– Hey guys, how are you
doing? My name is Robby. This is my craft corner! And today, we’re gonna
be doing some fun magic. Oh, there’s my thumb! (gasping) Whoa, it popped off! Just kidding, it’s still
attached to my hand. Oh boy, let’s hope that their magic tricks are a little better. – [Instructor] Pierce
the candle in the middle with a red, hot needle. Position between two
glasses and light both ends at the same time. The wax melts and drips from
one end, making it lighter, and then does the same for the other end. A perpetual motion machine. – [Robby] So, you guys,
here’s our match stick, here’s our needle. I’m just gonna go ahead and get my pliers and hold this. While I do that, heat up our needle a bit. Now, we have to try and
get it right in the middle. Here we go. Come on, almost all the way through. And, whoo, we did it, perfect, OK! Then we just get our cups just like that. Go ahead and light this end
really quick, looks good. Then we light this end, ah, come back! Yeah, looks good, uh-oh, it is gonna work? It’s not working, oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, it’s working! What, that’s cool, wow! It does take some time
for it to titter-totter but it does appear like
it’s actually working. This is pretty cool, oh, now it’s not. Now it’s just staying normal. Maybe we can offset it a little bit. Oh, oh, it’s still lit, it’s still lit! OK, we’ll try it again. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! OK now it’s not working at all. Oh no, what do we do, what do we do? Oh, this one went out! Oh, no it didn’t, not sure
how I’m feeling about this. It is kind of working. I wonder if it will even out over time. OK, so I put it out,
I’m gonna try, and maybe make a little more even. So right now, this side
is to heavy, so that means that I have to try and
put it more on this side. Maybe that’ll work? Here we
go, is that a little more even? Oh, definitely not, this
might take a few tries. And, nope, come on candle. Ah, I just stabbed myself! I think it’s because this
side is a little thicker than this side, so I’m gonna
go ahead and try to cut some of this off. (upbeat techno music) Maybe that’ll do it? Oh, nope, still too heavy. (upbeat techno music) And, will that do it? Ah, so close! And, here we go! That’s a little more even, OK! Let’s try this, is that gonna work? Oh, oh, is it working? It’s kind of working! Oh, it’s teeter tottering! Here’s what it looks like from this angle. Oh no, it fell! OK, put it right there, and oh my gosh, this is so dangerous! Oh my gosh, is it working? Oh, it’s kind of working! What, wow! This is kind of cool. Well guys, I’m gonna go ahead
and say that this one works. – [Instructor] Cut the card in half. Tape one half to the
back of the main card. This secret pocket is what allows the card to freely move inside the bill. Amazing! – [Robby] OK, so here are our cards. All we gotta do is just cut one in half. Just like that, one two, and done. It’s a little bit off, but it’s fine. Then we go and get our tape,
and just kind of stick it on there, just like that, and, oops. I messed up. And, boom boom, well,
I got it close enough. Oh, I put it on the wrong
side, it’s supposed to be on the other side. I messed it up, I’m sorry! There we go, that makes it a
little easier to tape as well. OK, that looks better, yeah! So we’re gonna be like, what? – [Instructor] Turn the card face down, and unfold the edges of the– – [Robby] OK, I think I understand now. So you grab your bill,
you put it on like that, you fold it in half, just like that. Then you fold it over itself,
then you flip it over. Then you’re like, wow, OK. You unfold it, and, whoa! Nice. Well guys, I guess we
could say this one works. – [Instructor] Place
the coin between the box and the moving part. The coin will fall inside as
soon as the box is closed. Open it again, isn’t it wonderful? – [Robby] OK, so here’s our
match box, here’s our coin. So apparently we just have
to do this, boopity-boo. Then you just go and
open it, there’s no coin! Oh there it is, try it again.
