Ultra Optimized SLI Gaming PC

Alright, so you’re looking at an ultra PC. Not
just an Ultra case. And I met a lot of you out there that didn’t know
that Ultra actually made PCs, but they do. They’re actually built by Systemax,
for Ultra to their configurations, and they built this. This is the Ultra SLI
Optimized Gaming PC. Now looks fairly similar, you’ve probably seen
this Ultra case before, it’s quite popular. You know you got the little vent here for the side
you got the VGA graphics vent, but you’ll notice there’s something definitely
going on, when you look at the back. Now first of all, our power supply, obviously
looks a little different than usual, different motherboard with lots of gaming-like
features, and connectivity. But here’s where you’ll notice something is
really going on. You got one video card, and then you got another
so you right off of that, and note that this is an SLI system. Now because there’s not much on the
outside, I’m going to go ahead and remove this thumb screw right here, I’m going to open
this baby up, and show you what’s inside. Alright. Now when you crack this case open
you can actually begin to tell, why it’s such as awesome PC. First of all,
everything in here, is name brand. The memory, the CPU cooler, the power supply,
the video cards, it’s all name brand stuff, which is actually really a welcomed change
from seeing a lot of generic stuff, that kind of sucks. This is actually really good
stuff. Now, first of all, let’s talk about what’s in here. Processor:
It’s the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400. One of my favorite processors, extremely,
extremely fast Core 2 Duo. It operates at 3 gigahertz, it’s very easy to
overclock via the front side bus. Now, it also has a cool-it CPU cooler which
is slightly better than the Intel one, which is a little weak sometimes. This one you
can probably overclock a little bit further than it comes factory. It does come factory 3.0,
I’m sure you can easily get to 3.5, 3.6, without increasing the temperatures too, too much.
Now, moving right next door, you’re going to see you have 4 ‘gigs’ of 800
megahertz of DDR2 from Crucial. But this is not just any Crucial, it’s Ballistix
and it’s not just any Ballistix, it’s the Tracers. So these are ones that light
up and these are extremely overclockable. 800 megahertz DIM, usually go easily to 1,100
or 1,200 megahertz DIM. Megahertz. Also, they’re very easy to overclock,
and to get very fast, and they have very very tight latencies. You can
probably get close to 1,100 megahertz on these sticks, at like 5 or 6 CES latency. So
very fast stuff now. Also the video cards are also very name brand.
You have 2 XFX, 9600GSO’s, and these are the ones that have 768 megabytes of Cash Buffer per card.
So that’s over 1.5 gigabytes, of total space. Now, also moving up here to the
top, your power supply even, is definitely not generic. It’s an OCZ. One of
those extreme 600 watt power supplies, it’s modular… Excuse me. Plenty of voltage on
the 12 volt rail. You have 25 amps combined, you actually have 50 amps combined, on the 12
volt rail, so that’s extremely impressive. It means you’re going to power SLI no problem
and you’re going to power, anything else you want to add out here. No
problems. Now, moving down here to the bottom, a very very nice, you’re either going to get a
Seagate or a Western Digital 500 gigabyte SATA hard drive, with a 32 megabyte Cash Buffer,
those are ones that are going to write, the big files, a little bit faster than the ones
with the 16 megabytes Cash Buffer. It’s definitely something you want to have when
you’re hard drive shopping, and all of this comes assembled for you in a
really nice case. They did a good job, wiring it very simple, looks very OEM, and the
price of this thing is absolutely amazing. It ends up being the same if you were to build
it yourself, except you don’t have to go through all that hassle, Ultra did it for you. Now that
you’ve seen the outside, let’s take a look at the inside. Now, we’re looking here at the front
panel connector. You’re going to notice, that first thing is going to have a Firewire,
you have two USBs 2.0 ports, and you have your input and output for your
headset and your microphone. And you have a DVD RW drive. It’s a Super-Multi
so it’s going to do your +Rs, your -Rs, your RWs, your RAMs, your ROMs, CDs, DVDs,
you name it, it’ll burn it and it will read it. And let’s go to the back now. I’m going to show
you some more stuff. You got a nice 120 millimeter fan exhausting the hot air out the
back, and here let’s take a look at your input/output for your motherboard. Starting
here at the top your have PS2s, you got a Firewire, you got 2 USB 2.0 ports up
here, you have your Optical S/PDIF if you want to do 6 or 7 channel surround sound,
out through here no problem. Actually up to 8 channels. Now here, you have
your 7.1 channel HD audio, right there, analog if you want to go with that, and then down
here you have 2 more USB 2.0s bringing the count to 4 on the back in total. And your Gigabit
Ethernet port is right there, conveniently located at the bottom. Ok, so you’ve
seen the computer, let’s take a look at what you get. Now, just so you know, in the box of
this computer, this is a Vista Home Premium system, also included
in the box is a very nice copy of Far Cry 2, so if you want to play video games, you get one
right out of the bat you don’t need to go buy one. You get your 32 and 64 bit Home Premium DVD
in the box, driver and application DVD, and you get this
XFX driver disk for your video cards. Also included in the box that’s very nice, is you
get all your cables for your OCZ PSU. That modular PSU, if you want to add bigger
video cards later, use the 8 pin connectors vs. 6, or if you want to add more Molex of SATA
connectors they’re all right here in the bag, all the clips, and converters, adaptors, they’re
all inside of there. You also get a keyboard , a full use keyboard
and you get a little Microsoft USB optical mouse. So very useful. You can start using this thing
right out of the box. Keyboard and mouse included. So, let’s go over it one more time. E8400,
4 ‘gigs’ of RAM, 500 ‘gig’ hard drive, Vista Home Premium, two 9600 GSOs, and SLI,
and an incredible price point on this Ultra SLI Optimized Gaming PC. If you have
any question on it email me, I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the Ultra SLI
Optimized Gaming PC type in SYX-1004 into the search engine of any of these major
retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Ultra Optimized SLI Gaming PC

