The Outer Worlds on a low end PC by all means necessary (AMD Athlon 200ge)

It is easy to feel like a certain type of
PC RPGs are a bit of a weird spot. The Fallout franchise is in a bit of a tough
area so a lot of people were playing their hopes
in Obsidian, legendary developer of Fallout: New Vegas who were working on their own original
RPG IP in the form of Outer Worlds. And… holy guacamole they actually pulled
this off. I bought the game on Saturday. I started writing this video on Sunday night
and by that point, I had played over 30 hours of this game in a single weekend. It’s Fallout IN SPACE with bits if Mass Effects mechanics on it. If you like that sort of RPG you absolutely
have to play this game. But will you be able to run it? Outer Worlds has minimum requirements that
are more or less in line with most of the games released this year. If you are trying it on, say, a Ryzen APU
powered PC it actually does quite well on lowest settings and a lower resolution scale. But what if you are under that. What if you are a tad behind the curve and
want to try this under the minimum requirements. Or you have a decent PC or console stashed
somewhere but are just curious at what lies under the hood. No problem! Everyone is welcome! Since this is a pretty standard Unreal Engine
4 game there are a couple of quick adjustments that you can do to increase performance even
after lowering all the settings to the minimum, at the cost of some visual fidelity or just… straight-up break the game. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, let’s get right
to it. The configuration files for Outer Worlds are
located in a folder called Indiana in the hidden Local App Data folder. I will leave the full path on the screen if
you want to access this yourself. Game User Settings is usually the main configuration
file that stores whatever you set on the configuration screen. The real magic is the empty Scalability.ini
which, can be loaded with some general Unreal Engine 5 commands that will be read by the
game. I have left a link in the description to the
standard scalability.ini that I have used on previous Unreal Engine 4 videos, but let
me walk you through the 3 variables that actually do most of the work. If you are looking for a quick FPS fix. Add the ShadowQuality section of the file
to disable Shadows, granting you an important boost in FPS at the cost of some fidelity. This game uses shadows extensively to give
some of cooler areas its distinct mood and you will definitely be screwing up with
that. But it is not terrible. Here is another more minor change. The game seems to be applying some level of
antialiasing at all time which is particularly noticeable when turning the resolution scale
down, a very common setting for modern games on integrated GPUs. If you find that annoying the “PostProcessQuality”
part of the file will disable anti-aliasing for a small boost. Also, kudos to Obsidian for leaving the render
resolution scaler almost unlocked and available for some really low values. Those changes will do 90% of the work you
will see in the video. So if FPS is all you are here for, you can
leave at that. But you are not here only for that, are you? You saw the thumbnail, you know there is more. Fine. Here we go. The TextureQuality section of scalability,
and in particular, de MipMapLODBias line can be used to absolutely destroy the game’s textures. The higher the value the worst it gets, and
at 15 characters lose all hair and the world gets reduced to this… Now, this is absolutely some people’s aesthetic
and if you want to run the whole game like this power to you, just expect some bugs reading
certain elements on the game. The good news is that if using a lower number
you can still affect textures, but without having to resort to those extremes. Drop it to… say, 5 or 4 and characters at
least have their hair back and the world as a whole becomes more tolerable. While this is very flashy and makes for great
thumbnail material, make sure you are only doing this if you need so. In my experience, this sort of texture tweak
is useful for VRAM bandwidth issues which tend to be the case on integrated GPUs that
have to use RAM as VRAM or ultra-low memory conditions but you might not have to get to
these extremes. I will leave that value at 5, shadows disabled
and no antialiasing to run an actual test. For my test PC I will be running a mini PC
Athlon 200GE PC with 8 GB of DDR4 ram at 2666 MHz. I use the Athlon 200GE often on this channel
since it is powerful enough for a lot of lighter titles and a great overall entry-level CPU
but its integrated GPU can struggle a bit with newer games. Outer Worlds is not an exception. On 1080p but the resolution scale set to 40%
so a practical render resolution of 768×432 upscaled on most outdoors scenes the game
is a bit away from hitting the 30 FPS it so surely deserves. Apply our custom scalability.ini and boom. 30 FPS at least. Again, removing shadows and antialiasing is
doing most of the heavy lifting for this specific setup, but this might be just enough to get
the game working. Performance on any indoors scene is evidently
going to be much better, but your mileage in terms of how much tweaking the graphics
will help you will vary. Now… is the game actually playable? Happily, this does seem to be the case. I took this PC for a spin on a couple of combat
scenarios outdoors and indoors and while there are obviously drops it never quite got to
the point of unplayability. Not bad for such a humble part. Now, with this knowledge, you can hopefully
customize this configuration file depending on how much you are willing to sacrifice and
get this game working on a more modest PC or at least appreciate some of what the weird
directions a modern game like this one can take. Either way, you can back to immersing yourself
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100 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds on a low end PC by all means necessary (AMD Athlon 200ge)

