The Perfect MacBook Setup

– So, what’s up guys? Jonathan here. And this might be the
perfect Macbook setup. Specifically, I’m looking
at the H277HU from Acer which is a 27 inch IPS display
with a trick up its sleeve. First off, it is really, really pretty. The base, which is made out
of metal, and not plastic, has this gold finish, which looks killer
paired with a white back. And there’s something strangely satisfying with metal versus plastic. It feels premium and is cool to the touch. You combine that with the bezels, or rather, lack thereof, and that makes this
one of the best looking monitors I’ve ever seen, and a great starting point for a minimal, but great looking, setup. On the back, you will see
a couple of USB3 ports, display port, and HDMI, but where the magic happens, is this guy right here: a USB-C port. Normally the idea of a 12 inch Macbook hooked up to a monitor would
sound like a nightmare. There would be cables
and dongles everywhere, but this monitor fixes that. It’s essentially a giant
hub that allows you to dock the Macbook, transfer data, but what seals the deal, is that it charges the Macbook, and all through a single USB-C cable. Keep in mind this is done through the monitor’s power supply. So that’s going to mean
a couple of things. One: you’re not going to
need the Macbook charger, and two: you now have two
USB3 ports at your disposal. Personally, I love the
implementation of a dock set up, but it’s even better
when you’re connecting and disconnecting with a single cable. Now, one slightly
annoying thing is because there are different kinds of USB-C cables, not every one will work with this monitor. The ones that come with
the Macbook and most phones are USB2 and those will not work. So what you’re going to need is a fully compatible USB 3.1 USB-C cable, which fortunately is included. But the problem is, to the naked eye, there really isn’t an easy
way to tell the cables apart. So, for this instance I
have a wireless keyboard and mouse going through
a single USB receiver. That is a preference
because I like these models, but if you do want to go blue tooth, that’s going to keep that port open. Another example of how
this could be useful is with external storage. So in my case, I have a USB3 SSD hooked up. This is rad, because this particular model does not require an external power supply, so it keeps the setup even cleaner. But, even if you did want to go with a more traditional external hard drive, that does require an
external power supply, it’s not going to be a big deal, because that’s staying there
docked with your setup. As far as the display goes, it’s a really good
looking 1440p IPS panel. My only gripe is that if
you’re used to using a 4K, or even 5K display on
something like an iMac, it is a little hard adjusting
screen real estate-wise But, if you’re coming from
1440p, or especially 1080, it’s going to look killer. Viewing angles are great, the colors are rich, they’re vivid, and overall, it’s a really
enjoyable experience, whether you’re working or consuming video. Now, for this setup, I’m using a 2015 baseline 12 inch Macbook, and performance was smooth. There was no lag with the
keyboard or the mouse. Which, in between windows, was seamless, and streaming 1440p
video worked perfectly. In this setup, I’m using
the Macbook docked, enclosed with the Acer as
the main and only display. But, you could just as easily
leave the Macbook open, and use that as a second display, just in case you need more room, which makes for an
extremely flexible setup. One thing worth mentioning is that the resolution from the
Macbook and this monitor are nearly identical. So the performance isn’t surprising, but it’s nice to know that it works well. Plus, the fact that it works
well with a 2015 Macbook, if you’re going 2016, it’s
going to work even better. So, overall this monitor is really solid. It’s a little on the pricey side, but if you own a 12 inch Macbook, you can see why it’s a perfect match. Speaking of Macbooks, and 2016 Macbooks, mind you, there’s still a giveaway going on. So drop a Like if you want to win one, details in that are down below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.

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  2. Hi, I have an iMac late 2009 edition. Can I connect a new Macbook Pro with ad USB C to Mini display port adapter for use the iMac as an external monitor?

  3. I bought the monitor base on this video, USB c no longer works audio or video. and without it all USB port in the back is useless.

  4. @Jonatahn Morrison, thanks for the video!. Do you you know if it is possible to do this setup with my Macbook Pro 15 in Mid 2014 in clamshell mode? Thanks in advance

  5. Thanks a lot for the video, you probably save me a lot of time… Are use my MacBook for my primary machine, but like real estate when I’m at home sorting a lot of files out

  6. This isn't a good monitor for the MBP 2017 though.. in case anyone considered getting one:

  7. If you come from 5k iMac using "default for display" it will have exact same amount of realestate as this screen bro. If you use 4k set to "HiDPI" this screen will be larger.

  8. The ultimate macbook setup is here, see how to connect 5 external displays to Macbook Pro :

  9. Hey Jonathan,
    I recently got this monitor to go along with my Mac, and using the included usb c cord it doesn’t automatically connect with my Mac. I can’t seem to figure out what the solution is, did you have to do any configuration?

  10. How are you able to have your macbook screen on your monitor while your macbook is closed? Do you just use the USB cord you mention or do you have to alter a setting or something on the macbook to use it while closed?

  11. Amazon comments and reviews indicate that this monitor does not work with the MacBook Pro 2017.

  12. Where can I find that beautiful orange horse rider wallpaper?? Just bought this monitor, even a few years after you made the video, its still a top contender for the 12" macbook setup. Narrowed it down to this and the Dell S2718D. The dell is newer but i like the look of the acer (paried with magic keyboard and magic trackpad 2) beauty. Video production top notch btw, cheers.

