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This video explains how to update the BIOS on your HP or Compaq Desktop PC. Before you begin do the following Find the model number of your computer. You can find this number on the nameplate or on a sticker attached to the computer. Connect to the internet. If your computer does not have an internet connection use another computer with an internet connection to download the update, then save the update to removable media such as a CD, flashdrive, or thumbdrive. Remember to have materials to write down the BIOS revision number. In order to find the bios revision number for your computer you will need to open the BIOS setup utility. To do this, restart your computer When the HP or Compaq logo screen displays repeatedly press the F1 or F10 key. This opens the BIOS setup screen. Find the BIOS revision number and write it down. You will use this number later to see if HP’s website has a more current BIOS version available. Once you have written down the number exit the BIOS setup screen by pressing the F10 key. From the confirmation dialog box, select yes and then press the enter key. Wait for windows to open. Use your internet browser to go to your computers web support page to find a BIOS update. Open Internet Explorer. In the address field type www.hp.com and press enter. Click the “support and drivers” download link. Select “drivers and software”. Enter the model number of your computer and then click “search”. Select your computers operating system then click the “next” button. A list of software download categories is shown. Click the BIOS link. Compare the version number with the revision number you wrote down. If the BIOS update number is greater than yours proceed to download and install. If it is the same or less than yours your BIOS is already up to date. The last step is to click download and install the BIOS update. The instructions for this step may vary depending on your computer. Read and follow the instructions on the download page carefully. The “run” button allows you to download and install the BIOS update from this screen. The “save” button allows you to download and save the file to your computer to install later. Click “run” to start downloading and installing the file. Agree to the terms and then follow the on-screen instructions. When the BIOS update is complete the new BIOS revision number displays on the BIOS screen.

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  1. Hmm….I found your model. I can't put links in comments, but try hp . com SLASH customercare
    Then enter your model number there, and when you get to your product page, select Drivers, then Win 7 32bit and you should see a BIOS update available.

  2. my laptop kept freezing and buzzing alot then suddenly this got installed autamatically. what does that mean?

  3. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but it's possible your PC is set to auto-update software and drivers and you had a BIOS update sent to your PC.

  4. I have a hp PavillionG1450n which was updated to Windows 7. My problem is my cd/dvd burner. No problem with CD but cannot burn or play DVD. Went through everything on hp site with no help. Can you suggest anything thatI can try??

  5. It sounds like a DVD codec or driver issue. Do you know if it was working correctly before the upgrade to Windows 7? Try going into the Control Panel, right click the device, and try updating the driver from there.

  6. I tend to say "if it's not broke, don't fix it" for BIOS. However, if you are having issues with a hardware component or with your startup process, or if you are upgrading hardware or operating systems, then I would update the BIOS. Also, some companies will push recommended BIOS updates to fix possible future issues. This would be another good reason to update.

  7. Hello, My HP/Compaq Laptop has a black screen on start up and stays that way for the rest of the time it is on,
    The LED on caps lock/numb lock flash twice meaning the BIOS error.
    How does one update the BIOS without being able to see? Thanks.

  8. Hopefully there isn't a more serious issue that caused the BIOS to fail, but you can try a BIOS recovery. As soon as you push the power button, push the Windows key and the B key at the same time. The timing can be tricky so you may have to try it a few times, maybe even try pushing the keys and then pushing power. If you can't get the BIOS back, you may need to send it to service.

  9. There are a lot of things I would suspect of making your headphones not work before troubleshooting the BIOS. It's more likely related to your software or drivers for your audio devices.

  10. What is not working? Is the PC not starting? Does it not recognize the BIOS? I'm not sure what you are having trouble with.

  11. how can i micro processor update error on

    System Manufacturer: Compaq
    System Model: Evo D500
    BIOS: 686Y2 v2.11
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.60GHz

  12. Seriously? Can there be a worse pc than 1 made by HP, no way. this video is as about as useless as a car with square wheels. I have only had like 2 hp pc's and both of them sucked way beyond horrible. How do I know? I've messed with computers since the age of 14, yet Hp insists that the pc im on uses 3 different BIOSes for 3 different windows………..You'd be better off using a cardboard box and drawing the screen, keyboard etc on it. So if you want SHIT buy hp.

