3 thoughts on “TORNADO SCIENCE & SUPER COMPUTERS – Tornado Footage compared with Simulations

  1. Hey Pecos Hank, Y'all had Said that R.F.D. Doesnt seem to lead to the Maintenance/ and or Strengthening of a Tornado…
    Maybe A stupid Question, (Sorry Ahead of this) , But Then What would RFD Really do for a Tornado? I was always under the assumption that when You get RFD Winds, (As in one of my OklahomaChase Video's on my Youtube Page in 2017 showed)
    , That You would soon most likely get a More Dominant & Strengthened Supercell/and or tornado, if on Ground, Or even maybe A higher Chance for Tornadogenesis.
    So like… Does RFD Now mean …Well, NOTHING?
    Sincerely, Rockie Corbett,

  2. My Goal in life- to be more like Pecos Hank or Reed Timmer as far as- Love going to Work and do something I absolutely Love! Never was good at school but I have Studied Wx for Years. Even have Studied and I try to analyze Dropsonds & Weather Balloon Soundings/Computer Models Weekly. I soon to hope in 5 years to Travel more during Spring and Make a Living somehow doing what I feel I was out on this earth to do. Thank you for always Inspiring and more importantly, educating us.

  3. The two layers with the original footage and the model wind streamlines on top of it after 11:40 is so damn awesome.

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