  13. I have purchased this monitor acer h277hu and there is one thing i really dislike. Blue power light is blinking too strong when its night, solution is to turn display off or somehow else to reduce.. maybe its not annoying to everyone but to me it is

  14. Don’t believe the hype. This monitor does not work with MacBook usb c. Can’t believe clowns on YouTube.

  15. Best video to show people who don't understand how versatile USB-C is. The basic argument amongst n00bs is, "omg no usb ports only 2 usb-c lol the MACbook is so stupid u hav to use dongles for everything." In actuality, the more ports you have, the more cables you need!

  16. Can i easily mount the usb stick of the mouse and keybord on the back of the monitor like its shown in the video????

  17. i have a macbook pro 2013 and am trying to get it to display on an Asus gaming monitor can someone help me ?

  18. can some one tell me if you could run 2 monitors off a 2016 15" MacBook Pro please? thank you in advance

  19. with the MacBook closed will any external hard drives connected still work? can you connect them to the MacBook if you only have one port on the display?

  20. Jonathan Morrison can you please help me, can I daisy chain 2 of these monitors to my 2016 MacBook Pro 15 inch?

  21. Why i have seem that this monitor does not work well with the 2018 MacBook pro. they the type C cable is no working

  22. I have the same monitor docked to my MacBook Pro 2015 through HDMI, but I can't use the USB 3.0 port like Jonathan does for the unified receiver or my external SSD. Has anyone else seen the same problem or know why this is? Is the connection through USB-C the reason he's able to utilize the other ports??

  23. So…. I was planing to build setup like this one but I don't have macbook pro….I have macbook Air model so it means there is no USB-C. But I don't know how to set on laptop next functions: How to use external keyboard as a main keyboard and how to turn on computer with external keyboard so my lapto can be closed…. plis answers or link of video that explain that

  24. Why would hooking up a MacBook Pro to a monitor or larger-screened tv "be a nightmare" (as the presenter suggests)? I do it all of the time, and all you need is an HDMI cable. I guess this is an old-school video…

  25. I would rather have the macbook charging with it's own charger instead of having it being charged by the monitor, because it probably diminishes the battery life in long term, since it will be getting a non-stop charge.

  26. I’m considering getting the 12 inch MacBook, i’ll mostly use it docked with the lid closed, what I want to know is, will the MacBook heat up? Hurt the battery?

  27. So I basically have the same Setup but it doesn't seem to work for me at all. I'm using a Lenovo P27h Wqhd Monitor which is connected to my 2016 MacBook Pro via USB-C. The Monitor displays the Image, charges the Macbook and functions as an USB Hub which is awesome! BUT the Macbook doesn't seem to scale the image right.. Everything is super small and text is quite pixelated. Unfortunately MacOS only gives me the option to lower the resolution which makes the image all blurry and unsharp…

  28. Please take this video down or prominently let people know that it will not work with Mac's after 2016. Bought this to go with my 2018 MacBook Air and no dice. This is not going to be fixed and this video leads people to believe it will work because its USB-C compatible. No shade, just don't want someone else facing the same problem I now have with having to return the monitor and searching out an alternative.

  29. i tried setting this up with my 2015 macbook pro through HDMI and it didn't work .. anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

  30. How do you turn the laptop on when without taking it out of the stand? It's kinda annoying when you have to take it out of the stand just to switch it on tbh

  31. I have a desk that can fit up to a 21" monitor and literally has 4 power sockets on top of it (stuck to the wall). There is no way down below the desk. No holes, no gaps. Fully sealed. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP MY SETUP CLEAN?!

  32. @JonathanMorrison This is exactly what I was looking for! I'm willing to buy all of your setup, could you share what USB type C hub/cable and external storage you used in the video?

  33. Can you plug your external drive into your laptop while it is docked and connected to your monitor by USB-C and have it be usable in your new workstation?

  34. Doesn't the macbook get too hot when powering an external screen? I'm planning to use the 2018 version the same way but people tells me it gets hot.

  35. just got this screen- LOVE IT!!!! but can't use the keyboard keys to change the brightness, found a workaround for the sound but not the brightness (slightly frustrating)

  36. Edit: I received the monitor and it was fantastic, colours were close to the 4k screen on my XPS 15 9570, and I didn't have any issues apart from one thing. The USB-C suddenly stopped working and it doesn't pick up any signal at all. HDMI and everything else works great, it's just the USB-C port that has stopped functioning.
    Any advice?

    Previous comment:
    I've just ordered the Acer H277hu because here in Northern Ireland, it's the best I can find under £250, with at least 2k, usb c and minimalist style.
    I'm going to be using it for photo work and light gaming, should I have waited a while and bought something else?
    Using an XPS 15 9570 if relevant

  37. So i just tried purchasing one of these and it did not work with my 2017 MBPro – the USB C cable that came with did not work, so im guessing was issue with screen – either that, or you guys used some other adapter to get it working …

  38. I understand that when docking a macbook to a monitor you need to connect the ac power to the docked macbook. My question is, how is our macbook battery affected? will continuous connection to the AC power damage the battery?

  39. do you have recommended speakers for this setup? I just bought the monitor to go with my 2019 MacBook pro and would like to add speakers. thanks

  40. Is that the monitor will charge for your mac ? I am confuse how you connect your mac without charge your macbook

  41. I have a question, does it matter how old your MacBook is? I have a 2010 MacBook Pro, still fully functional, I’m thinking about putting a new hard drive in it. I want to connect it to a set up like yours. Should I? Or should I get a newer laptop. Does having an older MacBook put limits on what you can do? I personally want to do graphic design, am I still capable of that with a 2010 model?

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