ThinkCentre M73 / M72e Tiny Desktop – CMOS Battery Replacement

Hi everybody. I’m Mike with Lenovo, and I’m here with the ThinkCentre M73 series which is available in three form factors. We have a Tower, the Small, and the Tiny. Today we are going to be replacing the CMOS Battery in the tiny. The process will take about twenty minutes, and it should be easy enough for anyone to do. The tools required will be a Phillips screw driver and a spudger or a non-metallic pry tool. Before we continue, we want to make sure that we are protected against electrostatic discharge, or ESD. For more information on ESD, click the link in the description. Now let’s get started. Remove the screw in the back of the system. Slide the cover forward and remove it. Disconnect the hard drive cable from the hard drive. Disconnect the cable from the system board. Disconnect the front antenna cable from the wireless LAN card. Remove two screws. Slide the hard drive and lift it from the posts. Press outward on the clip to release the battery. Lift the battery from the system. And here we have our new CMOS Battery. Place the battery into the socket under the clip and press down to lock it into place. Lower the drive assembly over the posts, and slide back to align the screw holes. Install two screws. Connect the front antenna cable to the wireless LAN card. Connect the hard drive cable to the system board. Connect the hard drive cable to the hard drive. Place the cover over the system and slide it back. Install the screw into the back of the system.

2 thoughts on “ThinkCentre M73 / M72e Tiny Desktop – CMOS Battery Replacement

  1. What about resetting the BIOS? Is it done as soon as the battery is replaced or is there a jumper configuration that needs to take place?

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