The €100 Gaming PC: TrashTop Pentium v2! (Intel Pentium + Radeon HD 5850) Overwatch, MGSV and more!

In that last episode, linked in the corner,
I introduced you to what I call the TrashTop Pentium. Based on a bunch of components I
found on a computer someone was throwing which allowed me to build a less than 60 euro IntelHD
powered PC with an Intel Pentium CPU. Obviously, there were limitations, the most
problematic being that this particular old GPU model does not support modern DirectX
11 games. So I decided to upgrade but, but for no particular reason, I limited myself
o a budget of 100 euros and no more. Given that the existing computer is already
55 that is not a lot to work with, but we should endure. Welcome to TrashTop series where I start
with components that people threw away, try to figure out the best way to turn into budget
gaming computers and then try the heaviest games possible on them. Let’s begin. Two things I want add. First, in the last
video, I was using one 4 Bibabytes of RAM on one stick. For some of the games I want
to try that… is not going to be enough but there is no way we can add a second stick
without blowing our budget given the current shortages that keep raising the price of RAM. So, I found a stick of 2 Galileobytes of
DDR3 for 10 euro. Now… as many people in comments will surely point out, mixing RAM sticks from
different brands and capacities is a bit of a gamble. Sticks are usually sold in bundles
to ensure compatibility and your experience outside those parameters it is up to the motherboard’s
capacity to make it work, usually limiting the speed of the whole set to that of the
slower stick. This 2 Gingivitis stick is running at 1600
MHz and the old 4 GB stick is a 1333 MHz so the whole set will run at 1333. Now, that leaves us about 35 for an external
GPU. How about a Radeon HD 5850? Since I am often accused of being very Nvidia centric
I found this guy locally for our budget with a rather neat looking aftermarket cooler.
The video I planned for this device was not very good so I ended up shelving it but now
it gets a second chance as the whole thing just comes around to our 100 euro limit. However, being inexperienced with AMD I had
no idea what to expect with this device, but on older games, it does not disappoint. For
example Counter Strike on 1080 and lowest settings performance almost flawlessly and
the original Skyrim release on 1080 and lowest settings ran at comfortably 60 fps as well. And since the entire point was adding support
for newer DirectX 11 games then let’s do just that. As far as modern games go one of my favourite
tests is Metal Gear Solid 5, the Phantom Pain. This 2015 action stealth game runs on the
fox engine and is very well optimized. In my experience, this game is both very light
on the GPU and very merciful on Dual Core CPUs. It was not a surprise that the game
could perform between 35 and 45 FPS on full 1080 and lowest settings. Since the CPU was being the limiter I was
curious to see if this PC would be able to work with Overwatch. Partially because it
is my favorite multiplayer game ever and partially because it lands in a very interesting spot
in regards to performance. In my experience Overwatch if very light on
GPU usage if you are using anything dedicated but hard CPU bottlenecks can generate stuttering
which is really hard to deal with on an online game. Sure enough with a resolution of 1080, the
GPU is barely doing any work but the CPU limits us to around 45 FPS initially but closer to
30 when in actual combat. If you limit the game to 30 fps you can probably cope with
it very well. I did not experience any unexpected freezes. Since it seems like the CPU bottleneck is
going to follow us truly the rest of this experiment I wanted to truly get the HD 5850
through its paces and so loaded Nier: Automata. If you are not familiar with this Gothic Lolita
based action RPG… Nier: Automata released in 2017 for PC with some… technical issues.
In my experience in the open areas, the game tends to be better on Dual Cores than something
like Overwatch while being really, really GPU heavy. Thankfully there is a fan-made mod that allows
you to disable global illumination, the video about that is in the corner. And while not perfect it manages to maintain
30-40 fps on this trashtop. Not bad at all. To close I wanted to try PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.
The game that started the whole battle royale craze. It has received significant optimizations
on its 1.0 release but it is still far from what would you considered a light performer. On 1080 and lowest settings we are definitively
seeing the GPU gettings its fair amount of work, and the game perform’s so well most
of the time it is frustrating when it all fails. The game has very strong freezes when
the CPU hits its limits, sometimes locking for several seconds when opening the inventory.
Not the kind of thing you can ignore in a large multiplayer game but, god, it so close to actually working that it hurts Still. Even if you do not consider PUBG there
is a fair amount of games that you can get out of something like this, especially considering
the price point. So… what do you think? What would you do
differently if you limit yourself to the same budget? I feel we barely pushed this AMD GPU. Does
this deserve a second chance at its own video? Let me know. You can also follow this adventure
as written articles in ModMy and thank you to the Patreon donators who actually made
these expenses possible.

