The ULTIMATE Sleeper PC Build

In the automotive world a sleeper is typically a slow car like say a Toyota, Cressida That has been modified to be insanely fast And there’s another key element the best sleepers like this one from mighty car mods feature no external modification So potential challengers would have no way of knowing that it’s capable of chopping them to shreds eating aforementioned shreds then pooping them out, so inspired by this concept we grab the nastiest oldest your great-uncle is still using it for some reason case that we could find and Vowed to make it smash gains once more meet Hubert, play name plain looks plane performance You know that kind of plane? Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers at once check it out now at the link in the video description So first we needed a case and our good friends over at Free Geek hooked us up with this, an Ntech Sx 840 which back in the day was pretty dope but after almost 15 years of filth collection, well Let’s just say it was Perfect opening it up though the insides actually could have been a lot worse all things considered I wonder if this thing has even been opened since shortly after it passed QC back in 2003 I really hate that that’s a long time ago now anyway Next order of business was a plan to pack it full of as much power and water cooling as we could and because Alex can’t resist an opportunity to fire up that copy of Solidworks that they gave us for just such occasions We created a model of the case and started Virtually test-fitting our components radiator in the bottom with vent holes Hmm. Well that could fit, but then we’d be stuck with a single graphics card Unacceptable so we settled then on a thick triple radiator in the front this might seem slightly overkill But these new core i9 processors run hot as hell when overclocked and we wanted to be able to push up this baby as far as possible Time to head down to the workshop we pulled the drives then spent about the next half an hour drilling out rivets with our trusty bottle of rapid tap Ah, that’s better I mean who needs ancient mechanical drives when you can have more room for cooling time for a test fit then before we make any Irreversible modifications. Our pump reservoir position was the trickiest to figure out At first we wanted it to go in the bottom But because of the PCIe slot positioning on our Asus Prime X2-99 Deluxe we couldn’t make that work There is some room up top but that would make filling the system more difficult without putting in a fill port in the top and ruining our Beautiful sleeper aesthetic, so finally we came up with an idea Maybe we could mount it to the fan I mean sure, that’s not the greatest for airflow and it means that we’ll have to be darn careful while drilling into them But it might be just crazy enough to work. How to mount the radiator though? Holes in the front of the case would be the most obvious solution but stealing the top radiator mount from a master case pro 5 would save us some time, so we flattened it out a bit and Oh, shoot. Still about a half an inch too thick not a problem though. It’s angle grinder man to the rescue so with the cuts tidied up it did still interfere slightly with the Motherboard Tray rivet, so Out those came with the drill and these holes here should serve us well for mounting the radiator. Of course though our troubles weren’t finished and we were still having some difficulty. Getting it in due to these pesky tabs thankfully almost every problem in life can be solved with abrasives Much better. To line up the screw holes, We poked the drill through the existing holes and gave it a little spin just to remove some of the paint so we knew where to drill. Next we center punched where the screws would be and drilled on through we then poor-man’s tapped them out with some thumb screws and a lot of love and Holy Crap! This might actually work Now since the reservoir can’t go anywhere else we had to make some modifications to this poor fan So we started small then worked our way up to the thicker objects. That’s always the best way Okay, then awesome the reservoirs mounted But clearly we’ll need more airflow. Angle grinder to the rescue again and as though like Magic That’s more like it so with hopefully all of our modifications to the case finished It was time to finish it off with a nice coat of black tape So at this point, we were ready to slap all the parts in, plan out our water cooling loop and Call it a day, but then Shortly after the cameras turned off for the night Getting jiggy with it came on the radio and we realized the soft tubing we’d planned Wasn’t big willy style. So we flip the script and flip the red Extended the rest and devised the plan for a loop sexy and hard enough for even the biggest willies So instructions for hard line then measure cut fill heat Bend check insert secure Rinse and repeat until done. Custom hard line water cooling easy as that After several hours of cable management, man old cases suck for that We were ready for the final touch-ups So we disassembled the loop installed the storage, ram, 80 millimeter OG Case fans which only got cleaned on the inside to maintain our sleepers perfect external fill and then reassembled the loop and filled it up So, then at this point. We put back together the outside of the case front panel goes on with double side tape, CD and floppy drives the side panels go back on and would you look at that? It’s still awful and dirty on the outside Leaving anyone without a very keen eye to dismiss it as old crap But open it up And holy freak. Is it beautiful and with the horses to back it up. With an intel core i9-7900X 10 cores, 64 gigs of ram RGB of course. Dual Geforce GTX 1080. Samsung 940 Pro SSD in a fully custom water cooling loop We are looking at a machine that can run with pretty much anything out there today, while staying both cool and quiet That is if, you disable the rear fans… Cause they’re really really loud. So bask in the glory now of Hubert and stay tuned for dale Because the sleeper PC series is far from over So if you’re a game developer or a video editor or you, uh You use both linux and windows one for serious work and one for gaming Whatever the reason is that you have two computers Synergy solves once and for all the problem of needing to have two keyboards and two mice to go with them because it allows you to share your peripherals between multiple computers, so you won’t get confused anymore they have a basic and a pro option for Synergy With a one-time payment for features that include copy and pasting between the computers dragging and dropping files between computers The ability to set up hotkeys and more. And the best part is that synergy works cross-Platform between Windows, Mac and even Linux. so check out the link in the video description and get 50% off Synergy today So thanks for watching guys if you disliked this video I’m sorry that you hate fun but if you liked it hit that like button get subscribed and maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured At the link in the video description also down there is a link to Free Geek huge shout out to them for hooking us up here as Well as our community forum and our merch store both of which you should check out

