100 thoughts on “The OFFICIAL Top 100 Anime Of All Time (According To The Internet) Might Surprise You…

  1. Your name gives me mixed feelings. I had a lot of fun watching it. But the only way i can say thay i like it is very begrudgingly. I thought the last 1/4th of the movie was meh and made me dislike the movie in the end.

  2. I've seen brotherhood, but didnt know it was THIS good, now I know, I'll prob rewatch it too get a better idea of what the fuck's going on XD

  3. Ok first i am 12 and my life is ANIME! I first watched Attack on Titan when I was 7. And Im disappointed in the ratings for some of the animes. Regarding that this video was awesome and I have to watch some of these high ranked ones👍

  4. Well everybody bashing bout noragami being a women anime and Jojo being Low on the list( sad Muda)

    I’m just wondering where’s hyouka IT WAS AMAZING and Fma brotherhood

  5. It made me to see Nausica be the top ghibli film in japan ! It's the most beautiful from art to sound track to themes everything.
    Also notice japan puts more emphasis on each season rather then series
    Gintama rules btw

  6. I never saw full metal alchemist brotherhood in my entire life until now😅.
    Only saw full metal alchemist only not brotherhood. And i'm not planning on seeing that one just tell me who see the same thing twice just because it has some extra scenes.
    Accept that every anime on this list i have seen 😊

  7. Another fucking SUCKED! Why the hell would it be more popular thsn higurashi no naku koro ni? None of it was scary the acting was bland and the story isn't satisfying…

    Honestly obviously this is an opinion and im fine with it being in the top 100. Honestly its good that people have shows they like personally but COME ON Higurashi set the bar and defined the beauty of a horro genre! I understsnd its not that popular because of its animation value or slow start, but many others enjoyed it much like myself and it has semented itself into the medium of horror as a series other horrors habe tried to replicate

  8. If you redo it with today youll see about a million more isekai in the top 50 there…..shield hero and danmachi would prolly make it into the top 30

  9. only reason this is bs is bc these new anime watchers who dont respect the gods of anime such as dbz, jojo, one piece, naruto, yuyu hakusho are in here thinking that these new anime can compare foolish newbies!!!

  10. Fairy Tail is SHIT! It shouldn't even make it to Top 100. The only rank it belongs to is Top 10 Shittiest anime ever made.

  11. My top anime would be:
    1. Steins Gate: I am a science student and to be fair,this anime was the only one which was true to science. 95% of concepts and theories described in this show are almost correct and can be implemented in near future. Also it's time travel concept was simple AND consistent throughout the series.
    2. Your Lie in April: What a brilliant anime! Most of the people kick off their anime journey with DB/Naruto/Bleach series. Your Lie in April was the first anime that I watched as a whole. I watched DB/Naruto when I was a small kid and not consistently as it was broadcasted on TV so it was obvious that most of us would've missed few episodes and in the pre internet era,it was really tough to catch up with a series. Also I'm a guitarist and pianist from 9 years of age so most of the symphonies in this show really hit my nerve.
    3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:- Brilliant masterpiece!
    4. Code Geass: Everyone knows why it's famous. Not gonna elaborate.
    5. JoJo series: Because it's *JoJo*!!!
    6. Your Name: Beautifully written, beautifully animated and wonderfully created as whole. Another time travel based anime,but it's more mythical than logical. Liked it because of emotions of various kind flowing through it.
    7. Parasyte: Dark, thrilling and amazing anime. Absolutely loved it.
    8. The Grave of the Fireflies: Not expecting many of the people would've seen it,but those who have seen it would definitely say it's a hidden and underrated gem. Sad, depressing and yet so amazing. One of those animes you can't watch twice even when they're so good.
    9. Clannad series: Enthralling,sad and full of plot twists.
    10. Death Note/Tokyo Ghoul/Erased/Haikyuu series: more or less I rate them equally.

  12. Ouran host club ( yup )
    Noragami ( yup )
    Haikyuu (yup )
    Lol when he said the fan girls who love these anime, sister be like “ he that dude talking about you????”

  13. What is the biggest influence with this list is Netflix. Most of the top 10 shows are on Netflix and have the most influence with the day-to-day viewer.

  14. You should make it again for the end of the decade bc of so many good anime that came after 2016 (ex.: Darling, Kimetsu no Yaiba)

  15. Why was Haikyuu!! being where it was attributed to the females? Not only does it almost never play to the Yaoi angle, but it has freaking amazing action and good showcase of animation and music everywhere. It's just a really good sports anime.

  16. I was wondering why Demom Slayer wasn't on this list and then I realized that this video is old they should do this agaim for newer shows like the new part of Jojo's or as I said Demon Slayer and other anime's aswell

  17. I really wasnot expecting kimi no na wa to be above death note……i mean reallyyy……..also your lie in april to be in top ten and haikyuu and yuri on ice to be top 30…m cryinggg

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