Tech Trends: Gaming PCs – It’s a Good Time to Be a Gamer!

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, I’m Alexa Despenas. – And I’m Fireball Brady, and welcome to today’s
episode of Tech Trends. In today’s episode,
we’re gonna be discussing some of the key differences in gaming PCs ranging from desktops to laptops. We’re also gonna be covering the reasons behind all of these great
options in gaming PCs as we break them down
into different categories, as well as show you some of the
latest PCs from our partners and what makes them so awesome. – In the past, tech enthusiast gamers have built their own
custom gaming desktops in order to play the latest games on the highest graphic settings. At the top of the list of these must-haves are fast NVMe Solid State Drives
for improved loading times; NVIDIA GTX 20 Series graphics cards, leveraging ray tracing capabilities; and the latest cutting
edge multi-core processors, which give gamers the competitive edge. But for those gamers who want
a high performance desktop without the need to put it all together, there are a lot of great OEM partners like Alienware, Acer, MSI, and others that offer prebuilt gaming desktops that allow you to customize the components that are important to you. – For example, the new Alienware Area-51 allows you to choose between the Intel or the AMD chipset
configuration, 16 cores or more, maybe you wanna run with two
graphics cards in your PC or boost it up to 64 gigs of RAM, it’s completely up to you
because you have the freedom to customize these prebuilt
gaming desktop PCs. And for those gamers who prefer a deeper
level of personalization, partners such as MAINGEAR and ORIGIN provide you with additional choices, ranging from customized
liquid cooling options to synchronize lighting configurations, to HD UV glass printing. This allows you to have your
desktop reflect your own style while retaining the ability
to support future upgrades. – [Alexa] Tech enthusiasts
and gamers alike are not just taken with desktops though. There’s a huge demand for cutting edge performance
in a mobile design, and that’s where the latest
premium gaming laptops from Asus, HP, Razer,
MSI, and more come in. Partners like Asus and HP, for example, are offering exceptional performance in their ASUS ROG and HP OMEN
lineups of premium gaming PCs. – And beyond the high amount of RAM and the unbelievably fast processors, these gaming laptops are
also providing gamers with incredible screen refresh rates. Like the Acer Predator Triton
500 and the Asus ROG Zephyrus with refresh rates of 300 hertz, gamers experience extra smooth gameplay. For those playing fast-paced action games, they come through blur-free. The Omen X 2S even comes with a revolutionary
dual screen design that allows you to seamlessly display and interact with other applications without interrupting your gameplay. – These types of premium gaming laptops are also providing gamers the ability to customize their PCs, ranging
from customizable lighting of their keyboards and chassis to overclocking tools
straight from the OEMs to exceed the expectations of what a traditional
laptop would normally offer. Although most gamers might expect a laptop with these kind of
features and capabilities must weigh 10 pounds or more
as they had in past years, the truth is they’re actually
getting slimmer and lighter due to improved thermal cooling techniques with reduced copper. For example, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus chassis can open up to improve airflow. – And while all these
customization options and overclocking capabilities
are great for those gamers who are pursuing the latest
benchmark-breaking device, there’s also an entire category of gamers who still just wanna be able
to play the latest game titles while keeping these on a budget. Budget gaming PCs like
the G Series from Dell and the Lenovo Y500 series
are designed to provide gamers the performance that they
need at a starting price that’s well under a thousand dollars. – [Alexa] For example,
the Dell G3 is equipped with up to 9th Gen i7
Processor and eight gigs of RAM so that no matter the task,
whether gaming or beyond, this PC is up for the challenge. And while these gaming laptops ship with discrete graphics
cards, the Lenovo Y500 series allows you to upgrade to a
powerful NVIDIA 20 Series card. These budget gaming PCs also ship with a terabyte
or larger hard drives so you won’t have to worry
about rushing to free up room to play that next released game. – [Fireball] And finally, if
you’re looking for some games to play on your new PC, make sure to take a look at
the new Xbox Game Pass for PC. It offers over a hundred PC games from Gears of War to
Minecraft on Windows 10 for a $5 monthly subscription. – That’s it for this episode, I’m Alexa. – And I’m Fireball. – Hope to see you on the next Tech Trends.

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