a graphics card and then just add one in later when I have money?

  8. I said i was gonna buy a lian li dk-q2, it was for sale at 600€ i said i was gonna buy it, they removed it, found a 1200€ (at the time) predator x34 for 350€ on sale on black friday, said i was gonna buy it, my car broke and i had to spend that money on the car, said i was gonna buy white fittings, nowhere to find them, next few days bitspower white 90° angled fittings popped on amazon and ebay for more than 30€ each one (asked for price drop on private message to amazon seller, didnt even know we could negociate prices with amazon sellers LOL, saying id buy 8 that i needed if ge lowered price, he only lowered to 25€ making it 200€ so i didnt buy those, got mix of white monsoon and white barrow fittings), said i was gonna buy an old pc just to use the psu to test fans and cut the connectora to mask a motherboard and spray with whitr non conductive plasty dip, the guys that awnsered me now ignore me. Everythibg i post gets fucked, gonna be shut now.

  9. You mentioned that you can’t upgrade the CPU. However is it possible to fit a new mobo with a little DIY here and there that way one can install a new CPU?

  10. Man that song has been seriously missed with all this GPU apocalypse situation. I would love to jam with you some day xD

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  13. Something like this makes a prebuilt PC have it's benefits. You will be paying more, but you're getting something different.

  14. I had a 1070ti in my old rig. great card. you can always adjust the fan curve on the gpu to keep temps down but this is normal for all blower cards. really not a big deal. the only thing that bothers me is that cpu cooler. hitting 81c is terrible. I pretty sure you can swap out the PSU too. its just an SF ATX power supple so if you wanted to get a 1080ti in this rig you could buy a 600 or 700 watt psu and put it in

  15. Does Far Cry 4 really run at 100+ fps with a good system? My locks at 45 and 60 with lots of stutter and some times it goes up to 80 fps and runs like it is in 15-20 fps range. By the awesome video.

  16. So this makes me wonder, how are these companies getting the video cards? If supply is short then how?? Seem fishy at this point.

  17. I like that the case it has room for a bigger video card, so you won't be limited at reference design cards (ex:founders edition) .

  18. IF i were to by a mid-to-higher end pre-built i would definitely buy one of these

    i LOVE the size 😀

    ZOTAC knocked this one out of the park

  19. I would tear my system half apart and replace all thermal pastes and check my coolers to make sure they weren't messed up if my chip got anywhere near 82c under a non synthetic load.

  20. I need to learn to stop clicking on videos of products that don't exist over here in the UK, save myself time and frustration, though the content provider is more likely to keep me subscribed if they mention which markets a product is available for.

  21. God damn that thing is ugly though. Why do all these "gaming" products have to look like they were designed by a 13-year old? I'm surprised they didn't put fake jet engines on it.

  22. Does pretty well and looks great, Zotac is a nice brand too.
    BTW nice to be back, sorry for not being around my friend!

  23. For this baby (Zotac Mek1) I just need a decent monitor (G-sync 144HZ) 1440p with ips panel, which is not as expensive as the predator or Asus Rog, suggestions? 350-500 price range, size 24-27 inches.

  24. If they made one using 8th gen i3's and i5's with a 1060 or a 1070 non Ti i would actually think of buying it because i was looking at the i3-8350K and it is actually nice for it being at 4GHz and yes i know it does kind of suck that there is no turbo boost but i can understand that just from the core clock alone and also it is an i3 that is almost a 50% performance boost from the i5 i am using which yes i know mine is a 7 year old i5 but still powerful enough for eSport titles and maybe more in the future.

    All in all i would like to see companies like Zotac make a less expensive desktop system and while systems like the EN1060K might look nice its not really a desktop since the only thing you can truly replace on the system is the storage and the memory which i hope these companies that makes their own cool system will think about the little people as well because up here in Canada that system is over 2000$ and also maybe make some AMD CPU builds as well because on PCpartpicker i was able to build an AMD system for 1400$ Canadian and while it is using a R5 1600 with a RX 4gb 580 in it instead to the average gamer of today that plays their games at 1080p and 1440p which it would be cool to see a system with the 1600 and maybe a 3gb GTX 1060 instead but hey these are my thoughts what they should maybe end up doing.

  25. This is a sellout. First of all saying 82 degrees celsius on CPU is OK, and saying 1070Ti costs 900-1000 $, I mean come on. I'd expect those words from someone that hasn't build a PC yet. You used to be honest and trustworthy, now u're just saying whatever they apparently want you to say…

  26. 1600 for the pc with an i7, 16GB of DDR4, a 1070ti, NVME SSD+HDD and a nice Keyboard+mouse+mouse pad!! insane value!!

  27. i kinda feel its going to run too hot please correct me if im wrong im planning on buyin it just need to make sure

  28. i dont understand why 1070ti? … more cude cores are worth it for content creators .. could have saved a buck by putting 1070 instead if going for 1070ti why not go 8700k or 8700… dont make sense to me

  29. I expected better cooling considering Zotac's reputation for making small and cool GPUs and systems.
    Parts are cheaply made by the looks. The cpu and gpu coolers are embarrassing.

    Don't get me wrong, I am zotac fan and I am currently using their products. But we have to be objective – this reminds me of the new alienware desktop – very low quality parts, fancy case.

    Appreciate the review, mate.

  30. Why you shouldn't get a prebuilt pc you ask. Well this is 1000 dollars and you can build one with good specs fi r cheaper.

  31. I just bought this today , I’m waiting for it to come home , not sure how long it will take , i hope your reviews are real 🙂

  32. Hello, I'm from Brazil and as always everything comes late and expensive here kkk is worth buying the mek 1 black?

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