Top 10 Computer Rules (NEVER Break These!)

How’s it going guys I’m ThioJoe and today’s video should be pretty straightforward It’s gonna be ten different “rules” that you should follow Anytime you’re using a computer or you might find yourself coming up against a bunch of different problems And so it should be pretty helpful. Maybe you’ve heard some of these before. I know a couple of them I beaten in to ya’ plenty of times, but it’s always good for a refresher. So let’s get started First up, this one’s extremely important and I know you guys have heard it before but I also know that many of you probably Still haven’t followed it So I’m gonna beat it in to ya’ even further and that is always backup and ideally use off-site backup So if you’re not backing up at all You’re just setting yourself up for trouble. If you have at least an external hard drive or something, that’s even better But if you get your home broken into you have a fire or flood or something like that Then that backup might be gone just as much as the main computer So ideally you have some sort of cloud backup. These services are not very expensive stuff like Backblaze Carbonite these things are like 50 bucks a year And then it’s all unlimited backup on to the cloud and then you don’t have to worry about anything so off-site backup super ideal and at least some sort of backup or else you’re just Really stupid to be honest next up number two. This one has to do with Wi-Fi and that is beware public Wi-Fi hotspots Now this isn’t going to be as much of an issue once WPA3 type security comes out Which is probably going to be over in the next couple years But as of now always be suspicious and ideally don’t use public Wi-Fi hotspots at all And that’s because most of your data has to be sent in the clear unencrypted so anyone around you can intercept Everything that’s going between you and that Wi-Fi hotspot Now there’s of course extra encryption on some websites They use HTTPS so you’re not completely screwed But I would never use a public Wi-Fi hotspot unless you absolutely had to and if you do have to then always use something like a VPN which will encrypt all your traffic and at least protect you in that respect Number three another one that probably most people are not doing out of convenience and that is use unique Passwords on every single website. No, seriously every single website if you need me to explain this again The reason is if you use the same password on every single website all it takes is one of those Websites to have their database breached and stolen and then they’re going to have hackers That are literally going to sell that database online and you’re gonna have a whole bunch of different hacker groups Literally using bots trying out all the different email and password Combinations that they just bought in that fresh new stolen database and they’re gonna try it on all sorts of different websites Including like email websites or bank websites And if you are using the same account on your forum some random forum as you are on your bank Well, they’re gonna obviously go for that weak forum. Get all the data they need and get into any other higher security website So just don’t do it. You want to have unique things on every single site so you’re not exposed All right, next up number four. This one’s pretty obvious and that is updates are your friend They may seem annoying when Windows tries to update automatically, but everybody knows if they didn’t kind of force you to update Maybe you never would and the reason you need to keep things up to date is because it’s literally keeping 99% of all the hacking opportunities that hackers use at bay because without updates you’re gonna have Exploits that hackers can use to literally hack into your computer through your web browser or whatever Even if you don’t do anything They’re using an exploit so they can take advantage of the software no matter what Security conscious knowledge you have if you’re the safest website user ever But that web browser has an exploit or that operating system has an exploit they can take advantage of it You’re still gonna get hacked unless you keep things up to date and kind of relate to that quick One number five guys use an antivirus you really do need one and that’s just kind of like a last Defense in case there is some sort of exploit and antivirus especially one with Internet Security will be able to block Attempts often times before they even come into contact with the computer You may think you don’t need antivirus, but that’s the state of modern security You have to worry about the things that you aren’t doing yourself and instead worry about things that the operating system isn’t defending you from. Alright number six I’m gonna call this one a rule because it is something that I think everyone should use and that is the nightlight mode that is now built into basically every single Operating system mobile and desktop. So if you’re not familiar nightlight mode or on IPhones called a night shift. This is basically a feature that allows you to Filter out the blue light at night so in Windows you can go into the settings if you search for night light mode or night mode and You can set it to automatically turn on at night. It’ll dim the screen so it doesn’t keep you awake on iphone This is also a feature it’s called night shift as I said on Android. It’s called nightlight, I believe and on Mac It’s the same night shift mode. So every operating system you’re using has this built right in if you’re using Desktop and you want something a little bit more robust. I would highly suggest F.lux, it’s a great program. Does the same thing you might have a little bit more control over it? I almost guarantee You will have a lot better sleep and you won’t be kept up all night If that’s a problem you have just from staring at the computer and it’s kind of funny after you use this you won’t even notice This shift after a while, but if you turn it off, it’s gonna be like blinding your face It’s kind of funny and you’ll realize: “God, how was I using a computer so late in the night without this?” Alright, so moving on number seven. This one’s more of a common-sense rule and that is really on