TrashTop Xeon: €170 gaming PC with + super low budget Gaming CPU (Overwatch, PUBG, Destiny 2, more)

This is Xeon CPU from 2007, literally a decade old CPU. When this processor released it retailed for
a hefty $1245 and was meant for servers, workstations or other heavy work application and yet… you can find them online on 2018 for less
than 20 dollars. So. Should you? Is this possible? If this even worth it? Some time ago I released my first two trashtops
videos on which I started building my attempt at a gaming PC using mainly components that
a very dedicated fan had salvaged from trash and donated to the channel. At the end of the second video I released,
which I highly suggest you watch before this one, I had an 8 Gingerbytes DDR2, GTX 570
pc with a Core 2 Quad CPU. While that PC did fantastic on a lot of modern
games the CPU was very obvious it’s weakest point which caused the entire comment section to
erupt in questions regarding using a Xeon So let’s explain something, in its original
state this CPU uses the server-oriented 771 socket, which is different from the 775 on
common consumer motherboards from the time. Because of this, there is a fairly active
community and marketplace for modding these chips so they work on regular 775 sockets
and that is when I move to the next part of this story. CHINA Because by using the power of the internet
I discovered that you can get these chips, pre-modded for 775 sockets for less than 15
euros. WHAT? There is like a ton of listings for these
too! I have tried to do some research about this
and the best explanation I have is that there is an entire market in China for salvaging
CPUs from decommissioned servers or workstations, then modifying the CPUs for consumer equipment
and selling them online. Heck, from what I have read every time a big
company decommissions or upgrades a CPU farm the price of a certain generation of Xeons
drop. So, back at this little guy that I bought
straight from Ali express. This is a Xeon E5460. A 3.16 georgeheartz quadcore CPU that is already
premoded with a couple of extra holes and 2 inverted pins for 775 sockets. Before we can pop this in our GA-P35-DS4 motherboard, one final modification is required. You see Xeons have a bit of a different microcode (that is the firmware of the CPU) than 775 CPUs so a bit of modification is required to ensure system compatibility. I will leave the link to the guide I followed
in the description, but essentially since this motherboard uses the award bios it was a matter of downloading the latest
driver, released in 2009, downloading the 775 and 771 microcode and modifying it over the
command prompt using a tool called cbrom195.exe. Once again, all of this is explained in detail
in the link in the description. Then I had to install the bios using a tool
called @Bios because the tool included with the bios is not compatible with 64-bit windows and the motherboard itself is so old that
it can only be updated directly from a floppy disk. Which is something I will kindly remind everyone
that comments about how this is not obsolete or old hardware. Finally, this whole thing has a TDP or Thermal
Design Point of 120W… quite a bit over our core 2 quad and it has a substantially lower operational
temperature so I hunted local used PC parts for the cooler
master TX3 which cost about 8 euros. Since the previous CPU was about 13 euros
the cooler was virtually the only added expense, making the current referential price around
170 Euros. But what do actually get in terms of gaming? Games like Counter-Strike global offensive
which people keep asking over and over for some reason are just crushed with no problems. Now, using the Intel Core 2 Quad I was able
to play Overwatch at around 45 fps but our Xeon goes above and beyond delivering over
60 fps through a standard match. This… might become one my new Overwatch
PCs. From here on I wanted to try games that had
too high CPU requirements for the intel core 2 quad… like Player Unknown’s Battleground. This game’s rise in popularity and infamy as
an unoptimized benchmark makes it the perfect place to start. But after the lag that always seems to happen
on the first jump the game, running on full 1080 and lowest settings, seem to settle for
around 40 FPS with both the CPU and GPU working very hard. I have seen PCs with twice the budget doing
more or less the same so this is really, really good. Heck, I decide to play an entire match just
to make sure there were no further performance problems… and ended up playing the best
match I have managed to do so far. While I am not much into Destiny 2, it proves
to be another interesting test. The game can be made to work on low-end GPUs
but usually requires a modern CPU to work… but the Xeon does just fine. I will be using the small tweaks from my Destiny
2 video but at full 720 resolution the game performs almost perfectly. If you push to some of the most intense sections
you see it drop occasionally but recover quickly and in general maintain its playable state. But can it run Crysis? (I am getting tired of making that joke) Yes. Yes, it can. And very well it seems. This is Crysis 3 on lowest settings but full
1080 and it is pulling more than 60 fps in most instances and keeping high fps all around. Very impressive so far. Finally the great and mighty Witcher 3 in
1080. This game hit a very hard CPU bottleneck on
the Intel 2 Quad and would stutter constantly, but on the Xeon, it does fine, and the game
stays close to 30 fps. Funnily enough, Witcher 3 is another interesting
way to measure GPU performance if you can meet the minimum CPU requirements and at 1080
this is really good performance. Just cutting resolution to 720p can already
take a long way towards a better experience. And of course, I did run the GTA V benchmarks
on lowest settings to see how far we had gone and in general, the Xeon crushed it, just
having more difficulty on the driving section at the end but in general doing really, really
well. However, not all is perfect and there are
definitive limits to this technique. The infamous Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a
good example. This version of the frostbite engine tends
to have very strong CPU requirements and on the trashtop Xeon, it was a bit of a stuttery
mess with full CPU usage. Not really playable. This motherboard has overclocking capabilities
so there is the possibility we can get more in that front. Problem is the CPU has a very conservative
temperature limit that we are already hitting with our current cooler solution so, I am
going to need something significantly better. So I guess I will leave it at that. What cooler should I use? Let me know in a comment. or you can enjoy this as a written article in the modmy website And thank you if you are on the super cool
Patreon people.

