Tutoriel – Gestion des listes d’abonnement – Marketing Automation avec Mautic open source

Webmecanik’s tutorial about subscribers’list management Welcome to this tutorial from Webmecanik, we offer Mautic as a service! My name is Norman, CMO at Webmecanik and today I’ll show you how to manage your subscribers’lists For a sound communication, you want to send the relevant message to the right person… this is why we’ll be using subscribers lists and this respecting the European law regarding data privacy / opt-in and opt-out Details about the chapter are to be found in the description of the video You may click on it to switch directly to any chapter Let’s start with the unsubscribe link in the emails The first rule in you want to respect it to give your subscriber the option to “unsubscribe” to opt-out of an emailing list… you can configure it in the email you want to send Go to the left bar – channels – emails – Create a new email select the type of email to be sen the setup remains the same for both options Select a template and launch the builder From this view you can add a sentence in a footer saying “if you no longer want to receive emails, click here” Let’s go to the footer and add a link on “click here” let’s add a token to generate a unique link per contact select your text add a link add the unsubscibe token: {unsubscribe_url} {unsubscribe_url} And that’s it! keep in mind that the unsubscribe link will not work for test emails! As for every other token, such as {leadfield=firstname} Let’s move to the setup of the unsubscribe webpage… When a lead click on the unsubscribe link, it will land on an unsubscribe page… obviously there are multiple criteria you can adjust on this page: let’s go to the configuration menu to right corner click on configuration then on email setup and crawl down until the unsubscribe parameter You can update the text if you are using the token {unsubscribe_text} if you wish to do it, simply change the text in this box 😉 From there, you can update the message displayed on the “unsubcribe page” also it is possible to update the message shown when a contact re-subscribe Very interesting: showing the contact’s preference on the unsubscribe page: The visitor is then able to update its own settings There are multiple categories: 1. show the segments (lists) your contacts belong to 2. communication frequence wished 3. ability to pause communication 4. contact’s categories 5. contact’s favorite communication channel Of course this is to use in case you’re making multi-channel communication from Mautic… Let’s make an example I’ll display all possible options and see what the unscubcribe page looks like… Here is an email I just sent to myself… Let’s click on the unscubscribe link in the footer The unsubscribe page for the contact ‘myself’ is then generated Here we are! I can access all the possible configuration setup The communication frequence is there and the communication channels here also every segment I belong to and I’m able to activate / de-activate my subscription to these segments But now I’d like to display a more ‘user-friendly’ page… getting rid of certain info, and keeping only the relevant segments for targeted emailing campaigns You’re also able to customize the layout of the unsubscribe page to do so, you’ll have to update your template, choosing specifically the Unsubscribe page we have previously released an other tutorial about it you’ll find the link in this video description let’s go back to the settings of the unsubscribe page I’m about to disable some options I don’t want our contacts to see… and only keep the segment preferences meanwhile I keep the contact preference settings I’ve actualized my unsubsribe page: you can notice that I’m only able to see the contact preferences and the segment I belong to Let’s go further and display only specific segment to my contacts… I’ll access to the “unsubscribe contact list” To do that, you have to previously set up a segment showing all contacts that have clicked on the unsubscribe link in your message… Let’s do it in the bar menu ‘segment’ Let’s update this segment And choose in the right bar wether this segment is public or not In case it’s not public, the segment will not be displayed on the unsubscribe page for the contact You can do so on all segments you don’t want to show on the unsubscribe page this will be updated in the unsubscribed page Now only a few segment are actualy “public” and the page counts only the mailing lists that my contacts can subscribe to let’s see how to access to the unsubscribe contacts As I told you previously, you can create a dynamic segment showing all contacts that have unsubscribe to your emailing lists Let’s do it: go back to segment in the left bar menu Create a segment give it a relevant name like “unsubscribe contacts in our case” And add a filter including “email unsubscribe” and set email unsubscribe=yes now let’s see how to re-subscribe a contact for contacts that have unsubcribe but want to subscribe again you’ll have to use a form for that… let’s go to the form settings (left bar component – form) And you can add an action when a contact submit a form here is our example for the Newsletter subscription and update it In the action, chose ‘remove contact from do not contact’ and I’m sure now that in case the contact had unsubscribed before, he won’t belong to the segment ‘do not contact’ any longer Let’s save and close this form, and I’m done! Thank you for watching this tutorial don’t hesitate to scroll down in the description Follow us on our social media to access the next videos And you’ll access all our documentation on support.webmecanik.com

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