Technology is a WOMAN’S game in CHINA!

SexyCyborg: We’re hard working girl. Simple, regular Chinese girl but I kept watching a lot of tutorials online. Winston: You’re not really a regular Chinese girl.
You know what I mean? SexyCyborg: You mean my appearance…
Winston: Not many… Yeah, not only walking around like you. Winston: I actually have to say, I actually appreciate that because not from a from a “pervy” man point of view but from you know, everybody gives me shit for wearing a suit all the time. That’s what I do.
SexyCyborg: In China… It’s very important look professional. Everything must look professional. Winston: Yeah, but I think it’s important that you stick to your image and you can brand yourself that way and it’s a very good way to get your message across so I just want to say I appreciate it from that point of view. Well hey there guys and welcome to another video.
I have a very special guest on the show today. SexyCyborg: Hi, this is SexyCyborg. Oh, it’s very hot out. (laughs) Winston: Yeah. It’s very, very hot. So we’re here in Hua Qiang Bei the famous electronics district here in Shenzhen and she’s going to show me around to some of her favorite places and we’re going to meet some of her friends and we’re going to talk about women in the I.T. world here in China. So, the first place, we’re going to go and check out is her friend’s 3D printing sort of a company, right? SexyCyborg: It’s just a store. Yeah. The company, they’re not… He’s more like a re-seller and then he has Salesgirl in the front but she’s very knowledgeable. Like everybody who would go in and then ask a question she can answer that. Winston: This is the… this is the whole point of this video really is I would like to show all of you that here in Shenzhen. In China. When you’re dealing with electronics, it’s actually not that strange to see a lot of women in the industry. So you’ll have women who are very knowledgeable. You know. Not only the salespeople, but you’ll see people soldering and doing all sorts of interesting things. SexyCyborg: Yeah, like… I have a post on Twitter. I told them a lot of the components and little things. I showed them factory picture like most of them are made by women in here. Winston: Yea. Exactly. So it’s kind of interesting so let’s go and take a look. So for those of you who are not familiar with Hua Qiang Bei. Hua Qiang Bei is the biggest electronics market in China. Possibly in the world and pretty much every kind of electronic thing you can think of is sold. From the component level, all the way up to sort of big devices and things right? SexyCyborg: Yeah. A lot of people ask me. “Oh, I wish I do Shenzhen and of course come to Hua Qiang Bei”. because you know like… it’s not like a Entertainment City like Shanghai or other places.
But in Shenzhen, it is a hardware paradise. When- a lot of the… counterfeits…they’re much cheaper than the real things. Like the real electronics. The official stuff. So when you come here of course like a lot of girls, they buy handbags. You can come here to shop for earphone. A lot of unique stuff. Like they copy and then they got… They sell it, but it’s like much, much cheaper. Go in here. You can buy tons of stuff of this much lower price. Winston: Yeah, and you can get things like “OEM IC” chips and you know micro-controllers. Whatever you like. Yeah, that’s the cool thing. This way? Okay. SexyCyborg: That’s the 3d printing place. They have over a very big logo there. So when you come to… the “HQ Mart” you will find it on the second floor. So I’m here with a 3D printing expert How about you introduce your shop to everybody? Hi, everyone. (laughs) Winston: So if you’re in Hua Qiang Bei and you’re interested in 3D printing. This is definitely the shop to come to. Girl: And if you want to… ah… provide 3D service… you can… contact to me. Thank you. Winston: Okay, so who we’re going to visit next. SexyCyborg: My friend AJ. He’s um… He call himself “The Arduino Guy”. Winston: “The Arduino Guy” Yea? SexyCyborg: You know he sells some “Shanzha” stuff also. mostly they have good stuff and Rasberry Pi and other models of the PCB board. I’m sure you can see and “make brock”. he also sell like, you know, the kit for you to assemble and learn. I get some stock from him also. Winston: Okay excellent. That sounds good. So Naomi, I see your active on the Adafruit community and places like that. Are there many other female makers like yourself. SexyCyborg: There are, you know, a lot of people
