Unboxing & Review of HP OMEN Obelisk Gaming PC

Hey everybody its Nabeel Mulla with you here again today. Today I’m here to show you the new HP Omen Obelisk gaming desktop PC. This is model number 8 7 5 – 0 0 2 4 and some of its key specs are it has an eighth generation Intel Core i7 8,700 processor hyper X 16 gigabyte ddr4 sdram 2 terabyte hard drive 256 gigabyte PCIe solid-state drive. Tempered glass panel wireless LAN a, B,G,N or AC and Bluetooth 4.2. Six USB 3.1 generation 1. One USB 3.1 gen2 1 USB 3.1 gen2 type-c hdmi and displayport Connectors. This has nvidia geforce RTX 2080 graphics card with 8 gigabytes GDDR6 dedicated memory. It’s got a wired keyboard and a wired optical mouse 5.1 surround sound DTS headphone x. One year limited warranty. It comes with Windows 10 home and McAfee Live Safe. It also has the Omen Command Center and a free trial of Dropbox. Let’s get this big guy open and see what we got inside First thing we’ve got is a quick tour then we’ve got the HP worldwide limited warranty and technical support paperwork Then we have technical support and self-help information Last thing in that little bag three-prong power cord Next we have the box with the keyboard Nice low profile keyboard Here you can see on the back It’s raised at the top lots of little rubber foot pads and the wired mouse really basic Black wired mouse. Alright, let’s get this out of the bag and check it out Right. So here you can see inside Here we’ve got a good look at the back There’s a fan. Lots of USB ports inputs for the microphone and speakers DisplayPort HDMI and so on another fan at the bottom and the power cord. Here you’ve got the view from the front And Recessed on the top here. We’ve got the power button microphone headphone and two USB ports, and you’ve got a vented top So that’s the looks of it in a nutshell What’s most exciting about this for me is the new graphics card in it the GeForce r-tx 2080 people have been having issues with this PC. A lot of people got this for a great deal on Black Friday they got it for $1,500 people have been having the three beep syndrome if you turn on the PC before you turn on your monitor it thinks there’s no monitor because it turns on so quickly and It throws up an error code as long as you turn on your monitor before you turn on your PC, you’re okay The fan is crooked. I believe that’s by design Let’s go get this plugged in Got it turned on and here you can see the light is programmable on the front comes through the logo in all different colors inside You’ll notice how neat everything is out wide open It is not cramped and there’s not wires just kind of shoved in there Any which way it’s really neat and it’s also super quiet. I’ve had this gaming now it hasn’t broken a sweat yet Here it is next to my Dell XPS. It’s slightly larger, but not much. So I Edited this video using this computer and it went really well And finally I’m just showing you some graphics from a game called planet coaster I’ve got the graphics set all the way up on this as high as they can go maxed out You can just see the beautiful reflections there at night On the rippling water. The reflections are also rippling You can even see some Sheen depending on the angle some Sheen that looks like oil It’s sort of laying on top of the water Beautiful nighttime graphics The reflection of the moon off of the tracks The light in front of the roller coaster as it goes along the tracks And the entire thing reflected in the water and just another example with this spinning ride The lights on the underside of the car the reflections beautiful shine Here you’re getting those shadows and reflections from other rides not choppy whatsoever Again these specs are maxed out and the computers still quiet as can be and Also, not hot at all I’ve seen where people were kind of concerned about heat from this and So far I haven’t done anything on this computer that’s really pushed it Put my hands on it. It feels cool. I mean not cool but room temperature it’s not hot at all Just some more examples here of the lighting and the shadows and textures of everything When I play this on my dell XPS which has an nvidia 1080 card in it I can’t max it out like this without it getting really choppy But here it’s really fluid My overall thoughts of this computer are that it’s just fantastic. This is the best gaming computer I’ve ever had I’ve tried IBUYPOWER once and I regretted that I got a fully-loaded Specked out computer and it came and it didn’t work. Right and their customer service was horrible and I just didn’t like the entire process. It was actually a nightmare trying to get my money back for that my Dell XPS Like I said, it has a 1080 it actually has 32 gigabytes of RAM in the Dell XPS which is more than this Ohman computer has But it’s got a real step up from the 1080 to the 2080 graphics card And the omen is much quieter than the Dell XPS every once in a while that dell XPS really puts out a puff of Noise that it’s like going crazy thinking and I haven’t had that yet with this So I highly recommend this. I hope you’ve enjoyed this footage And I’d say go ahead out and get you one of these I Think you’ll like it, but remember turn on the monitor before you turn on the computer Well, that’s it for this video, I hope you’ve enjoyed it If you’d be so kind You could go ahead and hit that subscribe button, maybe a like button down below if you have any questions or concerns, let me know and I’ll catch you on the next video

31 thoughts on “Unboxing & Review of HP OMEN Obelisk Gaming PC

  1. Under heavy load, this pc runs up to above 80 degrees celcius, I recommend upgrading the CPU Cooler further down the line. While gaming, I experience temps of up to 86 degrees celcius on my CPU, that is hot! I bought the Noctua NH-U9S which is perfect for the micro atx and case. I also installed a 120mm noctua fan to the top for better cooling overall

  2. LoL this OEM PC is a disaster. They sell you a board without passive heatsinks for the VRMs, there is only a garbage CPU cooler and even the RTX2080 is just a blower.
    Sorry, this PC is just OEM garbage. That's all.

  3. Nice video!! Got this on black Friday but came with a defective gpu… sent it in for repair but no reply after 10 days… Can't wait to have it back and start gaming

  4. When I turn my monitor on first then the pc it still makes 3beeps with dp when I use hdmi it doesn’t do it. It was working fine for 2 weeks with the DisplayPort now it beeps 🙁 I might return since I can till Jan

  5. Nabeel, how has it been working for you? I haven't even opened mine yet, but it seems the only downside the computer has is it gets warm. Just a little curious on how its been running for you, I want to use this computer for a long time, for gaming, graduate school and some video editing so nothing to stressful for it imo. Any info helps! (new to PC)

  6. the only problem with this pc which I have is the cooling system, im gonna get a better cooler, and then u are all set

  7. i have this model, after many videos and reviews plus experience, this is what ive done, download EVGA Precision X1 and adjust your GPU fan curve. now at 220 FPS it runs at 78c. You almost have to have a G-Sync monitor. best bang for the buck was the HP Omen 27" 1440p @165 hz with a 1ms response. Then moved to a NZXT h500i case with a Deepcool CPU AIO, nzxt g12 gpu aio kit with the corsair h55, then added heat sinks on the vram. temps are now in the 72c range in ultra settings. got my 875-0024 as an open box for $1100 I cant complain!

  8. I just bought this same Pc for my son to play his Oculus rift. But i cant find the disc drive on it.

  9. Hey, i am thinking about buying a 875-0361ng Version, but in the internet i red a lot of complains about the cooling, i need csgo for at least 8 hours straight, do you think i will get Problems with the Temperature? Im not really interested in buying a extra Vent or a vorher cooling System, you think i should buy it? I know im late but i would really love to hear your opinion about it. Thanks specs: GTX 1660ti, RAM 16GB, Intel Core i5-9400f on max 4,1GHz, 512GB

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