  1. For those seeking for the config files in the Xbox Game Pass/Microsoft Store, it's located in:


    And if you're planning on modding the >>> Xbox Game Pass <<< version specifically: You can't.

  2. Hey yall or low spec gamer you guys know if i could run with these tricks AMD Radeon 6950 2gb v ram with i5 procesor?

  3. se que es ridiculo pero League of Legends tiene modo ultra low.
    Me hice esa pregunta al ver sus requisitos, pero se podria llevar mas allá del limite?

  4. The Blur Engine 4 is just a bad engine. No matter the settings, the game looks bad. And the performance for how bad the game looks, is just horrendous! 2019 and optimization is still sh!t in video games.
    The Blur Engine 4 suffers from always terrible and visible texture streaming, across all BE4 games. View distance is way too low, even on max settings.
    If you deactivate Anti Aliasing, the visuals get much worse than they should! No other game engine does this crap.

    In this game, Characters look gross in general and are all copy&past material. Not to mention the myriad of game design failures and clipping bugs. Im disgusted but not surprised by Obsidian to release such an underdeveloped mess, when looking at their upper Management.
    You certainly can't expect better from a 150 developer strong company with decades of game development experience on their back….. and they aren't broke either.

    Visually this game is a Failout! At least the monsters look like those colorful floating helium balloons for children….

  5. Great video. Btw for anyone wanting to build a very inexpensive gaming pc in USA, you can get a 2200G for $60 (~$10 above 200 GE MSRP) at Microcenter

  6. I'm playing The Outer Worlds at the moment. I'm at the point where you have to make the big choice on the first world. It's a good game but all I can think while playing is "this feels like Fallout 4".

    Everything from the time slowing mechanic to the dead eyes of the NPCs just scream Fallout 4 to the point I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if someone told me that this was a total conversion mod of that game.

    I hope is makes itself feel a bit more unique as I play more of the game.

  7. Nice job done for Outer Worlds. Now please share your settings to make the real world “more tolerable.” Xoxo!

  8. Decubri este canal hace 2 h y es bastante interesante lo que haces en el. Vivo en y aqui una pc gamer cuesta siempre 200 USD mas que su precio original eso sin hablar de calidad de las piesas. Eso si estamos muy duros en lo que se dice jugar con bajos recursos. Actualmente mi setup es una laptop con un i73630QM 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1333 and sdd Netac 240GB graficos integrados intel HD 4000 ademas tengo una Acer Aspire con un i3-7100U +4 GB RAM + hdd 1TB Intel HD 620. Me gustaria que me sugirieras que tocarle al WOW BFA para mejorarlo en la primera corre a 45 fps low settings y la otra a 23 fps. escribi en españól por mi ingles no es el mejor aunque entiendo perfectamente tus videos.

  9. This is my future build. I would like opinions on it and suggestions.

    Cpu : Athlon 200ge
    Mobo : Asrock Steel Legend B450M
    Ram : Corsair Vengeance 4+4gb 3000mhz (future-proof)
    Psu : Corsair CX450M (450W)
    Storage : 1TB HDD + 120GB SSD
    Case : Coolermaster Masterbox Q300L
    Or Cougar MX330-G

  10. Y'know, I have a decent PC. Yet, I find myself gaming often on the 3200u based laptop that I use for school. And I would easily say that the athlon 200ge is about 30% better. So, this is a pretty decent channel for me.

