The Unbearable Beauty of the Night Sky

jbjb The Sun sets behind Cerro Paranal in
the Chilean Atacama desert. While astronomers get ready to observe with ESO s Very Large
Telescope, Nature prepares for her own grand display. As night falls over the desert, the
southern sky reveals its nocturnal beauty, leaving the spectator in silent amazement.
Some people, however, don t just stare at the spectacle. With great skill, they record
these unique moments for everyone to see they are the photographers of the night. Anyone
who has been up at night in a remote, high place such as at one of ESO s observatories
in Chile may have been lucky enough to experience the splendid view of the myriad of stars shining
brightly from the heavens. It is a both a dream and a challenge for a photographer to
capture an image of this incredible view. Yuri Beletsky is an ESO Fellow and astronomer
at the Paranal Observatory. When not observing with the world s most advanced telescope,
the VLT, he actively lives out his passion for taking pictures of the southern sky. Over time, Yuri has produced many spectacular
images of Paranal against the wonderful backdrop of the night sky. A laser beam shooting out
of one of the VLT s Unit Telescopes. The bright constellation of the Southern Cross. The Pipe Nebula with its picturesque dust
lane crossing the Milky Way.
Sunlight reflected by small particles of dust lying in between the planets causes the faint
zodiacal light. Paranal is an ideal site for astrophotographers as it offers crystal-clear,
extremely dark skies with perfect weather conditions on about 320 nights per year. Gerhard
H depohl, an electronic engineer at Paranal, knows about the photographic benefits of the
VLT s site. My favourite type of photography is landscape photography and in particular
images of the landscape at night, showing the Milky Way in the night sky here in the
Atacama desert. And here at Paranal I can have the telescopes as a nice foreground and
the stars and the night sky as a background The bright plane of our Milky Way as it arches
above the VLT. An image like this can only be obtained under top-notch stargazing conditions,
such as those offered at Paranal. Astrophotography is very demanding. The photographer has to
stay out in the dark and in the chill of the night for many hours. Sometimes it can take
several nights of painstaking work in these tough conditions to obtain just one image
and the equipment must always function flawlessly. phane Guisard is the head of the optical group
at Paranal. His astrophotography benefits from his professional expertise as an optical
engineer specialising in telescopes. I take pictures of galaxies and nebulae with a telescope,
but I also like to take wide-field images of the sky with a terrestrial foreground.
I like to share the beauty of the sky and the Universe. This photographic mosaic of
the central parts of our galactic home is just one example of St phane s work. Taken
with an amateur telescope coupled to a CCD camera, the image combines about 1200 photos
for a total exposure time of around 250 hours. phane has also produced a spectacular series
of timelapse sequences at the Paranal site. Producing such sequences is quite a challenge
as the images must be taken at regular intervals, and all the parameters must match perfectly
to obtain the sensation of the moving firmament. There is no doubt that Yuri, Gerhard and St
phane will continue to produce stunning images of the starry skies above Paranal. The wonderful
quality of the images is a testament to the splendour of the night sky at ESO s Paranal
Observatory. By sharing their work, these three astrophotographers have brought their
magnificent view of the southern sky to a wider audience. This is Dr J signing off for
the ESOcast. Join me again next time for another cosmic adventure. The Sun sets behind Cerro
Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert Thomas Lucas Normal Thomas Lucas Microsoft Word 10.1
]Qp* The Sun sets behind Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert Title Microsoft
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100 thoughts on “The Unbearable Beauty of the Night Sky

  1. Glory is to Allaah and praise is to Him, by the multitude of his creation, by His Pleasure, by the weight of His Throne, and by the extent of His Words ❤

  2. You know what really pisses me off?The fact that I can't find a clear night sky video that ISN'T A TIME LAPSE video.

  3. Stunning the way they slowly disappear over the horizon, our planet is so amazing, unless your a flat earth type, then your planet is weird and not real…

  4. How can we see stars that are far out of range of our normal perspective (from vertically up even down to the horizontal horizon) and we can't see other things closer by (horizontally) on Earth?

  5. What I wouldn't give to witness such stunning beauty, and to actually see the Milky Way in the night sky. Oh I'd stay up all night just starring in the sky. I'd cry from happiness

  6. Seeing the stars decorating the night sky like this has been one of my dreams. I've tried going to remote and high places, but I got no luck since all places at night were cloudy when I visited them. I live in the city, so it's really rare to see more than at least five stars in the sky. I really hope I can get to see this nocturnal beauty one day.

  7. We have to become humble in front of this overwhelming misery and overwhelming fornication… overwhelming growth and overwhelming lack of order.

  8. Look at all those stars …the day I see the milky way and magellanic clouds up above me will be the best ever !

  9. Ive lived in Phoenix, AZ most of my life. the skies in the city are blocked by all the light, but around Phoenix lies vast empty deserts, and i have ventured out to see the spectacular stars and meteor showers out there many time. There are still places where the light of the Milky Way is so bright you have a faint shadow cast by its light.