the internet You’ll always have to be suspicious of everything at all times There’s so much stuff out there. That isn’t even necessarily a virus It’s just like junk That you have to watch out for that might be advertised and it doesn’t even work Try just trying to take your money and it’s a garbage product so always any time you see something that is telling you to do this or that even Perhaps this video always do like a Google search and verify things to say search the product name scam or product name reviews and Always look at multiple review sites. I mean this is probably pretty common sense, but especially on the Internet There’s so many avenues for just junk out there that you really have to verify things several times over and yes of course that does include things especially like pop-ups. If you get a pop up saying Oh, you have a virus through your internet browser That should send up a red flag that yeah, that’s not supposed to happen. Usually the operating system is not going to tell you Oh, you have a virus? It’s gonna be like your Windows Defender software or whatever antivirus you have so just be vigilant and I encourage you anytime you are unsure of something Google it and see what the problem is. You might be surprised by how much information is out there about stuff that you have No idea what it is. Anyway, moving on to number eight. This is pretty much a universal Misconception and that is people just kind of accept that their computer is going to get slow over time And I’m here to tell you that if your computer gets slow over the course of several years and isn’t running as fast as it Was it’s because it’s full of crap. It’s because you installed a lot of stuff you don’t use anymore You have a lot of startup programs that are now running in the background even if you can’t see them there’s services so you can absolutely get your computer running like new if you go into the task manager and you go to the startup settings and You remove things that are starting up that you know You’re not using or if you have someone who knows how to do a reformat of your computer I would not recommend doing that by yourself. If you don’t know what it is. You’re basically wiping the hard drive So if you have someone that knows how to do that You might have to go to a computer store and they’ll charge you money. But if you are just saying oh my computer slow I have to buy a new one. That’s not necessarily true Another great thing you could do is buy an SSD and I can almost guarantee you SSDs will keep your computer running like new for way longer because Even if you do load it up with crap, then it does not really affect performance Whereas a hard drive it gets fragmented, you fill it up with crap It has to search through the whole hard drive and it’s full a bunch of nonsense You probably understand that already But there is ways to get your computer running you just to understand that of course that’s beyond the scope of this video You’ll just have to look that up I’ve made other videos about that in the past that you can find. Now number nine this one kind of ties into several ones I’ve already talked about and that is if you have a computer problem if you come up against an error message that you’ve don’t understand, Don’t just throw your hands up and say I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know what this is Google it. I always guarantee you that almost any error message You ever come across you can google it and there will at least be someone else posting What does this error message mean if there’s not a dedicated article on some website about how to fix that error message? So google it that is 99% of what tech support people do if you weren’t aware that’s like the dirty secret in IT is They’re just googling it themselves so you can save yourself a lot of time a lot of effort and waiting on support tickets if you just do Google search this error and that code or even what it says if it’s meaningless to you it might mean something very Significant and the good thing is there might be people who had this error message five years ago and on the forum They solved it and now you can get it without having to call up tech support or whatever All right. Now finally number 10. This is one I would consider a golden rule of the internet You may have heard me mention this one before and this is particularly for people who Post a lot on social media they tend to complain They post a lot of comment section and they just kind of like to share their opinion And that is the golden rule of the internet. Remember this one? No one cares You need to understand this no one cares about your problems As much as you, so you can interpret this a lot of ways you might interpret this Ah, ha ha very funny number 10, or you could say hmm, maybe No one really does care and I should solve my problems for myself instead of putting them on other people and complaining you can really interpret this a Lot of ways and that’s why I would consider it a golden rule and it really is a golden rule and that’s something I tell A lot of people if they complain to me about something that they don’t like that I did I tell them I don’t care Okay and you shouldn’t care what other people say and complain to you about and this is especially so on the Internet because You cannot possibly care about the billion other people on the internet and if you did, you would literally go crazy. And the reason I wanted to make this rule is because it does seem like these days People do care what other people on the internet think and it’s just not healthy. So that’s gonna be my number ten So hopefully you guys did find these rules helpful And I know a lot of these are just kind of refreshers, but it’s always good to get Refreshers on these rules because they are pretty much essential So if you guys have your own rules of the internet and rules of the computer, let us know down in the comments I’m sure there are some good ones that will certainly be helpful And if you did like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you want to subscribe I make a couple Of new videos every week. So thanks so much for watching guys. I’ll see you next time. Have a good one

