UNBOXING! Stabimatic Servo Motor Stabilizer For Gaming PC

What’s up all guys today in this video
I’m going to unbox a servo motor stabilizer so let’s begin the video. ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay so here is a sterilizer, it’s a Stabimatic stabilizer okay I don’t know how to pronounce this word Stabimatic or whatever it is after
all but this is the device that I’m going to unbox it. Okay stabilizer
is sometime very important thing because if you’re facing electricity
issues in your city like fluctuation of voltages then this will save your device.
Okay so let’s open it up first of all and then you just. Okay so I think so here is a bill I purchased it from Czone.com.pk online okay here is an instruction
manual and that’s it and this is fuse, okay. So let’s take the device first out. Thats here So this is more packing. Because I’m facing too much voltage problem in my home okay. Sometimes voltages drops to 180
sometimes rises to 250 or 270 boths are dangerous okay I have power supply in my computer of ASUS which can provide 550 watts power. So the limit of that power supply related to voltages is 200V to 240V. Okay as I told you sometime voltage drops to 180V sometime rises to 270V or 260V both were dangerous for my power supply and PC and for my GTX 1060. So here it is okay so this is your power
cable and these are outlets okay for example I need 220 volts I will add
the switch of my PC here or if I need 110 volts I will add the switch of my
PC here okay so my ASUS power supply run perfectly on 220 volts so this is
the best I will use this one and I think you can use this switch also if we have this one thing. And remember this is 1000 VA stabilizer and it can provide the power
of 800 watts okay my power supply needs a 550 okay so remember that 550 Plus
50 is 600 but it’s still safe for my power supply okay
it can run my PC smoothly and my power supply so this is the most important
thing when you are purchasing the stabilizer study “How much power you need?” and then purchase the stabilizer according to your needs.
Okay second thing the most important is if you have an expensive PC or if you have
an expensive laptop then I think spending $50 or $60 to purchase
stabilizer to safe your PC or laptop is not too much expensive thing okay after
all this is going to save your PC and laptop so this is very important thing
if we have electricity fluctuation problems in your area that is the best
okay I have gtx 1060 and core i7. A expensive pc so I think this stabilizer is going to save my PC from dying okay because I have a
lot of electricity problem in my home some time drops to 180V and sometime
rises 270 volts it’s very dangerous thing so this is an on/off button and
this is the fuse okay so here you can see and it’s a input it is from 130V to 260V so it can work safely and if it goes beyond the 260 Watts then
you know fuse will burn and save it. And boom so this is the front of this
stabilizer I don’t know Stabimatic or whatever it is but it’s the name of the brand ok servo motor control automatic
voltage regulator so this is good thing ok so this is the output voltage working
over voltage under voltage so this will let us know everything here so here you
can see again capacity is 1000 VA so I’m again saying that when you are
going to purchase the stabilizer for your PC then please measure how much power you need and purchase the stabilizer according to that and this is it just was the manual okay if we need something useful here ok
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