  1. I agree AMD isn't as good as they used to be but at least give them credit for getting Intel off their asses in the P4 days- if it wasn't for AMD, Intel would be pushing the megahertz myth for longer and we'd be falling behind in newer core architectures.

  2. the rig only have a 600w psu, i think if you start tweaking the gpu and cpu it cant have a stable overclock, insufficient power shall be the problem.

  3. can i do tri sli on 9600gso?? if not tell me the cheapest dx10 card that will run 3 way sli..please help ….cheers

  4. when u run sli you dont get "combined" vram you get the ram of one card since each card uses its own vram

  5. In fact my friend the 9600 GSO can be more overclockable then a standard 9600 GT and are allot cheaper and the benchmark results are better in games like Crysis and COD4 if are oc with only 100 Mhz on core clock.

  6. i own this pc and it is really great but the dvd drive is a piece of shit. also i had to buy a new psu cause they broke the connectors for the hdd on the one they sent.

  7. making stuff run faster then she speed its sold at
    for example. you buy a cpu running at 1gh. then you open the BIOS and mess around in it(dont!) then it runs at 1.5 or 2gh and becouse its yust as fast as the cpu that was 2x as expensive you have a god deal and a fast pc

    one warning before you try it. it will void your warranty(on 99.9% of the sold cpu's)

  8. please help me,
    i want to buy a full gaming pc, (by buying parts)
    can u all give me a suggestion,
    for all the parts that i should get,
    i want to play XBOX's game, (without lag)
    im in malaysia, so if you all can help,
    reply! PLEASE! :DD
    (not too expensive! :DD)

  9. ETF are you talking about? This system sucks for 2009? WTF? Are you retarded? This system has SLI in it with 4GB of Tracer Ballistix Memory which is better ram than what most people have. Also this rig has Dual 9600 video cards which will play Crysis easily- Unless you have a 10 million dollar system, this this system is more than adequate for what they were trying to shoot for.

  10. it doesnt suck. its a budget sli pc.

    it doesnt play crysis easily tho. even my 285 has slow frame rates. but itll prob run most games

  11. Dude my older EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked played Crysis at 1680X1050 with the realism mod on max settings. My new GTX 275 rocks Crysis at 1920X1080 everything max with 4X AA at playable smooth fps. Of course the rest of my system is up to spec but the graphics card is the most important part.

  12. that i dont believe. 30+ is considored playable. and with using the mod, the settings are even higher than very high. look at the benchmarks. at 1280×1024 at high, the max fps was 36. with no AA. and now imagine it at 1680×1050 with 4xAA with settings higher than very high. wont even go past 15fps. my gtx 285 could only get 40 max at those settings.

  13. Dude Its my friggin rig, i built the damn thing, I know what she can and cant do. What i say stands. Also no, 30+fps is not all thats playable. Even at 25fps is smooth and playable.

  14. 25fps isnt smooth at all… i guess uve never played at 60fps before… go try it and compare it to 25. theres a huge difference. and you can feel the difference between 29and 30 fps.

  15. What the hell? Ive never played at 60FPS? Dude i have 2 GTX 275's in SLI with a 3.6GHZ Intel Quad Core. What the fuck are you talking about- every comment you make you make yourself sound dumber and dumber. Yes you can play at 25FPS and it is smooth. OBVIOUSLY its not as smooth as 60 fuckin fps but its playable. Your annoying stop talking.

