100 thoughts on “Tesla Holiday Update 2019 – First Impressions! (2019.40.50)

  1. Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you enjoy this video and time with your families. I'll be back next week with a big channel update before the year end so stay tuned!

  2. 8:20 for example Battery to Grid. I think it's one of the most important features Tesla is missing. A single 74 kWh Model 3 battery could replace 5 Powerwalls.

  3. Thanks for the info, Ben. I pulled the trigger on Model 3 2.5 years ago, but delivery was 5 days ago (I live in Australia). Looks like I got it just in time for an exciting update.

  4. Record on honk, that’s brilliant. I’m on the road at least 8 hours a day and I can’t remember the last time I used the horn. In fact most of the time a horn is used the blower is doing an illegal or stupid move, FSD can learn what not to do

  5. I live on the east coast and we rarely honk our horns. You must be thinking of New York City area where they honk at everything. Please don't put the rest of the east coast in THAT group. 😃 I just got my update last night and haven't had a chance to check it out. Merry Christmas!

  6. I had a great Christmas till I updated to this software. What a mistake. No voice command works anymore. I live in Belgium (Dutch), before I could navigate with a simple voice control to any location, shop name, restaurant name or addresses. Not anymore. I thought it was a language issue but even when I set English, it still doesn’t recognise almost anything. No text messaging as shown in the video. I also have HW3, no traffic light recognition (not big of a deal for me). For people outside of US, I SUGGEST DON’T UPDATE.

  7. I also notice that for summon it is not necesary to hold the button anymore i dont know if it happens on this update or a previous but it is happening now

  8. Hate to bring less positive news on this X-mas day. This 2019.40.50 update:
    – has destroyed voice control for Europe completely
    – has given Europe Smart Summon … that activates … nowhere
    – has limited regular summon severely
    Not complaining, just giving you a more complete picture.

  9. "and your wife hit the volume control and it got rid of the camera" this. Exactly. Shared experience. But since my S is a 2013, apparently I'll get (almost) nothing and like it! Oh well, someday I'll get a new Tesla again…

  10. unless theres something u need to press to confirm and the car misunderstands you.. opening frunk middrive could be fatal :/

  11. In Canada this update has apparently disabled YouTube, Netflix and browser without wifi and no ability to purchase enhanced connectivity

  12. Ben, do you still have and use the EcoHitch that you demonstrated in an earlier video? After watching it, I bought the same hitch for my M3D to tow a motorcycle trailer.

  13. Thanks for the video!

    When my updates download the green bar goes all the way across aka “completed” but the install doesn’t happen. Any idea why that is?

  14. Good video as always, Ben. 👍
    A nice chuckle at the end with reference to Elon appearing on Our Ludicrous Future. I always note that there is a guest space on the screen. Perhaps Elon could be the first. Just move Tim left or right, and if it doesn't work out well, Elon could be the last. 😉
    But really, between you guys you must know at least a host of fellow YTers who could pop by for a guest appearance, every once in a while. Besides being informative and entertaining, it could raise the profiles of all those concerned, and the OLF channel.

  15. 7:00 I take exception to your East Coast comment! I live/drive in Boston and use my horn maybe once a month. I heard way more horns on a trip to L.A. So there! 😀

  16. Just got the new update and it’s crazy buggy. My voice commands work literally about 5% of the time even simple ones like Navigate to work or open glovebox.

  17. We have 2 model 3s, one the voice commands don’t work at all, the other works somewhat. One of them keeps butt dialing the same number over and over. Both cars receive texts fine but neither will reply to texts nor can you initiate texts. Not uncommon to have bugs with new updates so look forward to the fix.

  18. Just wanted to say that MVMT watches are very cheap Chinese products that are not very good. I just recently got a Timex with a similar style for half the price and higher quality.

  19. I'm so envious. The update took away nearly all my voice commands. What used to work quit working. Now I can't play a song or even navigate by voice. I've only been able to respond to a text one time. My car feels broken now so I'm going to quit trying voice commands until they get this sorted out.

  20. Tesla is so cool. It reminds me of getting big updates in games like WoW or Runescape back in the day, which simply just extend the life and enjoyment out of whatever product you're using. I just find it so fascinating that Tesla can improve the car via a software update. To do the equivalent in a ICE car to increase speed for example, it would take tons of parts, labor, and effort. I hope over the next ten years Tesla drops their prices because I'd love to get one!

  21. I wish they would team up with google so I can use the uber driver app on the Tesla big screen. Or maybe get uber to make an app for the Tesla system.

  22. Cmon elon, it seems your the only human capable of achieving these things we really need. So can you please develop a voice activated climate setting for our planet…so we can continue to see you do such amazing things??? Right now, as it is, the future is so "bright" we gotta wear welding glasses. Help…

  23. Hi Ben, You can watch Disney + with the YouTube app. Search for Disney + and you can watch it there. It has been there since the first day of Disney+

  24. now all I need is the Alfred pennyworth (Gotham tv) voice to talk back and this in the roadster cant get more batman than that

  25. Wow a battery buddy first impressions. your meant to drive your car, not talk to it. If this is how things are going What a sad world we are going to live in. Dorks world. A enough of this buttery buddy nonsense, i will go find some real cars to look at.

  26. Ben, do you know for sure if the Rakuten discount for Amazon works over and above the 5% discount they already provide to customers who use Amazon's Synchrony store card?

  27. Voice commands do not work in my 2018 Model S 75D.  Any idea why?  I recently bought FSD, and am waiting on the new computer.  Sort of a bummer.  Everyone seems to be demo'ing this on Model 3's, it is optimized for Model 3?

  28. I picked up a Model X on Dec 23. Updated the software on Dec 25. After the update the X would not allow it to be charged., Also would not move … lots of error messages. Tesla arranged for a tow truck. My X is in for service work today. I heard that the new software has caused others to have problems with charging. Have you heard this?

  29. Could you do a video that discusses whether to wait for the cyber truck or to buy a model three for example and then trade that in for the cyber truck. Is the gas/incentives worth that type of trade in

  30. Happy New Year Ben! Do u know anything about the FSD on the upgrade package in Tesla app. Is that an upgrade of the FSD I bought a year ago? If so, why does it cost around 5000CAD to upgrade it? or it's something new?

  31. Ben, what is the latest on the tesla autopilot crash into a stopped police car last week? To me this is a serious issue. Radar could not have missed detecting this. AI failed to interpret this correctly. This is similar to the Tesla that hit the tractor trailer broadside 2 years ago. Two very blatant failures. This casts doubt on any new static item in the roadway being properly avoided.

  32. Voice command update good. But gesture recognition would be much better. I want the frunk to open when I stand in front of the car and give it the thumbs-up.

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