The Lenovo Yoga A940 is a Surface Studio competitor

– Hey, it’s Nick Statt with The Verge and we’re here checking
out the Lenovo Yoga A940. (upbeat music) Now the A stands for all-in-one and as you might have guessed from just looking at the device, it’s Lenovo’s answer to the
Microsoft Surface Studio. Two things that jump out at me right away from just playing around with
this device for a few minutes, are that it’s got a
different sliding mechanism than the Surface Studio, so it has a place to put
your mouse and keyboard uh, right under the monitor. It’s also got all of its components here in this base station with
two easy to remove screws. That way you can upgrade
things like SSD and the RAM, which is something the Surface
Studio doesn’t let you do. So, that can be a big boon
for creative professionals who are looking for a cheaper alternative. Like the Surface Studio,
the A940 is designed for people who do a lot of photo editing, a lot of illustration, that kind of work. People who would need to
kind of, take this monitor, pull it down, and get like,
up and close and personal with the images that they’re working on. So, with that you get a stylus, which sits over here in the
wireless charging stand. And uh, you also get this
nifty little knob on the side, similar to the Surface Style in that you can customize what it does. You can tap in for uh, Settings. And the Settings are app specific, they change depending on
whether you press the button, whether you’re rotating the first dial, or whether you’re
rotating the second dial. You can change those for Photoshop, for, you can customize
them for Illustrator, for Lightroom, whatever you want. So with this dial, you can also, if you don’t like it being on the left, you can just pull it out, and switch it to the other side. Uh, each of the two
USB-A ports on each side, have magnetic covers and then you can just take them out and stick them to the back of the machine, if you don’t like. So Lenovo is also bundling a stylus here, it’s just a standard, standard stylus using Wacom technology. It’s got 4,096 points of pressure. You also got two buttons on the side here, for customizable settings depending on what apps you’re using. (upbeat music) So the most important
component of the A940 is obviously the display,
so it’s a 27 inch, touchscreen, 4K display. What makes it different
than the Surface Studio, is obviously how you’re gonna be using it. So, you have an area to put
your keyboard right here, and then you have an
area to put your mouse. And then you just pull this down now that your desk in front
of you is uncluttered. And from there, you can just get to work right on the screen. So this light isn’t quite as high quality as the Surface Studio, which is more than $1000 more expensive. But it is still a 27 inch, 4K display. It looks great, it’s very responsive. You use it really easily
without a keyboard. It’s, the whole point is that you would basically pull this down, keep
the keyboard out of the way, and do all your work
right here on the display, up close and personal with every image. So powering the A940
is a Intel HN Core i7. Um, you get AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics. Uh, that can’t be upgraded. But you can upgrade the
memory and the storage, so you uh, it starts
with 8 gigabytes of RAM. And 128 gigabytes of storage
on the solid-state drive. The RAM goes up to 32 gigabytes, and the solid-state
drive can go up to 512. You also get a separate hard drive, that’s just one terabyte or two terabytes. So there are two display configurations. You can get the 27 inch UHD
model with the IPS touchscreen. You can also get the QHD model,
which is a lower resolution. Uh, that also has the IPS touchscreen. So the big differentiating factor here with the A940 is obviously the price. It’s more than $1000 cheaper
than the Surface Studio 2. It starts at $2,349,
that includes the dial, the keyboard, the mouse, the stylus, and the inductive charger,
all-in-one package. The device is slated
to ship in March 2019. And considering it’s $1000 cheaper than the Surface Studio 2, the A940 could really give Microsoft’s all-in-one desktop, a run for its money. For more videos like this,
keep it locked to The Verge on YouTube at

100 thoughts on “The Lenovo Yoga A940 is a Surface Studio competitor

  1. The modularity and design is great but the display seems very lacking. More company's need to compete with the Surface Studio. After all Microsoft wants their OEMs to try and beat their surface line up so more developers are enticed to develop for Windows

  2. Hopefully the screen looks much better in person than how it comes across on the video. Would love an HDR version. Can you use this an external monitor?

  3. Stop making all-in-ones and let us buy the monitor and hook it up to a computer of our choice!!! We want the SCREENS on our computer, not an under-powered, unupgradable all-in-one that doesn't meet out needs.

  4. its good to have competition and it does look great but i'll stick to my studio since its display looks sharper and crisp

  5. Seems like, at least in the video, the sliding mechanism isn't as great as Microsoft's. Idk, there was a few second when it was wobbling for a bit.

  6. Thunderbolt ports would have been nice, so as to use an external Graphics Card enclosure for upgradability considering the graphics card is not user upgradable.

  7. Good job Lenovo, I was going to scroll past because I thought this was a surface studio rip off but its actually really useful and definitely adds all the stuff that the surface lacks.

  8. then you show youtube video from MKBHD , seriously ?
    you don't have confidence in your own videos? its not like you had to show anything in particular that needed that video,, poor attention to detail.

    Check Lou from unbox therapy, whenever he is reviewing the video quality of a device, he uses one of his videos to present it,, you will never see him showing the screen of a galaxy note 9 using MKBHD's videos or anyone else for that matter ,,

  9. 0:22 it's got all off its components in his playstation,,, i mean base station 😛
    2:22 witch processor SPECIFIC!!! or are you a bunch of simple guys don`t understand computers??
    and did someone say: [thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker] ?

  10. Is it portable? If not, how is it a competitor? It could compete with the all in one models but, they've been out for years.

  11. I love how computers are going back to a screen on top of horizontal box architecture. It reminds me of the Apple II and C64.
    This design is far superior to the Surface Studio but I don't trust Lenovo.

  12. If this is better than the Microsoft Surface Pro, then I hope Lenovo will sell this in my country since there is no seller of Microsoft Surface Pro here.

  13. The design is just perfect for someone that wants to use it with artistic purposes (just like me) but I would really want to know if it's preared to support games or make them run fluidly and all that stuff…

  14. Oh Verge, Veeerge. You could at least pretend to be professional review site and say that the mechanism is wobbly, but it's also a preproduction model.

  15. I just want the Surface Studio Display.
    Yes, there's the Wacom Cintic, but look at the price of the Cintic, the price of the Surface Studio and what it could cost without a non-upgradable combuter in the base.

  16. Why most computer companies offer 128GB base storage? I don't think that's enough for today's standard. Is it because of Apple?

  17. ФИРМА ЛЕНОВО ЭТО ХУЙНЯ И УЖАС1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😢😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  18. Why its always need to be a bad GPU? Why rx560? I can buy notebook with 6 core i7 and gtx 1060 for 1300-1600 usd, and it be 2-3 time more powerful with 3d graphic…
    Whats wrong with normal desktop style pci for removable graphic/audio card and over periferials? It have heavi base station for balance, whats wrong if it be a 2-5 cm bigger?

    But ok, if you dont need this sort of thing its look really interesting.
    Of course big question is screen calibration and stylus percision.

  19. Quality vid verge, btw don't show anyone actually drawing on the screen, just do touchups on the Photoshop that will show what the M A I N P O I N T is for this kind of device is….. thanks I hate it

  20. Very interesting video. I have to change my laptop to a more professional retouching workstation for photographers.
    But the Lenovo has a weak GPU. Could I change them, too? Or just the RAM & SSD?

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