  11. Hi alex,
    Love your videos and i've been watching since almost the start😁.

    I was wondering if you knew any additional tweaks for wolfenstien 2 and youngblood as I'm trying to run it on my uhd 620?

    Thanks 😀

  12. I play it at 4K medium/high with a R9 290X and a locked 30fps v-sync turned on. I gave 30 USD for the graphicscard without a cooler. I modded a first gen arctic cooling freezer 7 pro to fit the gpu and glued some motherboard chipset cooling heatsinks from broken old motherboards as VRM and vram cooling. I also modded a fan from a intel stock heatsink and zip-tied it to the PCI-E brackets on the case as an exhaused and thermally control it through argus monitor which gives it semi passive operation.
    Not low spec really, but extreme low budget?! 🙂

  13. My gtx 1060 6gb runs this at 50 fps avg with insane frame drops on medium, and medium high.

  14. I hope Obsidian launch their own heroic fantasy, elder scroll like type of franchise. Then we can really flush Bethesda down the toilets.

  15. Man my laptop have a slow hard drive, single channel 4gb ram, and the gpu bottleneck…… when playing doom (low/med 720p) the gpu usage is 100%, while the cpu is only about 20-40%. The frametime is even worse. It takes A MINUTE to even load things, especially when alot of thing is going on. Anyway your videos is great, it reduces my frametimes in some games!

  16. Anyone know how to fix micro stuttering ? I have a decent machine running a ryzen 1700 and a gtx 1080 and I’m experiencing high framerates but the game always stutters when loading a new area , game is installed on a ssd, it’s annoying asf , ruins the whole experience

  17. Using your shadows config, after entering a conversation all characters look like there's a very bright spotlight shining at their face. Do you know a way to fix it?

  18. thank you, it's wery interesting, i'm about so much "lowering" for that game.
    But fir me, i prefer to wait litle-litle, and get new PC, to play the Outer World in 60 FPS.
    If i will get a job.

  19. yo lowspec, try editting on the engine.ini setting… I promise you it is much more delicious just by disabling all the graphic effect so you wont need the mipmap tweak… the game looks atleast it makes it look prettier

  20. i have a challenge for you, running some of these modern titles in something very old like a i3-2348m laptop with only integrated graphics i would really like to see what you can do with such low power 🙂

  21. I'm getting above 40fps on an mx150 i5 7200u with 8g ram at high settings 1280. It's a well optimised game, only problem is texture pop in.

  22. I'm kinda grateful for obsidian not adding that loading screens with model inspection, cuz takes more time to load every section.

  23. I don't think you clarified which version of the game you purchased. I'm pretty certain the file location is different depending on if you got the game on the Epic game store or the Microsoft Windows 10 store. and then next year there will be the Steam version with its own file location

  24. My A6-5400k 3.6 Dual core APU with a radeon hd 7850 sapphire GPU runs it pretty well, in edgewater it's pretty bad though.

  25. Runs great in Linux with Lurtis after adding a save file folder. Windows 10 2.3GB RAM just to run the Desktop. Manjaro XFCE 500mb to run the Desktop. Low spec gaming on the wrong OS?

  26. Hi, how do you think my laptop will do with this game? I have an:

    Alienware m14x r1 (2011)
    i7-2620M Nvidia Geforce GT 555m
    8gb RAM
    500GB ssd
    Thanks and any advice is appreciated!

  27. What are the actual parameters for the shadow settings? Say, If you'd want to reduce them, but not completely get rid of them?
    Edit: Nevermind, found another guide and took some code from there, If you go in in your Engine.ini and add this, it helps 😀
    And yeah, you can put more of a personal touch on these if need be.
    Also, I removed the Shadow stuffs from the Scalability.ini cause I'm not sure if it'd be a conflict.


  28. After a lot of years I finally got myself a gaming pc, thanks dude for all of those potato pc tutorials, it really helped me 🙂

  29. By all means necessary ? I think there's a certain newly launched game that need this treatment.
    I'm looking at you Red Dead 2

  30. good vid thanks but i got some issue when disabling the shadow when i talk to peopla theyre face turn bright white…..

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