The BEST Full Tower Cases – O11 XL vs Enthoo 719 (Luxe 2)

all right good people so welcome to this
very interesting comparison between what I would consider to be two best full
towers of 2019 the reason why I want to compare these two cases is because they
basically cater to the same audience they are large enough to accommodate
ambitious water cooling systems they’re also priced in the same bracket with a
Phanteks slightly cheaper at 189 versus 199 and actually available to buy versus
the o11 XL that’s been out of stock everywhere one interesting timbre about
the Enthoo Luxe 2 is that it’s been renamed to Enthoo 719 because thermal take out of
all brands had suggested it was too similar to their sister company Luksa –
that makes like mobile stuff so Enthoo 719 it is may I remind you thermaltake has
an H200 enclosure how interesting so let’s do the feature
breakdown so you can decide which one suits you best after this your eyes
haven’t seen anything like it yet the new razor blade Pro 17 packs it
beautiful and fast 4k 120 Hertz panel with gorgeous vibrancy and color
accuracy with incredible clarity awesome for creative work that will never
disappoint with a fantastic future-proof IO as well it’s also a touchscreen so
your fingertips get some action the bezels a tiny the chassis is sleek the
fiery keyboard is perfect that tracked by this massive the hardware is epic
with r-tx man the blade pro 17 is a complete package experience a smooth 4k
gaming link below alright so first let’s cover the size difference as the O11
XL is significantly smaller but with a slightly wider frame despite the dual
chamber design on both cases I was also quite surprised to find that they
weighed the same – about 14 kilograms 431 pounds and that is because of
material differences so the exterior frame on the nine one seven is actually
mainly plastic which is how they’re able to achieve all these smooth curves and
style complications without skyrocketing in the price point the only non plastic
pieces on the outside are centered which are sandblasted aluminum and look
awesome while on the O11 XL if there isn’t even a single drop of plaster
anywhere the exterior panels are all brushed aluminum with strong metal frame
and that’s probably why it’s slightly more expensive the TG panel on seven one
nine is humongous and swivels to open it can be locked at the front with a thumb
screw and has a long peg for support to eliminate any sag while the rear side
panel also has so much going on for it first we have another TG window that
partially reveals all three SSD caddies secondly I love the ventilation pattern
on here that matches the character of the case and lastly the fine dust
filters are magnetic with a special frame design that lets you easily place
them in the correct spot on the panel to eliminate any potential dust gaps the O11
XL also has a unique panel approach where the top panel secures the rest of
them in place and you pull them out individually this means no thumb screws
and the exterior remains beautiful the dust filtration on here is not as fancy
as those Phanteks with just this regular magnetic strip that are quite
restrictive that is why I preferred the dust filtration on the 719 because
the fine mesh used here is very effective against particles without
choking off the airflow and they are magnetic with a pullout type for the
bottom the same on the XL by the way as this is the only fine mesh filter
present on the linee case let’s continue with many other similarities between the
two like the exterior ambient lighting strip
I love the integration on the fan text enclosure that spans all the way from
the bottom across the top with this good-looking cohesion and in the
interior strip too right below the motherboard to separate the bottom
chamber while the O11 XL has a strip running across the front only looking
good without too much bling on fanfics you can sync the lighting with your
motherboard and even add accessories to the male connector or if you have any
other fan text lighting gear just plug them in into this port while on the O11
XL it only has the motherboard sync 5 volt a RGB connector the i/o is pretty
much the same as well on fantex it’s hidden behind the front cover which for
USB 3 ports type C gen 2 separate audio jacks with lighting buttons on the O11
XL it has the same way of the front but 2 USB 3 ports are located in the front
foot to break it up a little bit and that means that you’ll need 2
motherboard connectors for the USB 3 cables as there are 4 ports
total now the interior of each case is quite different but notice no fans are
included out of the box both support up to EB motherboards so your preference
will most likely depend on what’s radiators you plan to use for your
system and if a second system is something you care about so for example