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  1. I just work out of OneDrive. What's the point of backup if you get 1TB of cloud storage that you can just work off of when you get Office 365?

  2. The #1 rule of the internet is so old that I actually learned it about 35 years ago while BBSing (Google it) – DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!!!!

  3. Rule 10-B: Don't Feed the Trolls
    Rule 11: You Don't Need a NASA PC and in most cases neither a "Gamer PC"
    Rule 12: Save Money You really do not need a MAC
    Rule 13: "Sally" does not live 2 miles and does not want to meet you either
    Rule 14: School PCs are not for testing viruses
    Rule 15: You can not, nor want; Do everything with your phone or tablet. [computers, cameras, and video games exist for something]
    Rule 16: Stay away from Rule 34 [Do not search: Bayonetta Memes (seriously)]
    Rule 17: The navigation history from time to time must be cleaned (not only when you're looking for certain things)
    Rule 18: If you're supposed to be watching a video, why do you read comments?

  4. I need help i got a meme from my friend from disc i know him in real life and as i clicked to see it it put me in a website but i closed it immidietly next week i opened my pc and i put my pass but bullguard my anitvirus said it blocked a infected file what dat mean im stupid i never got a virus so idk
    Edit the fild is called 01clicknow.Exe now its in quartine now and blocked im safe????? And i cant veven find it to delete it

  5. If you have a windows 8 or 10 system you dont really need antivirus. Believe it or not windows defender works very well. I've been running it exclusively since the time win 10 came out and have had no viruses or hacking attempts. Using common sense online and having windows up to date is really all you need anymore, especially since windows and other antivirus software tend to use the same databases for virus definitions, and many browsers have built in security

  6. I disagree. I strongly recommend that everyone learns how to do a clean OS install. It's super easy and hard to screw up. Actually with windows all you need to do is download the Windows [your version] media creation tool, plug in the USB, select "install on a different computer" select the usb, and it will create the media for you. Then find out how to get into the boot menu for your computer (usually press F8 at startup), boot from the USB and follow the instructions.

  7. SSDs are more susceptible to slowing down when full wtf?

    Edit for rule 10: I care when you say things that patently false.

  8. @1:05
    "… and then you don't have to worry about anything" … other than a security breach on the cloud service, and trusting that every file you sent them is in the hands of who knows who?

    — Was encryption used?
    — How strong was the encryption?
    — How strong is the password/passphrase that you used, to encrypt the data that you uploaded to a supposedly trusted service.
    — Do you trust the cloud service to not have a back-door key to get at your files? They might be forced to have one, by law, for national security reasons, and by law, forced to keep that key a secret from the public.
    — Is the encryption / back-up program open source, or an already compiled, proprietary code that could be executing who knows what on your PC?
    — In the event that you need to do a full restore of your data (your PC is unbootable), how do you retrieve your backup from the on-line service?

    By backing up your data to a local, connected, external hard drive, you will have none of the above issues. But for full protection, you will want to keep that backup at a second location (in case of a burglary, flood, fire, etc), so that all of your eggs are not under one roof.

  9. #11: Never trust a computer that you cannot toss out of a window.

    As to the other rules:
    #1: Easily achieved when you have your VM that you are working in that you can back up. In case of a disaster, just put it back on disk (could require reinstalling Domain-0 if the entire disk decides to go out to lunch).
    #2: As already mentioned, a VPN can help greatly (best implemented using a server that you own or have rented).
    #3: Should be a no-brainer. An offline list is a great aid (and if you'd like to take it one step further, use two-factor authentication or OPIE if available).
    #4: Also a no-brainer. apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade suffices when using Debian – plus it doesn't have to repeatedly reboot your box.
    #5: I'm using Linux, and during the 19 years that I'm using it I haven't needed an antivirus for even a single day. However, if you are using Windoze and want to harden yourself against disaster, I'd recommend installing it in a VM (do a VGA passthrough if you intend to play games) so you can easily pull a backup of the entire VM. In case of disaster, just restore from your backup and resume your work.
    #6: Better solution: Shut the device down altogether or blanket it —> No light emitted at all!
    #7: Should be a no-brainer. Not following this either subverts #5 or leads directly to #8.
    #8: With Debian: apt-get purge <package>; apt-get autoremove –purge does the trick to get rid of it. If you are installing from a tarball, dump the output to a file that you can use in a script to undo the install (and also make backups of any files being overwritten).
    #9: Helps in 99.9% of all cases.
    #10: That's why social media are normally a total waste of time (currently considering to shut down my FB account)…

  10. I deactivated windows defender and i dont use an ativirus for 2 years now, never had a virus

  11. Updates are also your enemy. This is the reason why it is annoying when software, including Windows, updates automatically… Windows updates have been known to break the operating system, or cause other major problems.

    It's why I deliberately broke the autoupdate system in Windows and I'll download updates myself manually… No less than two weeks after the update release.

  12. i don't understand, in every single website is secure to put the same password? in all the sites that i'm registered for example?

  13. Updates are not usually going to stop you being hacked hacker s use the same loopholes in the windows os as Microsoft do to steal your data to sell to 3rd party s don't believe me read the terms and conditions of windows 10

  14. Rule #11: If, after cleaning and removing all junk etc, your machine is idling with higher than 30% RAM usage, you probably need to upgrade your entire system.

    It indicates that standard usage has higher requirements than the system was designed for and your motherboard won't support the hardware required to free up system clocks.

