This is the best laptop.

(upbeat music) – If you could make the perfect laptop, what would it include? It’d probably have a great display, great keyboard, great track pad, It’d be small and portable,
have plenty of power and of course reliable battery life and then it has all the ports you need to connect all of your peripherals. This is Huawei’s new Matebook X Pro and it is not the perfect laptop. There’s definitely a couple of things here that will be deal breakers
for some of you out there. But, if your looking for a small laptop that can go anywhere and
handle almost any productivity or entertainment need, this is the best laptop you’ll find. (upbeat music) It starts with the design and materials, which to be perfectly frank, are a complete ripoff
of Apple’s MacBook Pro. Even the color is called “Space Gray” which is like “come on.” But, I really don’t have
any problem with that, because the Matebook X Pro is well built, it’s got a smooth metal finish all around, it’s compact and portable, it does basically everything
right when it comes to design. Even things like opening the
screen with a single finger, work just like they should. On top of that Huawei’s managed to put, not only two USB-C ports, one of which supports full Thunderbolt 3, but it also has a standard USB-A port, so I don’t need a bunch of dongles or adapters for most accessories. And if you do need to
plug in something else, like a video cable, Huawei
throws in a dongle in the box. It gives you an HDMI port, a VGA port, and another USB-A port. (hypnotic music) Now when closed, the Matebook
is under 15 millimeters thick and it weighs less than three pounds, which makes it just as portable as any other laptop in this class. That makes it super easy
to carry around everywhere, whether you’re on a really
long commute to work, like I’ve got, or maybe you’re just moving
from class to class at school. But it’s obviously way more
interesting when you open it, because then you see that it has a 13.9 inch touch-screen display, the trimmest borders you can get. Now Huawei says it’s screen
to body ratio is 91% here. Which is more than any other laptop and more than even most smart-phones with edge to edge screens,
like more than the iPhone 10. It’s pretty stunning to look at and not only that, the screen’s bright, it’s vibrant and it’s high resolution. It’s also a three by two ratio, which makes productivity tasks, like working with documents or browsing the web or
multitasking way easier than on wide screen
displays that many other Windows laptops have. Now, this isn’t a
convertible laptop or tablet. It’s basically a straightforward
clamshell design. The Matebook also hits other
basics out of the park. There’s a great back lit
keyboard that’s low profile but not as shallow as Apple’s. It’s got a giant, smooth
track pad that supports all of Windows 10’s gestures and it’s power button has an
integrated fingerprint scanner. Even the four speakers
are louder and clearer than virtually any other
laptop in this size range. The hits don’t stop under the hood either because the Matebook X
Pro is loaded with specs. There’s two versions you can buy. The one has a Core i5 chip, 8 gigs of RAM and 256 gigs of storage. But, the model that I’ve been testing has a quad Core i7 processor, 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigabytes of storage. It also has an NVIDIA MX150 graphics card, which can handle some light
gaming and graphics work. Basically the Matebook X
Pro is powerful enough to handle any sort of
productivity or office task I can throw at it. (music) Now here are the two things that might be deal breakers for some of you but, probably aren’t that big
of a deal for most people. Now, as you can see, there’s no webcam in the frame around the display because basically there’s no room for it. So, Huawei built the webcam
into this trick, pop out button in the middle of the keyboard. It’s a wild feat of engineering. It’s a really clever solution, because when it’s closed
it disables the camera, so you don’t need to put some
gross tape over your webcam. But, even as clever as this is, it kind of sucks to use because
the viewing angle’s so low and the quality of the actual
camera inside isn’t great. It’s the same problem Dell
has with its XPS laptops, it’s all up the nose
and fingers in the way when you’re on a video call. Which means that if you have
to make a lot of video calls for work, like I do all the time, it’s going to be a bit of a problem. Now, the other thing that might
be a deal breaker for some is the Matebook’s battery life. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. I’m averaging between
seven and eight hours with my typical work flow,
again lots of web browsing Slack, Twitter, email,
video watching, et cetera and it’s actually better
than Dells comparable XPS 13 or the touch bar equipped MacBook Pro. So, aside from those two points, there really isn’t anything
else to complain about with the Matebook X Pro. Even the version of Windows
10 that’s running on this is Microsoft’s Signature Edition. So, there is no added bloatware,
or annoying trial software, like McAfee to deal with. And here’s the kicker, I haven’t even gotten to the price yet. In Europe it’s priced
at 1499 Euros to start, which converts to roughly 1800 US. But, if you’re here in the US, the base model starts at 1200 bucks and the fully kitted out
rig that I’ve been testing, is just 1500. There’s no other laptop on the market that offers this much
bang for that little buck. Which means that if you’re
looking for a new laptop, the Matebook X Pro is the best one to buy. Hey, thanks for watching. What do you think about
the Matebook X Pro? Be sure to let me know
in the comments below. And if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a brand new
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100 thoughts on “This is the best laptop.