with the seven one nine you can install an ITX motherboard in the bottom chamber
this ITX panel is included and but I will say the metal is quite thin so
careful not to show off your finger strength but you will need to buy a
riser cable and the revolt X power supply that’s capable of powering two
systems at once and you can reroute the reset connection from the front IO to
power the second system this area can also be used for an extra power supply
or for storage when you stack any of these four drive cages here or if you’re
mounting a radiator at the bottom this is the only bracket that’s actually
removable from the case as mounting anything in the front or top means
working inside the case as usual all the mounting is on strips for most
flexibility but I am just a little bit surprised at how soft all these parts of
the frame are especially for the price point while everything on the O11 XL
is properly rigid the main interior highlight of the Ilia knee case is how
the motherboard tray is almost layered opening up a lot of the room at the
front for the side radiator mount that is also just built into the frame with
mounting strips the bottom fan bracket however is removable as that is the
least accessible area when installing radiators or fans and so here’s the
entire breakdown for radiator support inside the O11 XL you could do triple
360s with a beefy 65 millimeter at the bottom and the top but with my 45
millimeter thick rod and the set of fans we are right underneath that motherboard
280 mils are compatible to 4 top and bottom and because the case is now wider
versus the original 11 you have a 120mm fan mount for the rear exhaust and up to
169 millimeters for GPU height what’s really cool is you could install the
radiator on the side with the fans outside in the frame as you have 65
millimeters until you hit the bottom fan bracket and 50 millimeters on the other
side until the panel now the fan –tx case has larger radiator support because
it is taller up to 480 on the front or the side with up to
364 the top and bottom the bottom is limited to 120 mil wide radiators
nothing wider will fit while the front and side radiator relationship is almost
binary you either have a front rad or side one as they’re so close together
only slim radiators will fit when you occupy them both important to note that
fans can be installed on the other side of the frame with these SSD plates
covering whatever side you’re not using so the fan takes case has basically more
options but also more limitations including if you install these drive
caddies on the side plate you can no longer mount and radiator to the front
also only the Phanteks case has a drain and fill ports I’m surprised there isn’t
one on the end Lee also the vertical PCI slots are available by default on seven
one nine you just need a riser cable while on the accel you need to buy a
full bracket that rotates all your PCI slots separately I also find it super
interesting that we have hot swappable Drive cages with Lian Li for caddies
in total to avoid any cable mess you could further install three SSDs on the
rear side bracket but this will be a painter out and we also have these
individual covers with SSD mounts that go instead of the side radiator while
with fan tags the back layout is more traditional with dual channel velcro
cable passed through a fan hub with seven headers and a large cover and from
the power supply for visual organization and I do prefer the motherboard tray
layout on the leonie case as it just gives me a cleaner outcome when it comes
to cable management versus the flat tray on the fan Tech’s enclosure and so the
thing is my standard case system does not represent what these two are
designed for the m27 1:9 is way too large for air cooling only so you have
to fill it with radiators especially that whole area beside the motherboard
and because of that there’s no height and the bottom chamber either an ITX
motherboard and/or a bunch of water cooling hardware and the same goes for
the O11 XL also that case I feel it covers a larger audience because it is
just a slightly larger O11 dynamic and that’s a really popular enclosure to
accommodate taller GPU blocks and extra radiator spacing in the bottom and the
top while the seven one nine is really pushing that whole duel system agenda
forward which I appreciate because this case is affordable for what it can do
and it’s orientation and I appreciate that the
target audience between these two cases overlaps
it’s the enthusiasts water-cooling community but either of these cases is
doing something uniquely different in their own right all right guys let me
know which one you would pick thanks so much for watching make sure to check out
this other relevant content I’ll talk to you in the next day

