100 thoughts on “This Gaming PC Can 144Hz COD: Modern Warfare with RTX ON!


  2. is it just me or there's not much o f a difference between RTX on and Off?
    This seem like a good implementation of RTX in the sense that it doesn' do much with it, hence the 3-5 frames difference for average fps
    haven't played the game yet but looking at this video .. i don't see much o f a difference
    maybe it is a limited implementation (see BF5 v metro exodus vs Shadow of the tomb raider, all support dxr but different uses and implementation)

  3. LOL there isn't any PC that can play COD well as it is a bugged mess that stutters and crashes glad it was a freebie rather than having to pay for it

  4. I understand the need of sponsored videos but this is BS…. From the title I expect some sort of "budget" PC or tweaks doing 144hz with RTX ON, not a 3000+ dollars PC doing so: it's kind of expected from this high end pc build… The whole video is a "NVIDIA RTX ON SPEND 3000+ DOLLARS TO GET BETTER AT VIDEOGAMES" advice… what a bs video….

  5. Such a bullshit video, as all RTX video. Disable RTX and almost double the FPS in any game, especially in SHOOTERs were FPS is more important that visual pleasing environment! Demonstrated by so many reviewers: RTX in this implementation so far is marketing 100%. "Just works" my ass !!!

  6. Just gonna throw this out there, BLIZZARD….that is it. I guess maybe in Australia things like freedom of speech and such isn't much of a deal as in the US. That is why so many of us are unwilling to support Blizzard and anything it touches until they stand accountable for what they did. Even Mitsubishi has pulled sponsorship because of it.

  7. I'm glad the game seemed to work for you without a hitch. I can't play the game with DXR enabled until the stability issues are addressed. I get the dreaded DEV ERROR crash within a few minutes into a campaign mission with DXR enabled. Though this issue has been reported by a lot of players and the devs are apparently working on it. It's weird though, I can play the first 3 campaign missions with DXR but any missions after that won't play ball. No crashing once DXR is turned off. It's kinda frustrating as pretty much every game with RTX features has given me crashing issues with DXR enabled until a few months after release when the issues are usually patched. I just don't think RTX is ready for prime time yet.

    For reference my core specs are 9900k, 2080Ti, 32GB 3200Mhz RAM and all SSD storage.

  8. ya but no one has money for those two monitors can only get 60hz not all of us are rich or get free shit from companies

  9. I couldn't see the difference at first, but after rewinding a bunch of times it actually looked worse to me with ray-tracing on… Must be just me 🤔😅
    However, can anybody please tell me where to get custom plates for the Cooler Master AIO? I saw them before in video's and seeing one again now in this one… Please anybody? Tell me? 😥

  10. this game runs at 1080p maxed out with rtx on at 60fps on my 1080ti in heavy rtx scenes and 100+ in lesser area's rtx is very well optimized even on non turing cards

  11. rtx on, sell out on, ngridia have bought another youtuber…. thanks wont buy a 3k pc just to have a stupid option on . only kids fall for this shit. being following the chanel for years, love that he gots sponsors but dont go full sellout…

  12. lol'd at the raytracing in csgo. source engine is from 2004 bro. also every pro player plays on the lowest settings in 1024×768 4:3 so im pretty sure they wont bother with trying to implement raytracing. valve just sits on their big piles of cash they get from the steam market and does nothing

  13. I was playing the level in the house with the night vision goggles on, and an old lady a work thought I was watching the news…

  14. Honestly, as cool as Ray Tracing might look in certain games (definitely not on Cod). It's not as transformative to make it worth paying a premium for. Nvidia is just using it as a party trick to sell its expensive cards.
    Industry analysts are saying that Nvidia's implementation of RTX is soon going to be obsolete once the next gen consoles release with Ray Tracing and AMD hardware. Game developers happen to prioritize console for most titles then port games to PC, so I'll hold out until Ray Tracing is standard on all hardware.

  15. I used to have my refresh rate set to 144 in Nvidia Control Panel and 140 in COD MW, however yesterday I decided to allow maximum frame rates and so far I have had no issues, including tearing. I have a 3rd party or aftermarket GPU, the MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio and it is far superior to the reference design in every way.

