Super Ultra-Wide Monitor – Dank or Dumb?

You just got your beautiful new 34 inch ultra wide monitor Welcome to the absolute cream of the crop of gaming, productivity and cinema experiences, my friend Is what I would have said if SAMSUNG hadn’t just grabbed the bar and stretched it With their brand new $1,300.00 49 inch 32:9 High refresh rate, SUPER Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor But is this thing like, totally worth it man Or just like Totally stupid man

52 thoughts on “Super Ultra-Wide Monitor – Dank or Dumb?

  1. I have this monitor but i cant find a desk that big for my montior and my laptop exstender and stuff that gose on my desk

  2. Have you got a look at this SUW Samsung monitor? claims 5120×1440 with HDR 120Hz: LC49RG90SSNXZA

  3. linus lets be honest you dont give any important info to viewers you just show off for more view and more money from sponsors and youtube even if you did give info in your vids most of viewers dont understand it 100% . so let call it linus video for a dollar

  4. this is total nonsens monitor, Looks nice but has samsung crap quality. Random crashes screen is like rainbow colors, no response to buttons only helps to unplug from wall.
    Samsung is like "tid you try to restart that" like wtf, yea i did and i not supose to restart. Its monitor not windows full of viruses.

  5. Perfect monitor for me though because as I like to play games but I also have to make stuff on fireworks, word, photoshop flash it will be more efficient and the monitor will be further back as I won’t be using that headset on the back

  6. Overwatch locks the aspect ratio and also locks the field of view I believe to prevent this. Essentially the amount of FOV is fixed. Are there games that actually give a competitive advantage for this?

  7. Damn those nails tho linus when you 0lugged the hdmi in at 7:06. Really went balls to the walls this time eh? 😂

  8. Perfect monitor for software development and Web design. I have three monitors and even then I could still do with another monitor.

  9. Would the monitor bring out 4k on a ps4 pro or an Xbox One? Since I got this for a gift and haven't tried it with my Xbox One or ps4 pro yet

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