12 thoughts on “The Future of SharePoint Keynote

  1. Too bad that this keynote video is not better quality, yet was certainly 720p HD quality expected from Microsoft

  2. It's fine that Msft seems to be finally acknowledging modern design standards, but as usual, no mention of the transition or migration process for existing highly developed intranets. What exactly happens to current custom web parts/pages/sites when they push these updates through?

  3. No practical example given, just talks! learn something and watch Google I/O. I am using SharePoint and what I want to do is unavailable anywhere … just complex examples. SharePoint is dumping of your files and that's it unless we by ourselves figure out what to do with this!

  4. Export to Excel is not currently available in Document Libraries? This is SOOOOO important to our organization to be able to run governance and so on…. when will that feature be added?

  5. So they are taking standard, JavaScript, making it proprietary and charging for it by calling it cue the hashtag The SharePoint Framework, adding obligatory security that cloud providers must have and making SharePoint easier to use as the competition already is– still at the premium price of Microsoft — nevertheless not letting one line of scripted dialog without "Office 365" in it. C'mon Microsoft, try harder. 😒

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