The 2019 Apple iMac: What’s New in Here?

– I’m sitting here with
the 2019 Apple iMac, the 27-inch version. At first glance, this iMac
might look like every other iMac that you’ve seen for the
past couple of years. On the outside, Apple has
changed almost nothing about the design. Instead, what they’ve decided
to do is to dramatically boost the iMac’s processing
power by adding a bunch of new CPU, GPU, and memory options, which means that you can
now take a 27-inch iMac up to an Intel Core i9 processor and AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 graphics cards. The base level, 27-inch
iMac, starts around $1,700, but the version that I have right here with the Core i9 processor
and the Vega 48 graphics chip is more than $3,400. The 27-inch iMac really is very similar to the entry level iMac Pro. It’s also 27 inches. Really the only difference on the outside is the iMac Pro is space gray. But the iMac Pro starts at $5,000. What we found is that
the computing performance with this $3,000 version
is actually very similar to the computing performance on many tasks that you’ll get from that
$5,000 entry level iMac Pro. For a lot of people looking
for a powerful desktop but they don’t want to
spend that much money or (laughs) don’t want to spend $5,000, this really now is a
very intriguing option. Now probably the best
part, best physical part about the 27-inch iMac is its
gorgeous 5K retina display. This screen is incredibly
sharp, incredibly bright. It’s got 500 nits of
brightness, which is among the most bright all-in-one
screens we’ve tested. It just looks gorgeous. The colors pop when you have MacOS in
dark mode or light mode. It looks great. But again this is very similar. It actually is the same
panel, the same display that Apple included in the 2017 version. So, if you decide to upgrade
to the Core i9 version of the brand new 27-inch iMac, you will be able to take advantage of the chip’s multi-threaded capability, which essentially means that
there are eight processor cores in the Core i9 but because it can handle multiple processing
threads simultaneously, you can get twice the amount of threads. So, there’s 16 threads
of processing power. That means that workloads
like editing photos or building a financial
model or weather forecast could go much quicker depending
on the apps that you use with this new Core i9 version. To find out more about
the new 27-inch iMac, read the full review at

7 thoughts on “The 2019 Apple iMac: What’s New in Here?

  1. please, we know the specs, they are on Apples website. Give us thermals and other useful info. Totally pointless video.

  2. What does:"Very similar computing performance" mean in computing?
    Really where do you find these people, lunatic asylums?
    We want numbers not "similar computing".

  3. Does your 2019 27" i9 SSD iMac fan run all of the time. My fan is on even before I log in. The fan is not loud, but it is definitely on

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