  15. Add this rule; always have an advertisement blocker so no advertisements show on your computer, and then you won't get scammed by an advertisement. I even have on myself and it works

  16. so this is why in your computer quiz you said that we musn't follow you on twitter because you don't care

  17. 1. Don't have anything I need to backup
    2. wpa3 isn't as secure as you may think it is
    3. yeah kinda, but if sites aren't hashing passwords, you shouldn't be using them.
    4. I'm good.
    5. Nope
    6. Nah
    7. Always
    8. Not really…
    9. Always
    10. True

  18. rule 3? I use same passwords because I can forget my unique passwords, but, I don't want get hacked T_T but, whatever 🙂

  19. 4:05 i dont need to: without system32 virus, no antivirus needed! most viruses need system32 to infect your computer.

  20. not an expert here but did work in a repair shop, you also need spyware software, 2 good ones are Malwarebytes and Super anti spyware.

  21. from what I learned working in a repair shop is to run both an antivirus and spyware software. do a weekly scan, the free software is pretty good protection such a s AVG and Malwarebytes but you need to click on it open it & run weekly scans. Another good software is CCleaner.

  22. Buddy was pretty salty in this video. Bunch of "common sense" and throwing up his hands. Geez buddy, sorry somebody forced you to make a YouTube video 🙄

  23. when i made passwords i made them with 6 digits but the websites updated and now only allow 8 digits so if anybody wants to hack my password they cant because they think nobody has made a password under 6 digits or something? idk

  24. 0:52 Problem with these cloud back-up services (at least with Backblaze anyway, that's the only one I've tried) is that they want to back-up absolutely everything on all drives – they don't give you any choice which stuff you want backed up, which can be a pain with Backblaze nagging you every time you connect / disconnect external drives to the computer. Also, there's no way to pick and choose which stuff you'd like restored back from the cloud in the event of loss of data. Again, you have to restore absolutely everything – not ideal!

  25. I do some support for friends and family, but I always have them watch this video as a condition. And I'll test that they've actually watched it.

  26. LOL Un registered at more than 100 websites! And i always have turned night light mode on also if not night LOL

  27. I watched 3:15 of this and saw how stupid you think people are. It's 2018/19 Joe, not 1998. Everyone over 12 knows all of this.

  28. My computer a 2010 Lenovo H410 is still running good. I just upgrade the CPU from Intel E5700 to Intel C2D Q8300 and the RAM from 2GB to 4GB and its video card to Nvidia 9500GT. I'm planning to upgrade the storage to SSD sometime in the near future.

  29. Caring about how others view your postings is quite normal. Don't you care about how people react to your videos? Sure you do. You're only human. More importantly, it's good business practice. We all love positive feedback. And often critical feedback can be constructive.

  30. Helpful tip.
    All of the api's uses certain resources that are compiled into Dll format and cannot be reverse engineering, In this case anti virus software cannot read all internal code therefore it will throw what’s called “ false positive virus alert” Their are hundreds of people who rely on WeAreDevs api to successfully make an exploit. You can read their forums for more info.

  31. I just love how the building I work in is basically a giant Faraday cage that blocks mobile data meaning you have to use their wifi to get internet. Oh also it's all open and unsecure. And also also: it blocks use of VPNs… -_-

  32. Cloud backup sorry.. but no not never.
    Junk like Windows 9 1O
    Slow because of junk like Windows9 1O
    #10 actually just give your opinion/ question and take everything with a grain of salt you'll rarely be led astray or left not knowing.

  33. 0 of these are rules to never brake, nothing bad will happen if you don’t follow all of them only a few are good ideas. Only one I use: antivirus software

  34. I don't use any other antivirus except windows defender. This is more due to the fact that my laptop is for music recording and mixing etc. Hasn't failed me yet I suppose!

  35. Rule 10: its the Golden rule of not just the internet but Life!!
    Advise and sympathy is nice but ultimately….only you can solve it yourself.
    Basically stop whining and do something about it!!

  36. updates are a load of Crap when you're using XP Pro in 2019 so i switch that stuff off and viruses hardly ever happen although some adware does get through but i use ADWcleaner to get rid of those and Glary Utilities for the usual cleanup , but of course if i was wealthy i'd have a way better system and i'd be up to date using Win 10 , and i'd be more out to trust what you're saying but for now Blah Blah Blah your words are for the Elite

  37. Don't say google it…..the internet does NOT belong to those clods….say do an internet search and DON'T use scroogle as your search engine

  38. If it makes you feel better then you can say "no one cares" but it is not true. People almost certainly don't care in the way in which people often think they do, but people do indeed care in various different ways. It is similar to when people suggest that: "You cannot change people's minds…" oh yes you can! 🙂 It won't be quick and it is not like "reprogramming" someone but if you present an argument that is effective then people will shift/ alter their perspectives in varying degrees.

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