29 thoughts on “This is what a computer science exam looks like at university

  1. I failed a course because I missed two semicolons and accidentally instantiated a float instead of an int variable. I hate writing code in exams.

  2. I would love to see you go over a college music theory exam! It’s fun to try to solve questions from test that are unrelated to your major. Its random, i know, but I’m curious how you’d react!

  3. That test is from 2007?

    After looking at this test, getting a CS degree is a huge waste of time. Learn programming on your own by making actual apps & read few books on complexity & algorithms.

  4. Wow, this is way more advanced than the intro course gets in my school. Some of these topics didn't come up for me until the third class in the fundamentals sequence (although that class has exams much harder than this.)

  5. don’t go to university if u want to code for a living. it’s one of the few jobs where a degree really doesn’t matter.

  6. Good day Miss

    Computer science is very difficult .
    Do not look at it.
    It is a horrible course .

  7. This exam was basically our Data Structures course! I'm a first year Computer Science student right now, I thought this was rather easy. Ended it with an 8 which is higher than most of my other courses.

  8. That's an exam for a specific class. It's like saying, "Here is a math exam." and it shows only algebra. There is a lot more stuff out there.

  9. Hey, just lending some context here as someone who took this exact class this past fall. This is the second class in the introductory CS curriculum, meant to be taken after CS 111 (now called 1110). It mainly focuses on object oriented programming and data structures, with a little bit of dabbling in graph algorithms and ending with a quick overview of concurrency.

  10. Awesome channel for all of us that are passionate about knowledge. Btw u are super sweet and beautiful… greetings from Madrid…

  11. I guess my school or many schools use the same format. This looks exactly like the same format I have been used to for the last 4 years on every single misterm/final.

  12. i wish my cs exams would look like this. We have like 70% coding and 30% knowledge questions. It was like this from my first semester on going..

  13. I found your channel through Cody's… Your videos and presentation style are awesome.. I've subscribed.. thanks for posting such fantastic content.

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