This Is Why Dating Naked Was Canceled

The title tells you pretty much everything
you need to know about Dating Naked, a reality show that aired on VH1 between 2014 and 2016. Singles flew to tropical locales, stripped
nude, then went on jet-skiing and horseback-riding dates in their birthday suits. But while the premise got a lot of buzz, the
ratings didn’t, and the show was canceled after only three seasons. Here are some of the issues that left Dating
Naked in the dumps. Feeling the sting The tropical locales where Dating Naked filmed
were home to swarms of mosquitoes. When the show first premiered, host Amy Paffrath
told USA Today about shooting in Panama: “The bugs are insane. We have all been eaten alive. We’ve tried everything. […] My remedy is wearing pants.” As for the contestants who couldn’t wear pants,
Amy said, “They’ve got bug bites in interesting places.” If itchy welts below the belt aren’t bad enough,
imagine getting a sunburn there too. Season 2 star Kerri told the Tampa Bay Times
that her co-star Chris fell victim to, quote, “Gnarly burns [on his rear].” Parental guidance Parents were completely appalled by Dating
Naked, and it was about more than just the nudity. The prime-time television show was rated TV-14,
a fact that the Parents Television Council watchdog group called “downright disgusting.” They pointed out that graphic conversations
about everything from genital jewelry to sexual encounters were common on the show. Meanwhile, conservative group One Million
Moms argued, “Even though the frontal body parts are blurred
out, showing so much skin leaves nothing to the imagination.” Both groups hit VH1 in the wallet by pressuring
advertisers to boycott the show. And it worked… Pulling out It wasn’t long before advertisers started
dropping like flies. Mondelez, the parent company of brands like
Oreo and Chips Ahoy, claimed to have had no idea their ads were even running on the show. According to AdAge, a representative for the
company reportedly told the PTC, “We have directed our media partner to ensure
that we do not run advertising for any of our brands on this program in the future.” Other brands who reportedly pulled out included
Dial and Right Guard. PTC President Tim Winter said, “By the end of the season more than 90 percent
of the show’s corporate advertisers were gone – proving once again that without advertising
dollars, television networks cannot afford to keep harmful content on the air.” The infamous cam’ Dating Naked’s cameras caught a lot of skin
– and even went so far as to employ a ” cam” during activities such as kayaking or
bicycling. While it’s not a complete surprise, many found
it distasteful. PopSugar’s Maggie Pehanick pointed out, “Whether horseback riding, paddleboarding,
or riding a bike, we were exposed to the most violating of camera angles.” Turns out not everyone wants to see “it”
from every angle. The ” wedding” Dating Naked wrapped Season 1 with a clothing-optional
wedding. “Duh-nuh-duh-nuh” But it turns out the ceremony wasn’t legally
binding. Despite its billing as a wedding by VH1, “bride”
Ashley told Entertainment Weekly it was a commitment ceremony, saying, “I don’t think you need a document […] to
say that you care for someone.” “Groom” Alika didn’t even tell his parents
about the big day, claiming, “My mom’s really Christian. She’ll be like, ‘You’re going to go hell! You need to pray to Jesus tonight!'” Too nude for comfort Jessie Nizewitz, who appeared in Season 1,
sued VH1’s parent company, Viacom, for a whopping $10 million in 2014, after her uncensored
thing accidentally snuck into prime time television. While the show is all about nude dating, contestants’
privates are typically blurred. But Nizewitz’s parts appeared for a split
second during a bout of wrestling. A New York judge ruled in 2015 to dismiss
her case and even required her to pay Viacom’s legal fees. According to Entertainment Weekly, Viacom
claimed that she’d signed a contract stating that: “She would participate and be filmed fully
[and] that the footage could be exhibited and distributed without restriction.” The show gets dumped While Dating Naked hasn’t aired on VH1 since
2016, the network never came out and said it was canceled. Instead, VH1 President Chris McCarthy implied
that it didn’t fit with his channel’s plans for the future. McCarthy told Deadline in 2017, “We would like the opportunity at some point
to reinvent it, but for right now we felt the shows and assets that we have made more
sense as we head into the year.” Ratings bomb Despite all the drama surrounding Dating Naked,
the show’s ultimate demise might have been pretty simple – not enough people tuned in. Entertainment Weekly reported in 2014 that
the show’s hugely hyped premiere only enticed about 800,000 viewers. That number never improved throughout the
run. Ultimately, while an endless parade of young,
hot, singles generated a lot of buzz, it just wasn’t enough to make people watch. Sounds like a case of: no shirt, no shoes,
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100 thoughts on “This Is Why Dating Naked Was Canceled

  1. People are so uptight about nudity. we are born nude and i sorry a part of she sercet part got show for a few sec nut that a nude show get use to it

  2. I hate that America is extremely uptight. It's a damn body. The UK has a show called Naked Atrraction, it's great!

  3. conservatives love censorship. don't let the "rational skeptics" of youtube fool you. they're full of shit. they're not in favor of free speech at all.