100 thoughts on “The BEST Full Tower Cases – O11 XL vs Enthoo 719 (Luxe 2)

  1. Already bought the 719 because i needed a case for room more than 6 HDD´s and all the other cases i looked at was not really what i wanted or liked
    I am sticking with air cooling so it does look very empty untill you stuff 6 HDD´s in the 719 x4 in the bottom and 2 in the front with plans for 2 more in the front for a total of 8 and then there is still room for another 4 later

  2. You can install a radiator on the outside of the side panel and have the fans for it on the inside. That's what I did so that I have a 480 26mm in the front and a 360 26mm on the side. I also have a 60mm 360 rad up top. No case modification needed to do this.

  3. I've been team phanteks for 4+ years now. I've built in the pro m, luxe, and primo. with my current pc being in a white primo chasis with full hard tubing watercooling. Ive had my eyes on the 719 though for a possible future upgrade for the tempered side panel and to get rid of the hard drive trays i dont use

  4. Not even sure which I would pick. I’m leaning Lian Li. I think primarily because of the radiator support and sleek look.

  5. 0-11 D XL for sure 🙂 it is a much nicer case in my opinion although they both cater to all my watercooling needs the XL just does it a little bit better

  6. I just got the 719, cable management is a bit hard for me, but otherwise great case, planning to add a second system in the future.

  7. I'll say it again; watercooling. As a community we're bigger than ever. Put a build in, flex tube is fine, show us what it's like, talk about the experience.

    I remember when we used pond pumps and bike radiators; times have changed. Yet still, the best we often get is radiator compatibility, and maybe a mention of pump mounting or fill/drain ports.

    I will say the information provided for radiator compatibility here was superb, the best I've seen you ever provide.

    This is my favourite tech channel, you make beautiful, informative and entertaining content, but you keep avoiding water cooling builds!

  8. Why are we even debating this? The Lian Li Dynamic cases are the best looking on the market. Everything else looks like it was made in 1999 by comparison. Boring plastic towers of boredom.

  9. Not even two minutes in, and it's perfectly apparant to me why these two cases can't be compared. One is basically plastic fantastic, the other is simple, sharp and metal/glass.

  10. I just finished my build in Phanteks Enthoo 719 and this case it's really awesome! It's on air cooling only. Temps are lower than expected so far.

  11. interesting to see a comparision with those cases, since i myself already made my coice a few weeks ago. i chose the enthoo 719, biggest reasons were availability and that the 719 doesn't have an ugly etched window.

  12. Had to stop the video right at the beginning after describing the challenge. I have already made up my mind way before this video was ever thought of. In May of 2020,. I will be purchasing the Enthoo Luxe 719 . Already planned to be my first ever custom loop thanks to your not so long ago video of your build that you successfully built. That was awesome and congrats again my friend. I know the cases will be different than what you did. But still the challenge for me awaits.

  13. I was today-old when I learned about THERMAL(TAKE) and not THERMAL(LAKE). I HAVE BEEN READING IT WRONG ALL THESE YEARS

  14. Well I love the 719 but it's really too big I would like to see a smaller version say the same height as the enthoo pro of the Corsair graphite 780t. for air cooling or aio. Like the 619 or something.

  15. the video has a weird aspect ratio, its uncomfortable when watching not in full screen, but it also weird when watchin it in full screen

  16. I've got both the o11 and XL and wanted the XL for more radiator support. Building a new hard line system with the g1 distro block.

  17. I like either of the cases. I am not in the market but considering what my favorite case manufacturer is putting out, I would do a double take on one of these.

  18. Forget the Thermaltake H200…just a few years ago they released cases that people found looked too much like the Fractal Define R5, the Case Labs S8, the Cooler Master N200, etc…people even started calling them ThermalFAKE for it.

  19. 719 is big just for the sake of being big. 30mm above the motherboard means your VRM will be in the pocket of hot air if you cover them with radiator. So no mounting rad on top. O11 XL has much better use of space. 719 is good only if you want dual system.

  20. Been loving my 719 (luxe 2. Bought before the change). Was a Enthoo Luxe tg user that needed more airflow in the front. Especially wanted my aio cooler in the front so side fans can dissipate any heat. Now my system doesn't go above 50c when gaming. O11 case is too small for me since I still use multiple 3.5 HDD drives for editing and archives. Plus all that glass would be a pain to clean. And yes, I'm not a big fan of Phanteks SSD glass on the back.

