100 thoughts on “The $55 Fortnite ‘POTATO’ Gaming PC – Is 1080p SMOOTH FPS Possible…!?

  1. Good video again as usual. P.S Try to open the psu and clean the inside it's important trust me. i always do that to all my computer plus i clean the bearing of the fans and oil them back.

  2. Bargain PC for sure – Hint for you: you would be better off with a Super Cheap Auto air compressor with tank, and a nozzle attachment to blast that dust out – the cleaning table is outside and it for sure would have blasted all the dust & crap out of those components in a fraction of the time, especially that CPU cooler. The air blast is so powerful though, be sure to hold fans still just in case you over-spin them to destruction 🙂 Now, time to go see what DOTA2 is all about, seems to be popular…

  3. Ok can someone explain how my £800 pc that I built with rx 590 8gb r5 2600 and 16gb 3200 ram runs 90fps 1080 and everything low but always crashes after 5min in a game I am having to sell that pc and I built it like 2 weeks ago

  4. How were you able to get this for $50? Obviously the previous owner knew how to build a PC and how much they spent on it… Doesn't add up.

  5. I had such problems with Gigabyte X58-UD3R, one of the worst MB for 1366. Also CPU power delivery section coil whine sound was killing my ears…

  6. Wow I have almost the exact same case! CM Stacker 830 I believe, and it has an EVGA badge on it. Unfortunately missing some parts, like the wheels.. and it's a terrible case for cable management. Nonetheless it's beautiful and very spacious!

  7. a 200 dollar 2012 macbook air can barely run csgo at low settings, like 30fps and this 55 dollar gaming pc can play it at an average 240. ok.

  8. I don't know if it's bad, but I usually clean my CPU heat-sink in a kitchen sink with water… seems to be more effective than try to blow it off with compressed air

  9. Man I miss old school full towers with wheels so it's easy to move and work on. I still use a old original Stacker for my I7 980 win 7 box. My slightly newer I7 4960x running 10 has a Corsair 750d I put some cheap wheels on. I might eventually see if I can graft in my spare Stacker wheels as they are so much better made and heavy duty. The newer cases have much qiueter and bigger fans and in its day the Stacker seemed dead quiet. Another thing I miss is removable mother board trays so you can easily bolt things in then slide everything into place. The square holes for setting up large tower heat syncs helps a lot on the new boards so you don't have to pull everything just to upgrade a big cooler. I used to stuff in a bunch of DVD burners and hard drives and play games and a huge case could hold everything with space to spare and stay cool. People just don't do that anymore but I still love my full towers so I can add whatever I want and have plenty of cooling.

  10. 50 bucks costs only the noctua fan alone.. no man on earth is so stupid to sell this only for 50, tell us where you stole it!!!! 😛

  11. Just take the cooler off and clean it in any place than over the motherboard.. Debris chunks fall in your RAM slots, eww.

  12. got the same case the cmstacker big case easy to move around clean and love that the case has a pull out mobo mount also removing the hdd bay and drive bay with some knowledge you can use a 240 or even a 360 mm aio or open loop case has alot of expandability for a pc case been using from 2015 till now still plan to keep for more years to come

  13. my pc has a 960 and like I7-5500 or something and i cant run fortnite more than 170FPS smoothly with lowest graphics vsync off motion blur off changed settings in the files ethernet and graphics at like 720p, even when i deleted a bunch of things on my pc its still slow

  14. Hi dude i would love to have that for 4 years i had an old pc i play games on lowet graphics so il love if i can win that i hope you atleast see the coment.

  15. I have a very similar 770, except it’s the 4gb Rev 2 model. The rev 2 is a custom PCB with 8 gpu power phases and two 8-pin power connectors, while yours is the rev 1 which has a reference 770 pcb with an 8-pin and a 6-pin and 6 gpu power phases.

  16. That datavac costs more than the thing it was cleaning lol. Shoot this was worth picking up for the corsair tx750 alone.

  17. yo mate.
    just a quick irrelevant q.
    have u ever tried purchasing laptops on alibaba?
    is there a chance u can make a video of it??

  18. Maaaannnn please wash the heat sink with water, blow dry it, spray some of that stuff on it to prevent rust then blow dry it again. Simple.

  19. Bruh i bought my laptop 5years ago for 800$ and u got this pc for 55$ and get better results

    I need a better pc

  20. Sometimes on your way to where you are going you need reminding where you came from @ Tech Yes Loving. Mask Gloves – You want me to get ya some Soy milk too Bri 😉 lol (banter)

  21. please gift me this pc i really need this becose my dad died 3 years ago and my mother and my two sibling are poor and cant afford even 200 pound pc

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