100 thoughts on “TrashTop Xeon: €170 gaming PC with + super low budget Gaming CPU (Overwatch, PUBG, Destiny 2, more)

  1. Yeah and you can get even more fps with that build by putting an also old 256gb SSD from the money you saved from the build and playing the games from the ssd, because its mostly the HDD that struggles with the games, not so much the cpu 🙂 GGWP!

  2. Use the Antec A40 for cooling, it’s very beefy keeping my Athlon II x4 641 at <30 degrees Celsius at idle and it’s very cheap I got mine for $25 AUD brand new so I’m sure you could fine one used for less

  3. If you can I'd sudgest a dual rad aio water cooler, if your strapped for money pretty sure you can get just a larger heat sink. Which may require some modding ; D

  4. But the cooler is not for 771 it is fot 775??? I am trying to find a budget lga 771 cooler pleaae help!
    Good vid once again!

  5. Will Xeon is good for budget pc believe me
    But problem is you need old motherboard
    and ram ..etc
    it is very expensive but maybe you can find best Deal on eBay or aill express
    you cannot upgrade this budget
    It is worth it for budget gaming pc
    Not for editing
    Not for gaming higher end pc
    Not even that

  6. I've overclocked an X5450 to 3.9Ghz with 1.3125 of voltage, not bad…in GTA 5 i had 60 fps with a GTX 1050 Ti…if you overclock this cpu, is very overkill. unfortunately the 775 mobos with pcie 2.0 and ddr3 ram are hard to find…i have an Asus P5K with pcie 1.1, and there is more difference with 2.0 for the 1050 Ti😫

  7. You modded the BIOS, yet the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3(L) and the GA-P35-DS4 are the only motherboards that come with Xeon microcodes from the factory!
    But it's still better to cover it up, for people who might have motherboards that don't have the required microcodes!

  8. I did the same thing to my pc and with a very good result, I got a perfect cooling for it too, it's SilentiumPC Spartan 3 LT HE1012 (SPC145) it doesn't go above 60 celcius now 😁 it is really good idea for a cheap gaming pc

  9. what will happen if you just stick that Xeon CPU in a mother board without updating the microcode? will it break something or cause damage?

  10. If cooling is the limit, a used corsair h100i generally goes for about $50 shipped here in the US, it's one of the cheaper water cooling solutions without giving up any real performance.

  11. Can't believe that my PC costed about 500 dollars seven years ago and right now it's completely useless… And you made a "low budget" PC gaming with the half of what I wasted, omg you're amazing!

  12. it's a great for budget build if you are super low on budget, but once you pair it with high end gpu it will surely bottleneck your gpu by a lot

  13. Its been a year but I have found a deal.
    It is 250 USD
    E5450 @stock
    MSI g41m P28
    8gb ddr3 1333mhz
    Zotac gtx950 oc edition 2gb gddr5
    500w psu

    Is it worth it

  14. Did I make the wrong choice:
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    Asus ex a320
    2-4gb 2400mhz ram sticks
    I-ball cabinet
    Some writer
    HHD . All this for $260
    This trashtop is made for around $190. Both Mine and the Xeon Trashtop's performance is the same. So should I have instead bought this?

  15. Lowspecgamer what powersupply did you use at that time, i found parts similar to yours at under 100$ and i plan on building it

  16. GA-P35-S3L, Premodded E5450 CPU, 8GB DDR2, 550W PSU,
    240GB SSD for boot, second hand GTX610 2GB,
    Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 2TB 256MB Hard Drive – ST2000DM008.
    Running a stable 3.6Ghz and 1600Mhz FSB.
    Memory is factory default 800Mhz. I modded the original bios an easy

    Perfect for everyday office use and youtube.

  17. Que fuente estas usando con el xeon? Yo estoy teniendo problemas de voltaje con una genérica de unos 460w

  18. I'll do you one better, I'm attempting to build a PC better than this one for free using parts I've found in e-waste dumpsters. The rules are simple, if I can use it I keep it. If I can't use it but it's worth something then I put it on Ebay and use the money to buy what I need. So far I have a working system with a Xeon X3470, 4gb of DDR3, 160gb HDD, 450W PSU, DVD burner, windowed case, a legit copy of Windows 10, and around $27 cash. I still have another complete PC to sell which should give me around $100 to upgrade it more. Well see how far I can get playing this game but in the end 8gb of ram, an SSD, and an RX 470 seems doable.

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