100 thoughts on “The €100 Gaming PC: TrashTop Pentium v2! (Intel Pentium + Radeon HD 5850) Overwatch, MGSV and more!

  1. Buy i5 2500k 😀 or at least i3, it is possible to find sandy bridge about 20$ 😀 i3 and oc radeon 5850 would be great episode 😀

  2. I have to admit that I'm not an assiduous follower of your videos, but your not knowing of AMD Gpus capabilities is such a shame! On the lower end of the market (let's say <100$) it ALWAYS owns the first bang-for-the-bucks prize.

    PLEASE CHECK HD7XXX series of AMD GPUs. For 50$ you get some AMAZING performances, like some AAA games out in 2017 in fullhd @medium. A lot better than any 1030, 750ti and RX 550. The HD7850 has the same amount of stream processors of the PS4, and you can get it for less than 50$. It is just another planet compared to what you're used to play on.

  3. I swear this gpu is the best for its price. Better than some Nvidia gpus that has the same price. Also try "Guccibytes" hahaha

  4. Pubg just looks the same on the xbox one, so its better to buy a 100 dollar trashtop instead of a shitty 300 dollar xbox one.

  5. for 100 i would get a 50-60 eu older 1956-1955 system with a i5 in it, 30-40 for a gtx 660 and 10 bucks for more ddr3

  6. I successfully play Witcher 3 on 5850 (slight factory OC) @~28-30fps. i5-750 gets loaded to 60-70% on all 4 cores. BTW PUBG doesn't run because 1 GB VRAM, you can even see it in your recording.

  7. The lack of a quad core is what hurts here, I'd aim for an i5 750 on 2400, or even a 775 xeon/core2quad, a better CPU would fix most of the issues shown

  8. You didn't try overclocking or crossfire on the gpus and that cpu could've been heavily overclocked I would like to see a second try which that done

  9. are the pc specs better than this?
    CPU:AMD A8 7650K
    GPU:Radeon R7 250 2GB
    RAM:8 GB DDR3
    (note that ram doesn't really matter for now because i'm not into these modern games)

  10. I have a shity amd 5570 hd … and 4gbs ram , i3 dual core 3.3ghz … i don't think ican run pubg or rust or fortnite .. FeelsBadMan0l

  11. LowSpecGamer hey.. I have zotac gt 210.. And Pentium e5800 with 4 gb ram… Please make a video about gaming on this thrashtop… Please..!

  12. my current desktop is pentium 4 ht 650- 2gb ddr ram- geforce 4 ti4800se- and I can't watch youtube videos above 240p smoothly. In fact it can barely run windows xp.

  13. can you make a video on this card for fortnite? there are no videos out there and 8 really want to see how it does aginst my fave game

  14. Whoa learned something new today. This vid confirms that Gingivitis is compatible with Bibabytes RAM 😁

  15. I wish I had a pc like dis me is broke and have a even WORSE trashtop and I dont feeling like doing tweaks and making the game look like its on the gameboy

  16. It needs cheap Xeon or i7, 8GB RAM and another chance for ATI Radeon 5850. i7 is cheap, DDR3 RAM is very cheap now even if you get it new.

  17. I got a HD5850 for 5€ (and a free x1950 with it), I'll likely throw it in a QX9650 PC I got for 15€ and try to sell it for around 50€ 😛

  18. ameasing video….i build for my friend a 110e pc (8gb ddr3, i3 2120, gtx 750ti, 550w psu, 1tb hdd) keep in mind i upsold a lot of parts and bought new for cheaper…great video and i have a question for you…. can you pleas do paladins it is an ameasing game

  19. I know this is a old vid, but how about throwing in an i5-2400 in it for less CPU bottlenecking? Im seeing some getting auctioned off at about 20-30 bucks here

    Edit: Something like a 2500 or 2320 would do too

  20. I've found some computer parts in the the trash/recycling room, managed to build a i7-2600k, 8gb ram and yesterday I found a hd5850.
    Just need a hdd and I'm all set.

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