There’s no coin, ah dang it! So, I guess we’ll hid it more, like that. Do I have a smaller coin? I’m gonna try it with a smaller coin. So, do that, put it in. So I guess like that. So you’re like, oh lookit,
there’s no coin in here! Dang I just dropped it. You’re like oh, lookit,
there’s no coin in here! Then you go and close it. And then you’re like wow, there’s a coin! Oh, my gosh! Well guys, I
guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! – [Instructor] Get two plates
and glue a paper pocket to the bottom of each one. Place a coin in each of the plates. The only thing, is that
it takes a bit of training to get it just right. – [Robby] OK, so here are
our plates, here’s our paper. Let’s go ahead and flip these over. Then we’re gonna cut
our little pouch paper. That should be good. Maybe like that. Yes, perfect. Don’t need
any of this any more. Go ahead and double our
plates really quick. I need tape, I can’t find my basic tape so I’m just gonna have to
use this roll of scotch tape. Heavy duty, I’ll give it that. There we go, right there, right there. Same with this bad boy. Yeah looks good, let’s
test these puppies out. Here are my coins, go ahead and throw this bad boy in here, just like that. Another one in here. Ah, it fell out already. There we go, now this one. OK, so one coin here,
one here, and you ready? One, two and, oops, it
didn’t fall out right. Ah, it definitely will
take a little practice. OK, let’s try it again,
you ready? One, two, and, ah, OK, one more time. One two and, three coins! And again! (laughing) Dang it, I have to make
sure that they’re going the right way. OK, one more time, ready?
This is the one to do it. And perfect, and, four, I did it! Woo, well guys, I guess we
can say that this one works! – [Instructor] For this
trick, you’ll need two cardboard semi-circles. Make cones out of them
with the help of some glue. The secret is to slightly
press on the walls of the cone. Gently squeeze the cone and the paper ball will be sucked inside. – [Robby] OK, so here’s
our pieces of paper. Let’s just go ahead and make
this into a cone really quick. Boopity boo, ah! OK, tape that bad boy on, just like that. Yeah, looks good! Now for the next one. Put some tape on that. Messed up, OK. I’m gonna even out the cone a little bit, because I feel like it
looks a little funky. There we go, now for this one. Maybe a little bit smaller, this one. Yeah, perfect, looks good. We’ve got two nice and even cones. Then we just go ahead and make some balls out of paper towels. There we go, yeah there we go. Looks good, boopity boo. And, boopity boo, boof it. Oh, may be a little too big. Yup, they’re both a
little too big. Maybe one? That looks a little better. Where’d it go? OK, let’s do this. So, we just go, and be like,
OK, which one is it under? It’s under this one, see, perfect! Now it’s, not there. OK, it’s not there, see? Oh, there it is again,
maybe I need to like, put tape on these? You’re like, oh, where’d the ball go? It’s right here, just
kidding it’s right there! Just kidding it’s right there! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. – [Instructor] Cover
the glass with a cloth, and place it on top of the coin. Amanesco! The coin is gone. We’ll tell you the secret behind
this magical disappearance. Get a sheet of paper, cut out
a hole the size of the glass. Glue the sheet of paper to the glass. Now, you know where all
that money disappears. – [Robby] OK, so here’s our cup. Here’s our piece of paper,
you didn’t see it did you? And we’re just gonna go ahead and trace a circle on the bottom. OK, yeah looks good. Cut the sucker out. OK, perfect, don’t need all this any more. Then we get our hot glue
gun, just kind of do this. Put it all on the bottom,
ah, It’s getting everywhere. I feel like I don’t
need that much hot glue. So, here we go, just boopity boo. Yeah, looks good! OK, let’s test this sucker out. Here’s our coin, oh, no, it fell off! I just need you to stay on for a second. OK, here’s our handkerchief. Let’s just throw this
on here really quick. Boom, just like that,
OK, then we move it over. One two and, take our handkerchief off, and it should be gone. Ready, one two and, Abadesco. (gasping) It’s gone, there’s no coin to be seen! Yeah, I don’t see it! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! – [Instructor] Put on the
ring, ah, where’s my finger? Get a piece of black EVA
foam, and cut off a slice. Put the ring next to it, hold
the prop between the thumb and the index finger, done! – [Robby] OK guys, so here’s our ring. Our foam, then we just have to
go ahead and cut out a piece that’s like this big, so
I just have to make it kind of match my finger like this. Get a general shape then
we’ll cut the rest out later. Not bad, pretty good for
my first try I’d say. Maybe a little bit smaller now, like that. OK, yeah, looks good, oh like that, OK. So now, I just have to
be like, whoa, whoa. We’ll try it on the
foam, OK, you guys ready? Dang, I wish I had a not as dark ring, then it would work a lot better I think. Anyway, ready? One two and, whoa! Oh my gosh, my finger is disappearing! Wow, that’s pretty good. Whoo, whoo! Well guys, I think we
