The Best PC Gaming Gifts Under $30!

today with Gucci people today with Gucci
let’s see what’s up – hey what’s up your uber what are some cool gaming gadgets
for around $30 I got you bro I got you I’d like these to be
inexpensive and maybe make great gifts mm-hmm potentially some items you didn’t
know you wanted yep all to enhance your gaming setup and not for a gamer who has
everything but you know to build your own gaming station to a place where you
are satisfied oh do I have the perfect list for you let’s check them all out
right after this the new enter Mac slick tech TR for AI a liquid CPU cooler now
features this beautifully diffused RGB lining around the CPU block that can be
customized via this control box or through your motherboard it covers 100%
of the IHS plus it comes in two forty to eighty and three sixty millimeter
variants learn more in the description down below alright so everything is
listed in the scription below check it out let’s begin the first item on my
list is my favorite budget gaming mouse for only $19 this is the here Hiraliy F300
it’s got an awesome shape good build quality actually a decent optical sensor
the PWM 3325 that doesn’t spin out and it would make really great first Mouse
for under $20 if you’re starting to build your gaming space or want to
upgrade a previously no brand mouse this is the way to go next up are these
gigantic mouse mats like the Corsair mm300 it spends not only your main Mouse
area but extends to the left beyond the keyboard area I love this set
up to remove any elevation difference between your hand and especially nice if
you move your mouse a lot so you have you know all this mouse mat to work with
and it’s 50% off right now and absolutely worth the $15 it is a bit on
the thicker side and the design may not be for you but I actually really like
how it looks on My Space and it also acts as a great coaster there’s also a
thinner variant from steelseries as part of their qck lineup that has
basically the same functionality with that massive footprint but when they
find a thread pattern and to find really good for tracking now another
alternative to a large Mouse mat is the cooler master MP510 I’ve been using
this on my desk for the past few I’m absolutely loving in its let me more
on the expensive sign but there are a few reasons why I really like this mouse
mat first and foremost it’s made out of a slightly different material in this
case Kadri fabric it’s slightly rougher than the other mouse mats that Dmitri
has mentioned but overall tracking has been phenomenal with my g43
wireless mouse from Logitech and the best part is that it’s water-resistant
and I can certainly see this being beneficial for gamers the out of the box
odor is not too strong or even funky because I’ve witnessed other brands that
are downright gross but over time it does fade away so that’s nice now if you
know someone who might be tired of their Mouse cord getting out of control a
mouse bungee can certainly help address that issue so we have a few options to
recommend the first one is the Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse bungee and while the
name sounds a little bit weird it actually is a pretty good bungee for the
price because for one thing it’s a main selling feature is the inclusion of a
vacuum suction pad that basically stays stationary on your desk
regardless of any movement plus it’s very compact so it doesn’t take too much
space and the thing is actually really flexible so as soon as you have it
placed on your desk and set the desired amount of cord length you have pretty
much the right amount of flexibility and maneuverability so that it’s the court
actually stays fairly under control so it’s not like it’s gonna go back and
forth depending on the configuration that you have set up so this is a great
addition especially if you’re using a wired mouse the other option is the
Camade by Zowie and while it’s a little bit more on the expensive side coming at
around 28 dollars versus 20 dollars for the Cougar Bunker Bungee a good thing
about this particular bungee is that it’s a little bit more in the low
profile side and it looks minimal so if you’re looking for something within that
particular regard then this is a great option now Eber Ebber let’s all forget
the most important gaming accessory for your eyes gaming glasses okay whoa
I got to slow you down there for a second you do realize that there’s a
night mode built into Windows right but what about consoles I actually didn’t
know about the nightlight feature making these kind of pointless all right so
this next product is a headphone hanger by brainwavz and I’m not gonna butcher
the actual model name of this particular product but what I really like about it
is the build quality so it’s made out of metal which makes it durable and it also
can support heavier headphones and the other good
about this particular hangar is that it can simply clamp on to your table or if
you have a low profile wall or some sort you can actually rotate it and clamp it
that way so it’s very flexible and the other good thing is that it’s also
priced around $13 so it’s a great Buy and I think it’s a fantastic addition
especially if you want to have an organized desk set up the next item on
our list is personally one of my favorites and that is the omote on
vertical laptop stand so as you can see this thing is actually you know fairly
well designed and it’s also built really well too so it’s made out of aluminum
which makes it super sturdy it’s not plastic materials or anything like that
so you know this thing is fairly rugged and solid too so that’s awesome and what
I really like about this is that it’s very much adjustable and flexible so if