  16. Hey I buy Rx 5700xt week ago and i have randomly black screen when I play game or browsing, and I need to restart every time because that, I'm using 75hz 1080p monitor

  17. Wait wait wait… Im pretty sure they said ray tracing was not a feature of online play in this game.

    I have a 2080ti and 9900k myself and im sure they said it wasnt enabled in online play, am i wrong?

    That would explain why single player has fps drops and online does not right lol

  18. sorry i have to dislike this video, the very first time – sponsored by nvidia and some overpriced pc builder…
    thats not what ive subscried this channel for…

  19. I thought the woods scene in single player looked better with RTX off. With it on it looked a bit too dark for my tastes.

    Personally I don't think we are going to see really good ray tracing until it comes to the consoles. Developers aren't going to spend a lot of time on a feature that a large part of their market isn't going to be able to use. Then of course are they going to put a lot of effort into it for Nvidia cards when the consoles will be running with however AMD implement ray tracing.

    I used all the options to enter the competition except follow Nvidia ANZ and MWave, no point since they are never going to have anything that I'll be able to use here in the UK.

  20. Brian, with the Control game at 9:13. The first demo should be "RTX OFF" and the second should be "RTX ON". At least that's what it looks like to me.

  21. Back to the normal deal prices for people with can not effort this gaming pc. For this i must marry a ridge women or win this lottery !! 🙂

  22. @Tech YES City … i am playing this game withe an rtx 2080ti on max setings framerats are fine … but im running out of Vram ? … do you notist somting like this in your testing ?

  23. Reference nvidia have better binned chips so i buy those and i always do custom loop besides easier to get a gpu block shortly after release

  24. Question of the day… If you want to watercool, the refrence has one of the best PCB's, better than many of the partners, and its cheaper on top, though I doubt that is a big concern of ppl who watercool.

  25. Thanks for the videos mate. I like your videos, nothing flashy, could use abit of humour but i prefer it the way it is. always a good job. cheers !

  26. Brian can you please please pretty please do the same video with battlefield 5. Currently have a i7 6700 32gb ddr3 and strix rtx 2060 oc super and can only game smoothly at 1440p with everything at low settings to get 90 to 130 fps and really want 1440p ultra 165 fps as I have an LG 32 inch 1440p 165hz gsync monitor

  27. I just don't want to know what the rig costs, to run 4K 144Hrz RTX on. Must be a I9 9900K 5Ghz 16GB ram, 2X 2080Ti Water cooled, water cooling CPU, 1000W PSU…… pretty expensive for a gimmick like RTX

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  30. this title give no meaning( This Gaming PC Can 144Hz COD: Modern Warfare with RTX ON!) brahhh every pc can run 144hz if you have a good monitor dumbass

  31. there is something wrong with your picture QUALITY IN THE LAST COUPLE IF VIDS while in your studio at first i thought it was me but i went on youtube 4k content and everything was normal

  32. This game is actually highly criticized as there is 99% not graphic rendering details difference between RTX ON vs RTX OFF… will that explain the very good framerate with RTX ON ?

  33. with nvidia new driver, you suppose to leave g sync and v sync on in control panel and v sync on in game and latency set to ultra,

  34. i got that same card Aorus 2080 super, nice bit of kit quality build its like a breeze block lol and 4 years FREE warranty to boot. i be selling it in 2 years then i get the latest ti model at the time. slowly over 6 years gone up the ladder, but every nvidia card i sold i got top money for. just sold a 1060 6gb mini for £130 4 months ago. considering i only paid £170 the previous year , you do not get these HOLDING prices WITH AMD PRODUCTS

  35. Hey man, was thinking could you possibly do a video about thermal pads? I've been looking to replace the pads on my graphics card and last night I searched the web and there is really no reviews on thermal pads at all. I know it's kinda a minor thing but really I couldn't find much at all they just list their rating and that's about it. No one has really compared pads or brands and I just thought it would be somewhat interesting to a pad round up just a few commonly used brands and maybe a few generics to see how well they actually stand up in comparison to other brands. Thermal paste comparison videos are pretty popular so I was surprised really to not see any for pads as that's kinda the other half of the equation.

    I know it's best to use paste when possibly but I'm mostly wondering if pads really have anything to offer and if some pads are actually worse than no pads at all. Anyways thank you for the time and hopefully you give it some consideration 🙂

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