can say this one works. – [Instructor] Turn the
glasses upside down, fold the dollar bill length
wise in half, and put it on top of the glasses. Then, by sneaking a coin on
top of the end of the bill, voila the bill stays in place. – OK, so here are our two
cups, here is our bill. Then we just apparently
fold it up like that. Yeah! And then without anyone
noticing, you have to put the coin right there. One two and, ah! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. – [Instructor] Fill up a
bottle with water, and place a tennis ball on top. Turn the bottle upside down. Don’t worry, you won’t wet your feet. Because of the pressure
difference, the ball stays firmly in place. – OK, so here’s our bottle. Fill that up with some water. OK, and here’s our ping pong ball. Oh boy, I hope this
doesn’t get everywhere. Put it on there and, (gasping) It’s staying, what, that’s cool, game! I also have this glass
bottle I want to try it with. The opening is a lot smaller, I wonder if it will still work. There we go, ready, here we go. One two and, ah, no, that
definitely doesn’t work. Well guys, I guess overall, we
can say that this one works! – [Instructor] Wrap some
matches along with a pencil and some foil. You should get a kind of a tube. Take out the pencil and
pinch one end of the tube. Place the prop inside a
glass and light on fire the side with the match heads. The smoke pours out like liquid
to the bottom of the glass, and stays there. – [Robby] OK, so here’s our aluminum foil, or if you’re from England, alu-minium. Anyway, here we go, cut off a fresh piece. And, there we go, perfect,
don’t need any of this. Then we get our pencil,
I don’t feel like going all the way to my desk to get a pencil, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and use this Expo marker. You just kinda roll it up, and perfect. Cut that, oh no, I forgot
to add the matches. I’m just gonna do it real
quick and then re-do it. Here are the matches,
put a bunch like this. Yeah, we’re just gonna
try and roll it again. There we go, take this guy out. Then we go ahead and get
our glass, and just kind of, light it on fire. Is it gonna work? (screaming) Oh my God, that’s scary! Well guys, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. It’s also kind of dangerous. Be careful when you do it. This is also how you make match rockets. – [Instructor] Take a
match and light it up. Blow explicitly on the box
and the match goes out. The trick is to snap your
fingers just at the right moment on the match head to
make the flame go out. Make a lot of noise while
blowing to distract the audience. – OK, so here’s our box of
matches, just take this off. So this is gonna take a little
bit of practice, you ready? You light it, and then,
with my fingers like this, I just go, oh it didn’t work. One two and, did that look legit. Did it look real? I’m gonna go ahead and
watch the footage real quick and see if it looks real. I’m gonna go ahead and watch the footage real quick and see if it looks real. Hey Robby, newsflash, it
doesn’t really look that real. But, it’s close enough, so I
guess I’m gonna have to say that with some practice
we can make this one work. – [Instructor] The knot gets
untied inside a towel roll? It’s the power of the magic hole. Cut out a small circle in the roll. Through that hole, you
should be able to hold the string with your
finger, keep it a secret! – [Robby] OK, so I’m actually
all out of empty toilet paper rolls, so it looks
like I’m gonna have to do a little bit of surgery with this guy. OK, come on, just, oh! Perfect, OK. Yeah, well, don’t need that any more. OK, now we just have to make
a little hole in this bad boy. Just big enough for my finger. And we got it, perfect, it fits. OK guys, so here’s our toilet paper roll, here’s our string. Let’s just make a little
loop in this really quick, and boopity boo, perfect,
well maybe a little smaller. Here we go, here’s our
loop, and we’re just gonna go and put it inside,
and, oh. put it inside, and then pull it. No! OK, put it inside and then pull it out. It’s perfect, it works! One more time, OK so we
just get our little loopdy loop, and then we put
it inside, boopity boo, and, it came undone! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! OK guys, now it’s
everyone’s favorite part of the video where we recreate
the thumbnail, whoo! OK, so I think for this all
I really gotta do is this, and then look really surprised,
and let’s do some magic! (gasping) (camera shuttering) That should do it. OK guys, thanks for watching the video, if you like it, make
sure you’re all thumbs up on some of this, find it right down there. If you guys want to watch
me doing more life hacks, magic, and crafts, I
will plug the site of me doing them right here! If you guys are new make sure
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I’ll see you again real soon. Peace love and WiFi. I’m Robby, OK, bye! (screaming)

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