Troubleshooting Memory POST issues on Dell Desktops

This video will discuss how to
troubleshoot memory failures that occur on power-up as well as a technique for
singling out a failed memory stick. Once a memory failure is identified the next step is to isolate the issue to a failed memory stick or slot on the motherboard. In many cases removing the failed memory can restore the computer to operational condition Information on locating and safely
accessing the memory slots for your Dell desktop is available in the on-line
users guides at In this example four memory sticks are
installed in this Optiplex system. With the power disconnected, we will remove half of the system’s memory. Then power the system back on to see if power on the memory failure remains. If it does, as seen here, this indicates
that the memory failure is with one of the remaining sticks or slots. After disconnecting the power again we can remove one of the two remaining sticks then test again. As you can see now the light code was
able to proceed past the memory code we’ve seen previously Which indicates the stick we removed or the slot it was in was generating the failure. To confirm whether the slot or stick is
at fault we can try swapping a functioning memory stick into the suspects slot. If the system continues to complete the
power-on self test we can assume the slot is functioning and the failed memory stick has been identified At this point you may also try reseating
the failed memory stick since it is possible that dust or debris on the contacts caused the failure. For assistance having your Dell components serviced or replaced You may contact Dell technical support. thank you for watching

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