Syone – Open Source Lisbon 2019

As far as I understand there are more
than 1000 people here at this conference and it shows us that there is a huge
interest in the free open source software community in Portugal and it’s amazing, so it was a pleasure for me to give a talk here We are all together competing because we
are companies trying to do our business but also we are working together to
benefit the country the region or even the ecosystem itself so this is why I
think this kind of venues is perfect for this I think it’s important to invest time
and resources in the open source community because at the end of the day
you know they’re the the people that are going to enhance the product they’re the
ones that can provide feedback So I’ve recognized the endless
opportunity that brought to me by the community and a life-changing potential
that open-source could offer to anyone especially people from developing
country like myself It’s a pleasure for me to be here today
first to see how vibrant the open-source community is in Portugal and also to
talk about the technologies that I’m passionate about, open source of course you

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