Transferring Between a Bluetooth Device and an HP Computer Running Windows 10 | HP Computers | HP

Transfer photos, music, and other files between an Android or iOS device and an HP computer running Windows 10 using Bluetooth. On your Windows 10 computer, select the Start button, and then select Settings. Select Devices, and then select Bluetooth
or Bluetooth and other devices. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled and your device is paired and connected to your computer. If your device is not paired, select Add Bluetooth or other device and follow the onscreen instructions. Select Send or receive files via Bluetooth. Select Send files to send a file from the
computer to a Bluetooth device. Select the device to send the file to, and
select Next. Select Browse and navigate to the file. Open the file, and then select Next. To receive a file from a Bluetooth device, select Receive files. On your Bluetooth device, navigate to and
select the file to transfer. Send the file via Bluetooth to your paired
computer. If prompted, select Next when the file transfer completes. Select Browse, and then select the folder
to save the transferred file. Select OK to save the file in the selected
folder. With the transfer complete, select Finish to close the Bluetooth file transfer window.

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