— but in China very few hobbies might be only devoted most of the time for… ah… in making. A lot of them, they have like a regular job in the office. So you know they are not as committed but a lot of them like an engineer. We have a tons of like teachers, engineers. They are all women. They work in industry, but you know they don’t show in the front like me. I’m very high profile. I put my self out there because I want to encourage other women to do the same thing. I want to encourage more people to make not just women but mostly my followers are women. So I’m happy about it. That way. Winston: Oh. We going that way. Cool. That’s awesome. That’s really fantastic. I really do enjoy the whole makers scene.. Personally I am just an electronic enthusiast. I mean I’ve messed around with Raspberry Pi’s and all sorts of nonsense. But I’m a… I’m not a maker, but I do appreciate it. SexyCyborg: You know If you start to make something you can call yourself… you mean… I mean like… baking. I always tell people. You ask me… How do you do this? How you do that? I follow the recipe. Follow the instruction like I’m not an expert on anything. you always go to like YouTube and check people’s check out what.. how they do… the process how they do it, so I learn from it. And I just fiddle. I mess around with it and do a little bit of change with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Winston: So we’re now in the SEG building, right? SexyCyborg: Ah… Second floor. SEG building second floor. I’m showing… I’m going to buy a tool first actually. Yeah. Winston: Okay. Let’s go get some tools. Actually this is probably the first time I’ve been out in public where people are staring at you more than they stare at me. So this is awesome. SexyCyborg: I don’t think so. They know who you are. SexyCyborg: So this is the brush cutter I’m getting for the PCB cutting the PCB wire you know when the board after you solder? There’s wire sticking out. So you cut it. This is my favorite tool place to go. Whenever I used to get tons of my tools here because it’s cheap. You see from the boxes You know although it looks like a slave market (laughs). Winston: Yeah. For sure. SexyCyborg: but they are usable It’s not why you buy from home and then it crap like at least for a week or a month is usable and The [multi]meter. I also. I think I got it from here and tons of stuff. It’s like one of my favorite store and the price as you can see is very reasonable. Winston: Next your friend shop. SexyCyborg: Yes. SexyCyborg: That’s the real big Arduino logo right there. Winston: Oh very nice very nice. SexyCyborg: This is my friend AJ and… MJ: “M.J.” Winston: MJ. Okay. SexyCyborg: MJ. My friend. Booth. So this is what I’m getting today. This is the Arduino Micro. Micro 5.0 and it’s a… micro-controller. My Raspberry Pi can do a lot of stuff, but it’s not computer, computer. You cannot browse a website on there,
but you can use it to control LED light and for my project, I will show in the later video. Hello. My name MJ. I sell the Arduino and the Pi. Anything to make for the robot. This one the… assemble the robot. Arduino. Arduino starter kit for the pen. Winston: Okay, so guys thank you very much for watching. Thank you very much Naomi for coming to my channel. I appreciate it. SexyCyborg: Thank you for inviting me to come along to show you my friends group and show you all the cool stuff in Hua Qiang Bei. Winston: Yeah, it’s a very fascinating place I think you’re also a very fascinating individual so… Everybody out there if you’re interested in electronics and makers, and you know Naomi does a lot of interesting things Please go and take a look at her YouTube channel. It will be linked below and there’s also a card popping up here somewhere. Go take a look. Go say “hi” and leave a comment saying Serpentza sent me. Anyway Naomi, can you please tell everybody out there to stay awesome. SexyCyborg: Stay awesome and stay tuned for the next awesome Serpentza video. Lots of other videos are coming. Winston: Awesome. Thank you. SexyCyborg: So this is for you. Winston: Oh awesome. What is that? SexyCyborg: This is the “Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen”. My friend Bernie Huang wrote this book. Because you know. Like you, you live in China for a long time and you speak some Chinese. It’s easy for you to buy stuff here but your followers they already don’t know the characters. I don’t know what to say what when they need to buy the parts and components So this was pretty good for them to navigate in the market. Winston: So guys before I leave you I would like you to go and check out C-Milk’s titular video about Hooters. He took his wife there when he was in Shanghai, and it’s actually quite a blast to check it out I think you’ll enjoy it, too. Anyway, you know the drill… I’ll see you in the next video… and as always guys… Stay Awesome! [music starts] [music continues] [music stops]

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