The Lion King – Be Prepared – Man on the Internet Cover

Scar [talking]: I never thought hyenas essential. They’re crude and unspeakably plain. But maybe they’ve a glimmer of potential… If allied to my vision and brain. I know that your powers of retention are as wet a a warthog’s backside. But thick as you are, pay attention! My words are a matter of pride. It’s clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs. But we’re talking kings and successions. Even YOU can’t be caught unawares! So prepare for the chance of a lifetime. Be prepared for sensational news A shining new era Is tiptoeing nearer Shenzi: And where do we feature? Just listen to teacher I know it sounds sordid But you’ll be rewarded When at last I am given my dues And injustice deliciously squared! All: Be prepared! Banzai: Yeah, be prepared! Banzai: We’ll be prepared! Banzai: For what? For the death of the king! Banzai: Why is he sick? No, fool, we’re going to kill him. And Simba too Shenzi: Great idea! Who needs a king!? Shenzi and Banzai: No king, no king, la la la la la la! Idiots! There will be a king! Banzai: Hey, but you said uhh… I will be king! Stick with me And you’ll never go hungry again! Banzai: Woo! Yeah, alright! Long live the king! Shenzi: Long live the king! All Hyenas: Long live the king! All Hyenas: Long live the king! Hyenas: It’s great that we’ll soon be connected Hyenas: With a king who’ll be all time adored Of course, quid pro quo, you’re expected To take certain duties on board The future littered with prizes And though I’m the main addressee The point that I must emphasize is YOU WON’T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME! Scar and Hyenas: So prepare for the coup of the century Be prepared for the murkiest scam Hyenas: Oooh… La! La! La! Meticulous planning Tenacity spanning Decades of denial Is simply why I’ll Be king undisputed Respected! Saluted! And seen for the wonder I am! Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared All: Be prepared! All: Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared All: Be prepared! Thanks for watching! Like, comment, and sublurb!

66 thoughts on “The Lion King – Be Prepared – Man on the Internet Cover

  1. Alright listen…I’m a guy and all.
    But you have like the sexiest voice ever.
    I would love to say everything in a voice like that

  2. "No fool we're going to kill him" has me laughing so hard right now. The disdain and sarcasm where right on point that was actually perfect

  3. scar: i will be king! this is the perfect plan! ever creature will bow down to me!!

    hyenas: food food food food food


    that was pretty funny 😂🤣
    Your version of SHENZI is perfect

    Cami cat should have played her in the new lion king

  5. It took me too long to realise when he says a 'matter of pride' refers both to his own pride and the fact a group of lions is called a Pride

  6. This is the best cover of be prepared I’ve ever heard, that “You won’t get a sniff without me!” is just so perfect and evil! I love this, good job

  7. Therapist: Anime Bad Boy Scar doesn't exist
    Anime Bad Boy Scar: Exist and sings
    Me: sweats nervously (Oh no he's hot!)

  8. First of all, thank you Youtube for recommending this to me, again and I hate you to my brain but I agree. We should rewrite a whole storyline just because this brought us better ideas for the already planned rebellion. Good that none of my dnd players will see this

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