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  1. holy crap :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. I really miss this kind of work and edit and the whole concept here is just fun to watch #second time watching this video after I've watched it a year ago 2019 here BABY

  3. Linus, I'm gonna go out on a limb to state the obvious here, but this is by far, the COOLEST video you've ever posted! PLEASE make this a regular series. I'm sure many would love to see that

  4. Dear editor-san of this video,
    I'd like to make a request……..

    Fucking take over LTT …..

  5. Welp, I like having only 1 display and switching back and forth with 2 comps with gaming and stuff and music and stuff split.

  6. when you realize that your grandma is the one whos been killing you in every game you play

  7. I make a sleeper iphone it looks like a original iphone but it can be plugged to the tv and when u turn it on BOOOM. Windows 10 boot up in 0.000000001 nanosecond
    Core i9
    RTX 2080
    1024 Gigs Of Ram(Or 1 terabytes Of ram)
    4096 gigs of sdd
    Super cold fan It can goes down to absolute 0 and heat up to plank temperature
    Super RGB that can change to any light mode (including gamma light and all other waves that people did not see)
    And also the phone is super thicc ;-; i tried it I can run gta 9 100 times

  8. What if you do an exact opposite of this build? You buy a fancy RGB case or something, then put an intel HD5000 and a Pentium inside, with 2GB of RAM and to top it off, a 250GB hard drive.

  9. Linus makes a joke about his age, I chuckle. Then I look up his age and it turns out that he isn't even 3 years older than me. Feels bad man… especially considering, that I have no cats, kids, wife, house or my own company.

  10. Maybe it’s been done but I want to see an old crt monitor be modified with a new display in the old case to go along with this. Would be cool to do a mouse as well and a keyboard

  11. OMG LINUS you are so amazing, you know i'm am now building computers too, but they are not good, plus i can not afford like CPU's and Graphics Cards AND THE RAM DON'T FORGET ABOUT THAT. So yea just wanted to throw that out. I also fix computers too my shelves in my room are full of motherboards and RGB Fans And Hard Drives, Power Supplies ETC. You are my hero Linus. THANK YOU!!!

  12. This case should not be modded at all which makes this video stupid. You should use Air cooler and go all with stock.

  13. Austin Evans: Makes sleeper pc with generic i7 and normal 2080 Ti with almost no cooling

    Linus Tech Tips: Makes a sleeper pc comparable to a fucking airplane and water cooled

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