  21. The TG window on the back of the 719 is done so right. It allows you to show off some nice SSDs if you have them but doesn't force you to show off all your cables in the back that probably don't look great. Why did nobody think of that before?

  22. I like both of these cases, but I think I'll stick with my plain old O11 Dynamic. I love the cable management, and I had no problem getting 3 360mm radiators in it. You're reviews are top rate, so rock on, and keep up the good work. I do appreciate it.

  23. I have dual 480mm rads in the front/side of my luxe 2. EK slims. Fans mounted on the inside for the front and on the back for the side. Blocks the fill port though. 😉

  24. Picked up tge o11 two weeks ago. Fantastic case.

    The side panep where you mentioned you can place ssds are not usable. The sata power cables cant fit in due to how they flex. I had to just zip tie the ssds lol

  25. I’ll take neither of these two overpriced cases. I have a Fractal Meshify S2 and I love ❤️ it!! A much better case, IMHO.

  26. Honestly, I'd probably still want to buy the Phanteks P400A (RGB variant) over either of these with it's cost in the $70-$90 range, but I'm open to hearing comparisons against it… 🤔

  27. I think that's the only issue I have with Phanteks cases, the metal is just too flimsy for what it is. My Phanteks P400a is an amazing case, but the metal is just as flimsy and bendable as the 719.

  28. I was really sold on the Luxe 2 design until I purchased it. I sent it back cause I did not like the excessive flex which was result of plastic build quality, The glass door was the deal breaker where I had to pull up slightly to close door every time.
    In contrast I was amazed with the 011 XL how all the metal panels fit so perfect no flexing on chassis. The hot plug bays are solid nothing like it in consumer space.
    For the future I think Lian Li needs to make a double 011 XXL next year and add 480 Rad capability and a server type door for power supply 🙂

  29. Great review!
    Lian li wins in look and sturdiness
    Phanteks win everywhere else in my book

    Especially if you are into some Nas + gaming VM + router + whatever threadripper craziness

    4 x 3.5hdd vs 12 sold me on the 719

  30. I have already bought the phanteks enthoo luxe2 and my previous case was enthoo luxe. I am very happy with the case and looks beautiful.

  31. Already have the Luxe 2 and a z390 godlike i9 9900k for main system and an asus rog strix x570i with 3950x for itx system and a custom hard loop 😉 oh and you can fit 2 480mm rad in the side and rear at the same time if you use two slim ones (20.5mm) using the rear one, mount the fans in the back and rad in the front 👍

  32. As someone that bought the "719" everything and I mean everything in the box including the box itself said "Luxe 2". So that's what I'm calling it 😂 I do love this case though, it's a fine replacement for my aging NZXT Phantom.

  33. Using the 719 with a 3 radiator watercooling build… I am using the drive bays in the bottom with a 240mm radiator and it get quite tight to cable up the drives. Also, be careful with EK SE (and XE) radiator in the top. I had to dremel off a couple of locating lugs that were partially blocked by the radiator and preventing the top from being reinstalled.

  34. Considering the O11 XL as a replacement for my Corsair 750 D (NON airfow edition) mainly due to the well designed disk caddies and the added flexibility. Finding one is a problem tho.

  35. I'm leaning towards the O11 xl. It looks like it's built better and will show off my hardware and water cooling better.

  36. Every time I read 011 XL I look at my 011 Dynamic and think wait WHAT the Dynamic is already relatively big and now there is a XL version of it. xD

  37. i ended up purchasing the Luxe 2(719) and didn't regret it for my dual rad 10 fan threadripper / RTX 2080 custom water loop build .

  38. i have i5 7500 and gtx 1060 6gb , should i buy

    ryzen 5 1600 ( $130) + 1660 super( $300) + b450($85) = $515

    ryzen 5 2600x ($200) + 1660 ($255) + b450($85) = $540

    only for gaming , i will not over clock my cpu .

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