  10. I'm so pissed off that I have to slow down the entire video using a group of different apps JUST TO VIEW IT PROPELY! (yes i know that propely is spelted incorrectly)

  11. Psalm 147:4-5
    He counts the stars and calls them all by name. How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension!

  12. There is nothing you can compare to looking at the night sky and it has evolved over billions of years and will continue to constantly evolve as time goes on but who ever thinks it was created in a week according certain religions is nothing more than a stupid brainwashed Pratt and a lot of people have lost their lives because of these stupid religious wankers. P.S. if you think when you die you get anther life in different place , think again ! When your dead Your dead and there is not any coming back ! So get real and make the most of it and don,t let the bastards grind you down. Cheers Sports . Graham. So Fuck the lot of them .

  13. Why no zoom in of stars ? With you large ass telescopes why are we not seeing them close up clearly They are not trillions miles away

  14. I personally have never seen the sky look like this, but I have been to certain deserts and really dark shore lines and it is wonderous. The sky is heavy with stars. It has an effect on your soul, I believe. The milky way is very pronounced. Very hypnotic. You don't know what you are missing.

  15. I hope I can have a decent astrophotographic camera in somewhere there are no light, just to see the beautiful night sky.

  16. Look beyond the stars to their creator

    Isaiah 40:25-26
    25 To whom now will ye liken me, that I should be like him, saith the Holy one?

    26 Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, and bringeth out their armies by number, and calleth them all by names: by the greatness of his power and mighty strength nothing faileth.

  17. U said firmament which means dome so u believe we are on a flat earth with the moving firmament where the stars are inside of? So u believe in god in the Bible where he says how the earth was made in genesis?

  18. At 6:09 he admits & says "The moving Firmament" which is true! And the firmament is made by the Almighty, just as the Bible says. Firmament is from the Bible. Read more of the Bible if one wants the whole truth & nothing but the truth.

  19. Night lights, like everything else humans do, is yet another pollutant.
    Go humans, way to degrade our habitat in every possible and imaginable way!
    To see the beauty of the Milky Way and starry nightsky, one must rely on YouTube videos now. So sad.

  20. This is what our ancestors saw when they looked up at the night sky. Hence, we have the constellations.
    What i am wondering is, how did they manage to spot planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, centuries ago without the aid of powerful telescopes.
    It's amazing that ancient humans, with primitive technology, were still able to figure out a lot about the stars,
    and how Earth is not the center of the Galaxy, and everything revolves around the sun.

  21. I remember when i was a child. I saw a many many star at the night sky..And i did not know how beautiful it is' I thought it was an ordinary stars twengkling at the night.! Sometimes i was pointed my finger and connected those stars. Now i am 27 yr old. I realised that those stars i was saw before is a part of our milky way galaxy..when i see this vedio i was totaly amazed 🙂 i am so blessed b'cause i saw the beautiful creation of GOD:) And Maybe bcause of our sky pollution today we could'nt see those beautiful stars again.(:( Sorry for my poor english:)

  22. It’s hard for me to see stars at night cause my vision is really bad and when I use my glasses I start to get really dizzy 😞 I love looking at stars but my vision is bad and my eyes hurt if I look too long, I really think stars and the sky are really fascinating

  23. 언젠가 봤을 듯한! 마치 나의 한 부분이었을 것 같은 아름다운 장면들에 압도됩니다….대자연의 장엄함과 영겁의 세월속 우주한켠의 작디 작은… 티끝보다 작을 인간들은 지금 이순간 무엇을 하고 있는 걸까요!

  24. Yes, away from the city you can see more. But many of the images here have very long exposure times, meaning that you're not going to see the night sky light up in quite this way.

  25. When i am seeing Black night Sky with full of Shining Stars .. And same time Wind Blow with a beautiful Smell ,is Touched My Heart My Soul also. ..that moments i feel i am live ..i feel relaxed 🙂
    I love that time .. When i am alone .. I love to feel nature and me that Time…

  26. I'm about to go to college and I honestly think I want to be an astro photographer this is just too beautiful to pass up. My dream is to see the northern lights in person

  27. 1:11 that line in the outer space is the galaxy, right? We are inside the galaxy so that watching from inside the galaxy we can see the corners, right?

  28. I've never seen anything like this and probably never will. At most I might spot a dot or two on the night sky. FeelsBadMan

  29. Is this really how it looks or just a camera trick? I've been on a remote place and i could see thousand of stars but there was no color on the sky like in these type of videos.

  30. this thing is like a star, it faded away in front of my eyes!

  31. See the night sky in the middle of the ocean from the deck of a blacked out war ship at 2 in the morning, amazing.
    Sailor's know this.

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