  1. It could've been if it wasn't for the terrible body. Literally everything else about this laptop is awesome except for the hinge that broke WITHOUT me ever dropping it. Seeing how the screen is attached to the hinge by just mere glue, I wasn't surprised that the hinge broke and it completely changed my opinion on this laptop which is a damn shame because I really enjoyed it

  2. Don't get why all these laptops are so expensive when one of the biggest group buying these are students and we're broke af lmao

  3. So, Huawei gave up on Europe? Pretty disgusting pricing if you ask me. At that price range it's cheaper to order it from the US and then pay VAT on it. How do they think people will buy this in Europe? But, Huawei is known to do this.

  4. I Returned my MacBook to get this but then I started having issues with this damn thing now I’m returning this laptop to go back to the MacBook 🙄

  5. This is very useful, thank you Dan! Am buying this one today! Was on the fence due to the camera, but I’m thinking, for calls, will just prop it over some books to avoid a double chin view ! Your review helped to push me in the right direction.

  6. If you’re going to spend $1,500 on a laptop you may as well go all out and get an MSI GS65. Or you can get a couple year old HP X360 for like $500-$700 and it’s just as good and beautiful.

  7. Ideal laptop? 14" 4k 9:10, dedicated gpu, gtx 1060 or better, at least 1tb of pcie ssd, i7 6 core, all day battery (10 hours +) fast charging, metal construction, slim and light, good keyboard travel, no stupid touchbar or number pad, runs macOS, thunderbolt 3, USB C, USB A, sd card reader and a headphone jack. Webcam should be 4k.

  8. Apple be like i5 processer, "world's fastest cpu" and with olny 8gb ram and its olny 1,499 and we have a 14 inch at 2,499 preorders start today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Coil Whine, rattling Touchpad, Backgroundnoise in Audio and
    Loudspeakers, rattling keyboard, pressed keys, non-responsive keys, green-, red- or yellowish Screen, vibrating body.

  10. Great review! Will it handle photoshop programs smooth? I know that it can handle it but i need it to be smooth with RAW images? Thanks🙋‍♂️

  11. I own a HP Spectre x360 13" and for me this is the perfect Laptop, I mean it got awsome battery life (like one whole week), enough for anything but gaming, and it costs 'only' 1200 Bux

  12. To me the perfect laptop would me a Macbook Pro that can actually handle video editing without spending a ton of extra money for it. Or one of those Lenovo ultrabooks that are super cheap, but it would run Mac OS officially without hacking.

  13. So your major criticism is it has better battery life than 2 other laptops, that are know for their GOOD battery life?

    My major criticism would be the large price delta between European and us markets.

  14. i owned both the mbp 13 2015 and 2016 version , and i bought the matebook x pro in 2018, it is really the best laptop i have purchased compare to the 2 mbp i owned. the only down side is, i cant install final cut pro -_-, and it is also the only reason i am still keeping my mbp 13 (2015) the 2016 was a total joke, especially the battery life.

  15. For me the perfect & most value for money laptop is HP PAV X360 14-CD1057TX. i7 8th gen, 8gb of RAM, 4GB graphics card & 360°flex touch screen with stylus pen. For only about just $1k.

  16. that screen looks dim I hate that especially in HP laptops they use at my job. I am currently looking for something I can personally buy to use at work. Ill keep looking 😀

  17. Can you please reply soonest. I have just completed my studies as a programmer. Which latop should I get. Is the Huawei good for programming.

  18. I'm a Macbook owner watching this,because arrogant Apple doesn't want to admit they SCREWED UP big time with the horrible butterfly keyboard design.
    I will get rid of my Macbook and buy this Huawei Matebook X Pro.

  19. Typing this from a MBXP…easily one of the best laptops I've ever had. My only gripe is that it runs a bit on the hot side, but everything else is top notch. Performance, sound, and screen are second to none. And for the price, I got it on student discount from Microsoft when the laptop first came out…there was NO competition. It's 2019 and a 2018 laptop is still the laptop of the year, in my opinion!

  20. Customer service is HORRABLE. My laptop is crushing and service did nothing. I sent laptop 3 times already and every time is the same thing.

    GOOD LUCK with their service. I am disappointed

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