  16. 25 at avg, then maybe.

    but it wont. and most of the time its prob around 1x fps mark.

    i still dont believe that a 8800gt can get a 25fps at 1680×1050 with the mod.

  17. My Rig when I had the EVGA 8800GT SC OC'D to the point of being Faster* than the 8800GTX.

    Antec 900 Rev 2.0 Case
    Intel Core 2 Quad 3.6GHZ 1800Mhz FSB
    Zalman 9700 CPU Heatsink
    EVGA 780i Tri SLI Mobo
    EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked OC'D to
    730/1850/2.2GHZ (now i have Gigabyte GTX 275's OC'D)
    4GB OCZ H.eat P.ipe C.onduit Memory OC
    2X500GB HD in Raid-0+500GB and 320GB+ 320GB HD's External + Maxtor 80GB Ultra Mini
    Corsair TX 750 Watt PSU
    Toshiba 40" 1080P HD 120HZ LCD + 22" HD2200 HD WideScreen

  18. Also- you only get 40FPS in Crysis with a
    GTX 285? You should be getting higher performance than that. Each of my GTX 275 gets higher than that. Of course they are heavily overclocked but reguardless the GTX 285 has the 512bit interface. Whats the specs of the rest of your system?

  19. i just benchmarked my gtx 285 with the realism mod with no AA at 1920×1080. i got avg of 15… and my gtx 285 is oced. 2gb version

    and anything below 30fps u can really feel a difference.

    i dont think its bottlenecking since crysis rly depends on the gpu, not cpu.

    btw i hav a e6550 @ 3.04. 2gb @866mhz

  20. Are you effing kidding me?! You bought a GTX 285 with a E6550? WTFFFF- OF COURSE ITS BOTTLE NECKING- That bunk ass cpu is holding back your entire system- same with the 2GB of memory. How did you even think you could start talkin shit to me when your entire system is so unbalanced. LOL Your getting 15FPS at 1920X1080 with a GTX 285- Dude think about that for a second. Also- Crysis with the patches utilizes the CPU to its fullest- yes its GPU reliant but the CPU is very important as well.

  21. Also since you don't believe me- I have videos of my older setup on my account playing Crysis with the EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked- can't get more proof than that.

  22. @Flightkid9 problem with a comp being strained enough to have to run at 15 fps there will be other problems like skipping frames freezing and being buggy

  23. the phenom II X2 550BE is an awesome processor, it overclocks like a dream!! Just dont use the stock cooler tho 😉

  24. are you retarded? That has the be the most dumb comment i have read in awhile. How about you play your games at 12fps then try that same game at 90fps- there will be a MASSIVE difference flighkid9- Your confused, its 32fps that the human eye can barely tell the difference at. Even then, there is a difference between 32fps and 90fps, its visibly smoother at higher fps.

  25. wow my mate has the exact same setup except the motherboard,but to be honest i hate i7 coz i dont see any reason why u need so many cores lol

  26. that is a pretty high grade system.

    although, I recommend using an ATI video card if you plan on going with an amd based system.

    the rest is great.

  27. @Abraxas20012 thats not true. I use AMD AM3 550 and GTX260. if you mean that most intel boards support sli and most AMD supports crossfire. well AMD and ATI are joined so intel just ate up the nvidia market.

  28. Haha fail at talking…"Now that you've seen the outside, lets take a look at the inside."

    Well im pretty sure I just looked at the inside, I dont really feel like looking at the inside again.

  29. @TonkatrainHONKHONK What do you think of as generic? Reference might look generic but it is in many ways superior. Name brands release reference cards well before they put their own touch on the product, and if you're watercooling, then you're going want a reference design.

    Reference = / = Proprietary = / = generic.

  30. This isn't a very impressive computer. For someone that can't or would prefer not to do a custom build, it's certainly decent. I think the only draw to it is that it's using SLI. It's just… boring.

  31. @illmagnified I lol'd when i read you never play at 60fps or higher than 25. You have 2 GTX 275s in SLI thats well than enough to run at good graphics and 60+fps

  32. @nelizmastr Crysis 2 is easier to run then the original Crysis. Actually Crysis 1 was not even hard to run just 99% of the people used the wrong hardware recommended by Crytek

  33. Tiger Direct videos remind me of sleazy used car salesmen. They try to make it sound like this crap hardware is "ZOMG 1337!!!1111".

    Just watch Linus Tech Tips and Paul from Newegg. They are salesmen as well but they don't try to blow smoke up your arse.

  34. @nelizmastr Im pretty sure my grandmas pc can run crysis 2i had a 8800 GTS 320 that i nolonger used and i could run it on that so yeah me thinks it can. ; )

  35. @bornwisedistruction that just meets the minimal requirements, so lucky you 🙂

    I can run it on advanced settings with my gts250

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