Tony Tornado GOT A $3,000 GAMING PC!

hello this is tony tornado if you like my video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to share it around with your friends and most importantly leave a comment down below i want to hear what your thoughts are what’s going on everyone on youtube it’s tony tornado um i know things have been crazy lately but got a surprise for everybody um i decided that i’m gonna try and work through this depression shit and just try that is the best i can guys for you is try cause it’s hard so um i got a computer i did i got a computer you can see it right there um guys i wanna tell you something real quick to this was not a cheap price at all for this computer this thing very expensive and the only reason i was able to get it is because when i went into the store it’s the fry’s store in Las Vegas um i got a credit card so well store card whatever same it’s a little visa store card for them you can only use it for products in there store so i got fortunate with that that card took most of the bill and then i have to pay some cash but um but i will be doing a video after this about fry’s about my experience at fry’s because it was very very very um bad i’ll just say that but um so yeah let’s get this thing let’s get this thing open so you guys can see it i wanted you guys to see this thing before look at this guys for anyone that knows computers that graphics card is insane GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti and then here is the front of it with the fans it’s beautiful computer these glass i had it all built at fry’s like i said glass the glass comes off with these bolts here it’s really nice i mean the the pieces that are in this thing guys you just i’m never gonna have problem with Twitch streaming or anything again i’m never gonna have issues with Twitch streaming or um anything like that again cause guys for everyone by the way if your not following my Twitch you should links down below but um i was doing Twitch streams to and i guess it’s kinda a good thing to that i went i hate to say that because it doesn’t sound right but i guess it’s kinda good thing i went so crazy and destroyed the computer because the guy told me at the store that there is so much stuff in this computer that it’s literally never gonna lag on stream no matter this thing and it all lights up wait till you see this thing all light up i’m plug it in right now so you guys can see it all lit up you guys ready lets plug it in alright so i think i got it all hooked up lets hit the power button and see maybe i hit this button there is goes woo awesome so if you guys can’t tell it’s it’s got neon lighting on it where’s that remote at i had it oh it’s right here there we go so i can set this to any color i want isn’t this awesome and then the front all lights up like the fans like up to i mean look at this thing guys this thing is just beautiful this this thing blows my old computer to bits i hate to say that but it does this blows my old computer to bits i mean this is absolutely insane um i never ever get anything like this ever for myself so ever like i never i don’t think i’ve ever owned something this nice in my life like this computer is beautiful wow i mean it’s just the lighting in it to that just makes me look at it i’m just like woah look at this computer wow and the fans and everything i wonder if the back lights up to does the back light up yeah the back lights up to just a little bit over there wow that is insane holy crap that ladies and gentlemen is a computer wow oh my goodness wow so okay well i’m not i’m not as mad as i was when i destroyed the computer um wow this is awesome this is awesome i don’t think we are gonna have any problems with Twitch or anything else like that any live streaming we do through Youtube nothing nothing at all this computer is just amazing wow i’m sorry i’m like my mind is blown right now let’s like look at all the different and see the remote you can make it anything you want wow this is awesome i’ll just keep it green cause it looks the best to me this is awesome wow oh man guys okay i’m actually kind of happy now this is awesome um i never get myself anything like this like i said i never buy myself anything like this this is insane wow oh man sorry guys i’m just like stunned right now um so anyway the computer it like i said i built it at fry’s um i want everyone to stay tuned for the next video because i did tell myself that i would do this even tho i don’t i don’t want to do this video after this one i’m going to do a video talking about my experience at fry’s because it was so terrible it was absolutely insane and fry’s is one of my favorite stores of all time guys so this is gonna be kind of a hard video for me to even do but when i do it i just i don’t know i didn’t want to have to do it to and i just like i said i just came home with this thing and spend a few days over there fooling around with it so well ladies and gentlemen with all that being said this is crazy i’m just shocked i mean i can’t take my eyes off it this is i never had something i don’t think i ever had anything is nice before in my life besides my Grand National but like nothing brand new i never had nothing new like this like this is crazy like this is insane just wow just unbelievable wow man jeeze um like i said before though guys i’m gonna work really hard to try and get through all this depression stuff um I’ve been going through a lot of shit lately and this this kinda softens the blow a little bit this this makes it to where it’s not as bad i hope i hope that i can use this this is a very powerful tool now this computer hopefully i can use this to make great videos for you guys everything can be amazing now and i hate to say this but i’m kinda glad that i snapped and broke that computer now cause i didn’t think it’s weird like i don’t know how things like technology like this kinda stuff is sometimes and like i had no idea how much more i could upgrade on the computer i had vs what in this computer now like this computer is like a whole different almost time frame like like it’s literally like from seventy’s to two thousand almost like that’s the difference like wow i am just stunned right now i just can’t take my eyes off it but anyway guys the next video is gonna be about fry’s and my horrible experience there even though i did get this computer i’m glad i got it at fry’s um but it was absolute terrible experience and i’m gonna talk about that in the next video just nonstop is gonna be about that so um yeah so ladies and gentlemen um i’m actually really this makes me feel a lot better i’m glad i made the decision to buy this computer now and do Youtube and well i have all my other online jobs to so that’s why i needed a computer i needed something that was gonna work and i figured if i was gonna go that far with it i might as well get something that i can Twitch stream on and something just just an overall huge upgrade on what i had even though the computer was still really nice um i’m excited so alright um ladies and gentlemen my name is Tony Tornado we will one day build the biggest Youtube channel of all time and I absolutely positively love my subscribers thank you guys so much

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  2. You know Tony I like to give you a little bit of advice one door closes another one opens maybe it was meant for you to destroy that computer so look at you now you're a lot happier and you got a better computer so all-in-all I daresay it's a win-win for you so hopefully you could be a little bit more happier live it were nicer to Samantha and others around you man I don't know if this is all for entertainment value I hope it is because I hope you're not that kind of a person towards your to Samantha anyway I hope you have a good life and hopefully your videos will be a little bit more better a little bit more funnier but I'm glad you're happy with your new computer so lesson learned Sometimes You Gotta Lose to gain

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