  13. Sorry you are frustrated. I'm thinking there may be some confusion here as HP doesn't generally create multiple BIOSs for a PC. HP does update the BIOS when there is a need, particularly for when a new operating system comes out and requires new features or changes in the BIOS. What is your PC model and I can look up the BIOS files for it?

  14. Hi. Can you help me? When I go to the support page and enter my computer information, there is no BIOS option showing below the Windows version field. The only options showing are 
    Operating System Enhancements and QFWs

    No BIOS option at all

  15. I'm trying to install a Nvidia GT 430 graphics card into my HP Dc5800, but the BIOS doesn't say ANYTHING about graphics. Can you help me with this?

  16. My system is CQ61-420TU.My BIOS version was 5.1 after updating to F23.1.Battery stops charging.How I can fix this??

  17. Thank you this video helped. I am not here being stupid asking how to do it without first trying to figure it out myself looks at comments below but this video helped to make sure i was doing everything right because the last thing i want is a corrupt bios with no backup of my old bios.

  18. HI, I am trying ot update my pc bios HP compaq 6000 AiO. when i visit the website and go to bios tabke it does not show the version and when I download it is not working, the one on my pc says V1.2, while I read an HP artical said that the last update is V1.6. would you please help me coz my windows does not boot and I changed the hard drive, it worked for 5 days well then stopped to boot. I did everthing with the bios defulat and 1st boot form hard drive and all the tips on your website. except updating the bios and I can not do it> I need the link to download the update for WINDOWS7 32BIT
    thank you

  19. This video helped me out, thank you. But before doing the BIOS update of my Cupertino2 motherboard, I would like to know if there are any risks of failure during the process. And is there a way to backup my system data and BIOS in a USB or something?

  20. I recently bought a new Graphics Card; ASUS GTX 770 2Gb, but I am having some problems with that. Whenever I boot my PC, I get this HP logo screen and it beeps for almost 3 minutes and ends up with a black screen. But when I quickly press any of those F buttons (it works better with F8), I get : 1 short beep—30 seconds— 1 short beep—30 seconds—1 short beep  so 3 beeps and it takes approximately 4-5 min. to boot my computer. The graphics card runs great, after waiting 5 minutes… I will update BIOS today but idk if it will make any changes. 

    Btw my Motherboard has PCI e Gen 2.0 x16

    my old GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 545 3Gb 

    Do you have any suggestions??

  21. I did all that and after the update it started "copying the update" and its like that for maybe 1 hour. I have the bios on a partition in the disk and it´s almost full do you think it´s because of that. thank you

  22. Do you know if I can get a compaq 6910p to get more than just 128 video ram? Like up to 268? Or do I need to buy a new video card?

  23. I have a microtower compaq hd with windows 7, but in the download page I can only find Bios upgrades for VISTA and XP, not for WINDOWS7

  24. I have an HP dc 5700 Small Form Factor PC and when i go to the site windows 7 is not an option but my PC runs on windows 7 please help

  25. HP Touchsmart 320-1030 running Win 7 64-bit. BIOS is 7.15

    Attempted to install A8-3850. Was not compatible. ("Error: Unsupported CPU installed. Will automatically power down in a few seconds.")

    So I bought an A8-3800. HP explicitly says this is compatible.

    I seat the CPU, put Arctic Silver on, put heat sink back on, boot up, and black screen. Nothing.

    Is this a BIOS issue?

    Any theories greatly appreciated.

  26. my laptop cant restart it will turn black screen……should i update my bios or not,cause later when it ask to restart to complete it will just be black screen and i am afraid it will failed to update and cause more issue for me??????? please help

  27. Hi HP, I have an old HP Compaq dx2400 microtower PC and have a query regarding the operating system and the BIOS update. My system was recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (RAM was upgraded from 1 GB to 4 GB) from Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. My system was originally using Windows Vista business which was swapped for Windows XP pro.There seems to be a BIOS update for my system, revision 5.37 under the operating systems Vista Business 32 bit and XP Pro 32 bit but not for my current operating system. My current BIOS version is revision 5.35. 

    Will I be able to perform the BIOS update with my current operating system or will I have to revert to either XP Pro or Vista Business before updating the BIOS to 5.37? 

    The reason for me wanting to update my BIOS is so I can upgrade the CPU from its current Pentium E5200 to a Core2 Duo E8600.

