Using 2-step verification

Do you ever use the same password for multiple
websites? Do you ever sign in to Google Mail from a public or shared computer? Such actions
weaken your password and make it easier to steal. Google now offers 2-step verification,
an optional security feature that helps protect your account even if your password is stolen
or cracked. This new feature helps improve security because signing in requires 2 things
— something you know — your password — and something you have — your phone. It’s much
like what you might see on your banking website. With 2-step verification, you’ll get a short
numeric code — known as a verification code — on your phone. You’ll then enter this in
addition to your username and password when you sign in.
Let’s take a look at how you’ll sign in with 2-step verification. After you sign in
with your username and password, Google will ask you for a verification code.
If you chose to receive a text or voice message when you set up 2-step verification, Google
will then send it to you on your phone. If you’re an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone
user, you can also choose to generate a code on your phone using the Google Authenticator
app. Enter the code from your phone.
If you trust this computer you can check this box and you won’t be asked for another verification
code for 30 days. To set up 2-step verification, sign in to
your Google Account and go to your Account Settings page. Then, click “Using 2-step verification.”
On the next screen, click “Set up 2-step verification.” Follow the directions on your screen to choose
how to receive 2-step verification codes. You can receive your verification code in
an SMS text message, in a voice call to your landline or mobile phone, or by generating
a code using the free Google Authenticator app on your Android,
BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. But what if your phone is unavailable, lost,
or stolen? Next you’ll add two backup options for receiving verification codes.
Write down or print your backup verification codes.
You can use these in case your phone is not available or if you are traveling.
Keep them in a safe and accessible place. You’ll also need to add a backup phone that
you can use if you lose access to your primary phone. This can be a work or home phone, or
the phone of someone you trust, like a friend or family member.
2-step verification protects your Google Account whenever you sign in from a web browser. However,
devices and applications — like smartphones, the Picasa desktop application, and Microsoft
Outlook — can’t ask you for verification codes, only your username and password.
In order to help keep these applications safe, you’ll need to use a special password, called
an application-specific password, instead of your regular account password. Application-specific
passwords are generated by Google upon your request, and you do not need to remember them
since you should only need to enter them once! To illustrate, let’s set up the Mail app on
an iPhone using an application-specific password. First you need to create an application-specific
password. Go to your Account Settings page and click “Authorizing applications & sites.”
Enter the name of the application this password is for — in this case, “Gmail on my iPhone.”
Then, click generate. Enter the application-specific password on
your iPhone … And you’re done! We know application-specific passwords are
long and hard to remember — that’s why you don’t have to! You should only need to enter
these passwords once per application or device, and you can always revoke and generate a new
password if needed. Thanks for trying 2-step verification and
kudos to you for taking extra steps to protect your account!

55 thoughts on “Using 2-step verification

  1. I fix computers for a living, I no longer recommend Gmail to any of them, it's way to much hassle for my customers…

  2. i am not getting verification code on my phone number….plz help me. i have tried every thing. i dont have any another number associated with my google account. plz help…..

  3. Someone get my google account and he puted verification in 2 steps and i cant get my acc back, can i do anything to get it back?

  4. Google Plz Tell Me What I do Now SOME one changed my Password And set on 2 verification code security options I don't no what I do now Plz tell me ? plzzzzz…

  5. I am tired of handling multiple G+acoount ! after deleting hanging with 2 but profile photos comes & goes after adding 3/4times er day !

  6. SO secure you can't get back into your own account UNLESS you have all the other back-up measures in advance. Who knew? I set this up on one of my accounts and have never regretted anything more! Do you know a work around the Google 2-Step Verification? I've tried EVERY step Google requests and more. I even sent Google screenshots of PROOF that one of my other gmail accts is manager of that account and another of my current gmail account is set as OWNER of the acct I'm locked out of. I have not been able to access my YouTube channel or any other related products for over 6 months! I write to Google every month- no luck! Were you able to find another solution? Amazing when you can't even get into your own account. This has been a nightmare! Thanks much!! 🙂

  7. I thought this was a fantastic idea and added it. Then I found out I had to re-log in to my GMail from my computer and laptop and had the option of not having to do this if it's a trusted computer. So the only thing left is my phone and if it's going to send me a text msg with a code, how does that keep me safe if someone stole my phone–they also have the 2nd step verification. I originally thought it was something that made GMail harder to hack. Looking at all the extra steps in this video, it's just a whole lot of trouble, especially if you Google and see how many people are having trouble with it.