you have a notebook that’s slightly more on the thicker side it can definitely
support that in my case I’m using the razor blade 15 a base model so it can
comfortably slide in just like that and you have yourself a really good vertical
laptop stand what’s really awesome about this particular stand is that if you are
someone who’s actually using a laptop as a primary computer and if you have a
monitor as your primary display then you can simply just dock
this notebook into the stand have all your ports or how we our other
accessories connect it to the notebook and sort of clean things up on your desk
and I think that’s a great addition to your desk setup especially if you want
to you know clean things up a little bit the best part is that they cost around
twenty-five dollars but if you’re looking to pick it up in different color
variants they do offer a gray and a rose gold finish now if you’re in the market
for a desktop speaker system the Creative A250’s s are personally
one of my favorites and I would absolutely recommend them for less than
$30 currently they are on sale for twenty-five bucks which is a great deal
and what I really like about this particular system is the compact size so
the two satellite speakers are almost the same size as my pixel smartphone and
they can fit in within confined environments and most importantly they
do sound amazing for the price so the dedicated semaphore gives you an amazing
punch when it comes to lower frequencies so it actually gives you a little bit
I’m an immersion with that regard especially when you’re playing FPS
Saddles so if you’re looking for desktop speakers on a budget this is a great
pick okay so this next item is certainly something that can be beneficial for
someone who’s thinking about starting a YouTube channel to do voiceovers or
perhaps get into streaming so this is the Fifine okay so that’s the box I think there are a million ways of
actually saying this thing but I’m not gonna butcher it anymore but anyways
this is a USB condenser microphone and so it plugs into your computer you don’t
necessarily need an external audio interface to get it up and running
you’re actually listening to right now as I’m speaking it actually sounds
really good for the price I mean my vocals are pronounced and and clear
there is there’s some body to the sound and I really like it the one thing that
you have to make sure is to actually like position it closely because it is a
condenser microphone so you have to find or kind of create a DIY setup to make
sure that it’s not farther away from you so the audio can be as pronounced and I
guess crispy that makes any sense but yeah in this case I have a box set up so
that I’m actually a little bit more closer but let me know what you guys
think about the audio quality for $30 I mean from what I can hear it’s pretty
impressive for the price now when it comes to spicing up your gaming area one
of the best ways of course aside from having fake plans is lighting and so
I’ve used this gorgeous simple Tomons lamp for a while now with wooden
structure and exposed cable that looked gorgeous I added this inexpensive RGB
light bulb that you can control with the remote instead of Wi-Fi because that’s
way too expensive and gives me all the flexibility for moves and creating
different atmospheres and so the lamp is about $30 and the light bulb is around
eight and so this is seriously one of the most used light sources in my space
and it’s actually what’s lighting up the background now another alternative to
the setup is actually a light that I picked up from Ikea it’s called a turtle
and it’s priced around $13 as you can see they’re actually back there if you
can notice them in the background I really love them they’re really flexible
I can actually maneuver them around it’s actually one of my primary light sources
for shooting b-roll and again what I really like about the mist of
flexibility so I can maneuver them around position them have them at a
certain angle so it actually shines the light on a product at a particular angle
which is awesome so if you pair this up with the lighting ever RGB ball from
Amazon for around 12 bucks you’ve got yourself a killer RGB lighting setup for
your desk and finally we’re gonna wrap things up with something that can be
useful for pretty much everyone out there it is the iroller liquid free
touch screen cleaner now I’ve been using this
much on a regular basis to clean my accessories here and there but what’s
really cool is I’m sure pretty much everyone who’s watching this video has a
smartphone anything like that you necessarily don’t necessarily need a
microfiber cloth or anything to get the job done to clean the screen because all
you have to do is just open this up and start rolling it on your screen like
that and it’ll just take away the grease so it’ll basically wipe off the smudges
very fast so you don’t really need you know a cleaning solution or anything
like that it’s simply a portable and convenient way to clean your devices
now also found another use case for this eye roller thingy what happens is if you
have a wrist rest that picks up grease easily this is a great solution to sort
of wipe that off so again for less than $30 this this can be pretty awesome
alright people so these are all gaming gadgets gifts ideas for under $30 make
sure to check description for pricing and availability I’m Dimitri and i’m Eber and thank you so much watching and make sure to check out some relevant content over
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we’re signing off and we’ll see you in the next one

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