61 thoughts on “The Future of Computing (Heterogeneous Architecture – CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, …)

  1. This video talked big time on A.I. The question I have is, "Right now, artificial intelligence is somewhere between the ability of a cockroach & a lab rat. I don't see much technology growth is going to be a huge barrier. What really can A.I. do to benefit and grow modern technologies?"

  2. Thank you sir for such great motivational learning you provide🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤗🤗your subscriber.

  3. What a nice way to start my morning, another video on computing from Singularity Prosperity. I'm already hungry for the next video on computing, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

  4. honestly, you don't talk too fast. it's perfect. there is a lot of information, so if you slowed it down then your 10 minute video would be 25 minutes. keep it at this speed and rate, if anyone misses a point then just re-play it. 10/10 quality. i recommend this channel to all those that i know in the IT field.

  5. Another great video weldone. Using this video series as a CV you could walk into any job you want.
    Im getting very excited about Mars colonization, maybe you should get your next level thinking focused on that buddy.

  6. The problem with your fast talking is that you read the script like you're reading to yourself. Don't do that.
    Read the script like you're explaining something to someone. Then you'll sound more human and relatable. Pause more between sentences would help too.

  7. quantum computer itself is difficult and deep subject to talk about, let alone optical processing and neuromorphic computer. my suggestion you should make a different video for each subject. because if you don't make an in-depth version, your viewer might get false info or just misunderstand on how these next-gen processor works

  8. Technology has come to the point where without a Ph.D. There's no way you can understand what is really going on

  9. Congrats & thanks for an xlnt series! Easily the most complete, detailed, best produced video on advanced computer architectures & future technologies…BRAVO!

  10. I'm really enjoying your videos! I have to ask, how long do I have to wait for the next one in the series? 🙂

  11. Moore's law will stop, but them suddenly will escalate to its square part over night with new invention after about 5 years.

  12. New motherboard design will appear, and all computers worldwide would become obsolete, overnight. The new scalable motherboard, made of various pieces that IT could connect one to the other and change the capacity of a motherboard by just attaching and removing pieces out of it, will facilitate that IT don't have to change the entire motherboard and replace most of its hardware with new much advance hardware, this common way of building much powerful computers will not need to be done: just change the "motherboard Piece" needed, not the whole motherboard and keep most of its hardware, due to its AI CPU with the capacity of adapting to any existence of motherboard. New CPU will not be of the known type such as "intel" or "MD", but AI CPU intel, or AI CPU md. either interchangeable on any motherboard by just changing whichever need part (piece) of hardware plugged on it. And there will be new hardware, let's say, dual random memories that would work in any type of motherboard, they would contain, inside, all the diagram configure to popup the one the motherboard to be use …the new motherboard would respond to the new dual random memory (volatile one), which part of the motherboard itself has to be interchange (via its bio). Lot of changes like mentioned above will occur, and the is why todays computer would be obsolete. The first time a company or institution buys or built a computer, would be expensive, but after years pass on, its updating will make incredible saving worth making the first investment.

  13. …add on to: New motherboard design: assume a motherboard contains 10 pieces, but the IT person wants to place on it a different CPU that doesn't fit on its socket, just remove that socket (it is a piece of the motherboard that can be remove by disassembling the motherboard into 10 separated pieces, taking away the CPU socket and putting the wanted one instead). Now, reassembling the motherboard back again), possible just a few hardware such as its random-access memories would be change, unless they are of the AI one that contains within it, the diagram for the connection of the new CPU core (it contains many structured diagrams for multiple CPU core to synchronize with it. Of course, the RAM would be a littler thicker than regular popular ones. Let's say, made almost the same as micro flash driver, and would be part volatile and part not volatile; the volatile part used for the HDD needs, the non-volatile part use to keep a copy of its OS that only could be updated by the creator-owner of the OS via the internet or another physical device that contains the update or new OS. IT person would become very, very important to do that or a very wise user. Computer protection already inside the hybrid ram (fixed and volatile memory in its DDR), free to install, pay latter, for the computer would install it directly from its BIOS, then will activated for full complete functions in accordance to the creator contract, remember, it is first temporary and would be erased after certain time pass if it doesn't get its key …all already inside that hybrid DDR I mentioned above. IT or people could not violate the program, for it is inserted inside the physical structure of the so-call hybrid DDR. Well, unless someone remove the bulky sides of the DDR and put another one for that, but none are made with different structure and a new machine would have to be used to build such a thing that would cost thousands of dollars if not millions just to put a new diagram inside contain the same thing but with is key already fixed in it …and if the creator upgrade the software, the one used in any computer would be unable to function as designed anew by its creator or manufacturer.

  14. All said before is what's expected in the build of personal computer or microcomputer, main frame computer and others. AI then would become real for anyone at any level, hackers would be in decadence to disappear, for it would be too expensive to hack any computer platform; only big companies making unnecessary big investment would be capable to hack, let's say: DoD of any Nation State, a bank, NASA, or just a hospital or electrical grid of a region. Yet would be impossible on the reason that new software would be created to neutralize that in a computer, the computer itself would stop it. Here, the MOORE's LAW went to its square root instead of doubling each certain limited of time.

  15. Essentially, trying to recreate the human brain by having more specialized processing components.

  16. cout << "Surprised you aren't more popular looks like you put some work into these videos. Keep it up" << eldl;

  17. Well one hour of your content and I feel like I need to take a break. A lot of information to take in. Extremely interesting!

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  19. AI ผิด ตรง ใช้ เลข Random ชาติหน้า กว่าจะ หาได้

  20. You have a very futuristic channel. This is totally what I need when I look for inspiration to talk about in front of my 3d class students. 🙂

    Real facts that build on solid info, not just "gonna be tech" but real product driven intel. 🙂

  21. Your content and prsentation is class apart. Your storyline is quite cohorent and smooth. Your fact bits are perfect. What discomforted me was your (sorry to say) accent. I would need to hear it atleast twice. And i'm already cringing about how am i gonna manage your whole series.

  22. Hey bro can u talk about other architectures that are just as good as HSA and other computing devices that are not familiar but can help improve overall performance

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