    Answers and advice are greatly appreciated.

  28. I just did a BIOS update (8-17-2015)…..only because my HP Support Assistant popped up in the lower right hand corner and said it was suggested. So I did it. It came from my HP support Assistant which I surely believed was safe….It did its thing and completed successfully. But I wanted to know what the update actually did and was for and google searched it….ran across some people who said it basically crashed there system/PC and ya all bad stuff. Mine is running normal like before BIOS update but wanted to get your thoughts on the matter? Was my BIOS update safe to do? What happen to quite a few people I read who had these system crashes etc?

  29. por avor me ajuda, tenho um pc da marca HP xw4550 workstation , ele esta sem audio, ja fiz varias tentativa e nada,ja fiz downloads pelo suport HP e nada deu certo, se eu fizer atualização da bios, sera que da certo, ja tentei fazer atualização da bios , fica pedindo senha, eu tento mudar a senha nem o teclado não entra nehum numero, fica parado nesta parte da bios, por favor me ajuda.OBRIGADO.

  30. ive made this and my computer went to bad firmware bios, cant boot from hard disk, how can i reset de firmware bios without windows boot?

  31. I have followed all the steps but no changes occurred in spite of doing that all. The issue I am facing is that I have Hp Compack 6200 Pro Microtower Pc, and I have installed an AMD Radeon card, operating with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, but windows is not configuring the card. The display adapter is showing on Intel built in hardware. When I tried to switch it to the card with bios, I saw that the vga configuration option in BIOS is inactive and found no option to enable it. Can any one help me with that?

  32. my problem is update bios or mangement engine firmware if problem persistes
    MEBIOS extention module exuction has halted
    help me please now

  33. My computer doesn't have a BIOS option for software; http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-hpe-h8-1000-desktop-pc-series/5080764/model/5110026#Z7_3054ICK0K8UDA0AQC11TA930C7

  34. My HP elite 8200 desktop has restart problem whenever I try to restart it stuck in the middle led no signal message no green lights in keyboard completely switch off for to restart again I need the push power button again..it shows screen after 10 seconds of booting..

  35. i have a message saying "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting" i want to wipe out the hardrive and start the computer again from scratch. what can i do if indont have the installation dosk or the "winnt32.exe" file

  36. I can't find the BIOS update (F.65) for my PC, does HP still have it?
    Presario CQ60-615DX (Product Number WA588UA#ABA)
    Old version: F.63
    Reason for update: Possibly fix overheating issue (Clearing dust and other methods don't work)

  37. can anyone help me here? i have 3 hp compaq pro 6300 microtowers. i power them on and the fans just ramp up and no boot. one of the systems boots sometimes, once in windows it will freeze and the fans will ramp up again. iv'e changed ram, reseated the cpu, nothing works.

  38. I own a HP Elite 8100 SFF model and i am having the hardest time trying to update to the latest version. can someone please help me? i tried burning the rom to a disc and running it through the bios and it says file is damaged. same thing happens when i save it to a flash drive and run it that way. how can the file be damaged if it is from the actual manufacturer webpage. i am running version v1.05 and would like to update to v.109. someone please help me. thank you.

  39. I have a rom.bin,rom.sig,ver.sig, and the ver file which just show words either in mandarin or possibly chinese please help i'm confuse.

  40. I have a HP Compaq nx7400 running BIOS version F.0A, which won't boot Windows XP. I'm trying to update the BIOS by creating a recovery USB flash drive on my friend's Lenovo notebook but I'm getting the error message "This system does not contain the necessary WMI support for this version of hpqflash". Does this mean I need to create the recovery flash drive using a HP device? Also, I'm having trouble accessing the startup menu on my Compaq. Pressing the escape key is having no effect – is this not the correct hotkey?

  41. I have HP 500B Microtower with serial number CZC0373RWP and i downloaded the bios from HP site and i cant update my bios : http://prnt.sc/etwyo6 i tried to run also Flash and nothing happened http://prnt.sc/etwwof .. If possible help me, i bought processor Intel core 2 quad but i cant run it because i need bios update

  42. i have an HP Pavilion h8-1114 with Windows 10 creators update. will this method still work? my bios is outdated and because of that I'm not able to change my new graphics card (GTX 1050 ti)

  43. i have hp compaq pro 6300 and i wanted to udate my bios but at the end of updating error pops up saying about Irreversible error and when i restart windows i could not start my computer. please help

  44. i cant get new drivers even i cant have windows 10 on my pc cuz bios problem my pc model is hp compaq dx6120 mt i need new bios version how do i get that pls tell me @HP Computing Support ?