  8. hi sir. i forgot my gmail password and the 2 step verification is in enabled mode. i can access only the mobile no. which is linked with my account. I cant access any other verification options like email verification and the date of on which the email was created. please help sir..its too important

  9. Google authenticator is not fully great. if you remove the app, you will lose your codes. I almost lose my uplay account.

  10. I need help accessing my account. I forgot the password and my phone number was outdated. I literally tried any password I've ever had. I was prompted to put the month and year I opened the account. Good LORD who remembers that stuff? I tried 4 aprox dates (I know the year span) and then it asked for my father's middle name, which btw is VERY unique and I answered it correctly. It asked for my phone number which has been changed. It then asked for a recovery email and I did all my emails including the recovery and it won't work. It says it can't prove it's me after all that. What's the point of security questions if the only question you actually came up with is your dad's middle name? What's the point of a recovery email? I'm concerned someone might have hacked into the account and it has some very personal, important files in there. Is there some way I can contact google, prove my contacts, possible files, answer my other recovery questions, show an ID, anything to help out? I need to get in as soon as possible. I'd appreciate the help. I've been through every blog and troubleshoot you have there. Thank you

  11. i have the google authenticator app on my iphone which i have been using. however, i never received any backup verification codes. how can i back it up now? do i have to delete it and make a new one?

  12. I have to ask If you are a google expert, How can you do 2 step verification with an 8 digit codes to access my 1st account? I need to access my 1st account

  13. i have been using 2-step verification for a while now and it is really owsome . no one can steal ur account without any doute , i like it

  14. Error : Authentication failed, please try again. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to work I do everything it says and I get this

  15. hi, google, can you let user to bacup the google authorisrtor? as we keep changing to new phone and i have more than 10 codes, it very difficult for us to move.

  16. so if you lose your phone, you lose all your accounts (like crypto wallet for example)
    how do you backup the actual google authenticator app? why is this so confusing..

  17. the problem is setting up a new android phone at a store for personal example, my s9+, bought it and had no other android device with me….could not sign in at t-mobile, had to go home and wait to get my nexus 7, and i did not write down my back up codes, so i was screwed…..same with my apple account, i don't currently have a iphone, so i had do disable 2 step, no iphone, no apple device, so i was locked out till i got it disabled….now i just have it both off on apple and android, i was a dummy and did not write down the backup codes, so there goes that feature……

  18. I would strongly advise against using Google Authenticator. If you change your phone you will lose all your added sites. This means you will lose the ability to login to those sites. No warning. No solution. No help. This is not a nice position to be in. As I've just discovered.

  19. google could not verify my account, although i have entered many codes through my 2 mobiles numbers, and email. what happened. please check and tell me, i am worried about my account, because i have many photos in it.

  20. Went through hell trying to add Gmail to my Surface. Follow instructions after 2:12 to solve that! It's out of date, but you can figure it out: Go to "Security," then "App Passwords."

  21. Hey guys can i use one phone number for the 2-step verification of two google accounts. My personal one and my company's one?

  22. Lost key code where I find a mechanism 😭💔 Can help me i have problem

  23. i am getting sick of all the crappy updates. i have this and "signing in on your phone" turned off on purpose because when my phone breaks n i have to get a new one, i cannot get back into my email. anywhere. a friends phone, nope, library? nope. recovery email? security questions? nope, there is now NO way to get into it without your dumb phone. this is stupid and i hate it and even tho it is "off" it overrides that setting n does not let me sign in any other way. fix this stupid issue now!

  24. How to create a password for applications 2-step verification in case you forget the name of the code Google؟!

  25. I worked closer and forgot the name of the code in the application Snapchat and now stop my account is possible to help me 😢💔

  26. Why did not communicate Google worked I communicate with many support, but did not respond to the lack of useful 😭💔

  27. A week after I turned that on I get notification that someone has signed into my account from an unknown device (I'm 100% sure it's not me) so the hell did that guy sign in even after I added an extra layer of protection!?!

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