  4. I miss the show. I hate people who are uptight about nudity on tv. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You don’t need to ruin it for the people who aren’t uptight. I’m not a nudist but I don’t care if there’s a show where the premise is nudity. Big deal. There are bigger problems in the world than nudity on tv.

  5. Dating naked was actually tame. Even bland. The show was bogged down by the tense feelings our culture has toward sexuality as well as being forced to be bland with mindless gossipy conversations by people you know are not that dopey. It was overall ok.

  6. Really doubtful that OneMillionMoms had as much to do with it as they think, it was already a low viewed show.

  7. When are those geniuses who make those "reality" shows going to learn that watching censored nudity is like taking a shower with a raincoat on?

  8. All nudity and sex is a serious mortal sin! Inside or outside of marriage! Even talking about it is also a mortal sin!

  9. This show failed because it forced fed the populace inclusive interracialist propaganda. Blonde Aryans were deliberately matched with Negroes and this only provoked disgust in Mid-Western and Southern communities.

  10. I don't understand why with all the channels you still have morons saying that they had to be watch and be subjected to a show they don't like. If I don't like a show, I turn the channel. Seems simple enough to me. Unless you like being miserable.

  11. I really liked this show. Hate that it got cancelled, but Naked and Afraid is still on ? I guess its cool to be naked on tv as long as the contestants are unattractive and not trying to date each other, SMH

  12. I don't understand why no one liked it. It put people in such a vulnerable place, it show'd people's true selves. Since it's been taking off and knowing the reasons why, only shows even more truths on how people see through there bias first interpretations that it verifies that dumbness in our culture.

  13. who wants to watch a bunch of heavily sensord people run around naked and talk about what you can't see now if it was un censored and not so focused on the crotch it might have done well

  14. Why would anyone want to watch "Dating Naked" when there are plenty of "porn" websites?? no wonder there was a lack of interest for this show

  15. In Australia we had American, Dutch, German and a couple of other countries' versions. The American show was the only one that had blurred bits, the others showed everything, but didn't dwell on them, so a lot more natural.

  16. I don't have VH1 and have, therefore, never seen it on TV but, for goodness sakes, where is the harm in seeing naked people? After all, we were born naked, our very distant ancestors were naked and there are still tribes around who are naked all the time. I also find it hypocritically when so called documentaries show completely naked tribes people and nobody complaints as this is supposed to be educational.

  17. let me tellyou something … who are these people who think they can tell us what we can and cannot watch…. its insane, these ignorant people think they know what is better for US than WE KNOW for ourselves…. need a new system of government… very unfair

  18. Talk about dumbing down the masses. Most people don't know where Antarctica is, and this is what they want to watch.

  19. no Dating naked can survive if naked and afraid can see just produce all spraying equipment for Bugs and show walking, Talking and all just nothing private i'm in wheelchair but i walk and i would like to try and people may watch if they new wheelchair and injured people like that was on. it would interest them.

  20. The "truth" is: it was just a self-aware, uncomfortable, sexist, juvenile, bad, dumb show — a Frankenstein monster mash-up of the worst aspects of The Bachelor, Big Brother, The Real World, Love Connection, etc. without being targeted at any specific group (even as a nudist, I thought it was pointless). Nudity was ALL it had so the show couldn't be justified, especially by making such an issue about nudity by blurring (a frustrating tease, instead of organic "being", about personality). Putting good-looking people in a beautiful setting still produced an ugly show that resembled a peep show, rather than exploring "alternative philosophies and life-styles" (such as for-real discussions about body shaming). Had the show actually showed something — ANYTHING — then it would have found an audience, wouldn't have been cancelled, and had potential to be a hit. Less "high concept", more honest, adult "baring of the soul"…

  21. OUCH!!!! Seriously??? Why are Americans such a horrible bunch of sexually repressed and undeveloped morons? Next time you have shame and can't have a satisfied sexual life, look no further than your own dumb head. Sex is the most natural thing ever, why the hell demonize it so much? Get smart people, stop being such pathetic prudes!

  22. We have Ministers who will officiate Nudist/Naturist Weddings so obviously those who have a problem with Nudists can go cry somewhere else

  23. Mankind was born naked on purpose so that we will have to make our own clothes and not have everything spoon fed to us.

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