  45. My laptop HP Pavilion dv6 windows 7 (64 bit). Every time after starting it goes to sleep or hibernate mode and it can not be awakened whatsoever by any means. Some times after switching off my LAPTOP's screen turns to Patterns either stuck on pattern or goes to sleep/hibernate mode and darken the screen which can not be restored untill I switch it off or plugg off. I checked the setting for sleep/ hibernate mode and chose them at off position but it did not work. Thanks for your advice and guidance in advance

  46. Plz i need u sport i have dc 7900 i upgrade new cpu core 2 quad 2.66 few days its runing good after some days in morning i run my pc if fans run with full speed i try every thing but noting good then my frend tel me place old cpu and its working fit but i replace core to quad then its working and few day after same problem every one ask its bios problem update bios plz make a full video for downloading and updain bios in dc 7900 plz help

  47. I have a simple HP desktop DC 8000. but i cant seem to install Windows 10 on it…. is it a BIOS issue or anything else??? any suggestion please?

  48. hello my pc is compaq e6550 motherboard model oaa8h serial number is 2ua8221q7b please help bios not found

  49. Hi the website isnt working for me , I want to update the bios becuase i have this problem with this game and all the people with this problem said the updating the bios fixed it,And i have never updated my bios so this should do it
    Can you find the version and the link to the sofware for the bios?
    hp compaq 8000 elite pc bios update
    Number 3646h (doesnt work on the website for me)

  50. Since a technician replaced my hard drive I've been getting Error 512 Rear chassis fan not detected. This is a Pavilion 21 H010 Touch Screen Desktop and it only has a CPU fan, no chassis fans. Could the tech have installed the wrong BIOS?

  51. OK, I know this is an old vid, but I'm trying to figure out if I can update the BIOS in my HP xw4600 Workstaion, running W10, even though the HP site only has a newer BIOS, but for W7. Willd downloading and installing do anything bad for the system? The W7 file is sp58068.exe if that helps. Cheers

  52. I have a hp compaq 2300 but can i put a intel dual core e8400 processor in? And i have installed windows 10 but there are only bios updates for windows xp what to do?

  53. hi! I have socket MS 2A9ch,i tried to instal 8 gb ddr 3 1333,single on ram slot,and i have 2×2-4 gb ddr 3 1333 ram. Why dont accept 8 gb ram? i tried to make 12 gb,but i am fine and only 8 gb ram. but is restarting every 5 seconds. need ad adwice

  54. Worse than useless ….. If you do find a BIOS update then it is ONLY available as a WINDOWS EXECUTABLE file.
    HP 8300 Small Form Factor.

  55. My Pc is HP Compaq dx 7380 MT running on win 7. I want a BIOS update for my pc in any way.

    The website doesn't have it as an update

  56. My HP Compaq Pro 6300 SFF Bios was corrupted by a recent incomplete Windows 10 (11 Sep 2019) Update. I unpluged the hard disk and try inserted the hard disk into another (2nd PC) functioning good same model of HP Compaq Pro 6300. and this time, the 2nd PC Bios appears to be corrupted as well. After the computer was turned on, there are lights flashing at the casing, fan was spinning, but nothing came up in the monitor. Now both PC were corrupted. I can't even enter the bios setup screen. I'm finding a way to re-flashing (restore) the bios image. Is there a way to do so? Now, even I tried with new hard disk, it won't boot any more. The fan (both PSU and CPU fan) were spinning slow at first, then it slowly increase to a very fast (maximum) spinning speed. You can hear the sound of the fan moving in extremely high speed. And now I have lost 2 computers, an expensive lesson. I never thought Windows 10 update will mess up with the bios, especially Microsoft team have gone through so many versions of improvements and fixes (11 Sep 2019). I really wish to send them the hard disk, can anyone tell me where is the right address to send to?

    I tested the hard disk for hardware failure, but it was ok, no bad sectors, no failure. so it is confirmed that it has done something to the bios and somehow not able to complete it's work. and this leads to damaging the bios.

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